Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Change is Good - Real Good

I changed the quilt in my Bedroom.  The crystals and mirrors on this quilt make it fun to see throughout the day and evening.
I'm having so much fun with my OBW.  Here are some more blocks sharing space with my Gray Log Cabin blocks.  I'll share a few more tips next time.
 I am also making mini blocks (see in the corner of the photo above) with the leftover bits after cutting out the triangles.  These will be about 3".
I'm almost done with the big triangles.
On the Homefront:  poor coco has had a few hard slip and falls on our long stairs so I got these individual runners.  An easy and non-permanent fix.
I ordered them online from Dean Flooring.
 and just for my own record, a clean sewing room - a rarity ha ha.
I have made my Sparrow a permanent personal statement.  My IG and FB friends have already seen this.  I have some personal reasons for getting this now and I'll share that another time.  In the meantime, you can read more here - The Sparrow Story.
 Remember when only scary people and bikers got tattoos?
I'm off to the AQS Quilt Show in Lancaster.  I'll be at the show tomorrow if you see me, say hello!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A One-Derful Life

Have you made a One Block Wonder?  I've always admired them and now I'm making one myself! Yay!
Here is the fabric I've chosen.  Thank you, Norma and Pauline, for all of your advice on fabrics and patterns.
It is a great idea to mark your rulers with tape for the measurement you are using.  Believe me, I've made a bad cut on a 4-patch posie and don't get that back.
Here are my 6 layers lined up.
I like to use soup cans instead of pins.  They hold it down without distorting the 6 layers.
I also like to work on the Dining Room Table where everything can layout nice and flat and I can walk around the end of the table.  I am also cutting the width of the repeat - NOT the width of fabric, 44" is too big to tackle for me.
If there is a spot on the strip I really want - I cut that FIRST, then I cut the rest.  You'd hate to cute this pretty lady in half, right?
and here she is.
Here is another one I planned carefully.
this is the same 6 pieces - amazing how different they look when turned a different way.
I've been studying the quilts of Bruce H. Seeds.  He is literally the King of the One Block Wonder and has taken this technique to a whole new level.    See his website here for a gallery of photos.

Here is another block shown in the 3 different sewing possibilities.
Which do you fancy?

This is TOO fun.  I'm really excited about this, can you tell?

Thank you again ladies of the Sisters Choice Quilters in Virginia for being such an enthusiastic crowd for my trunk show and lecture on Friday night.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Just Keep Swimming!

That's the name of my new finish made with the 2015 Modern Bow Tie Block Swap right here at FunWithBarb.

Just Keep Swimming - 46" x 46"
The backing is made with 3 different fabrics in a big nine patch.
I gave it this name because of the quilted wavy lines.
While I was quilting it, I kept thinking: "just keep swimming,  just keep swimming...."
An early morning photo of the back of my quilt in the sun.  I love that texture - mildly obsessed, actually.
Here is a close up of that funny comic strip fabric.
I used 5 different colored threads of 2 different weights.
My quilting buddy, Nancy, got me these fabulous yoga gloves that are perfect, I repeat Perfect for machine quilting.
In other news:
we had another horrid weather event yesterday.  Snow, wind, icy rain....
Here is a (bad photo) of a poor bluebird coming in for a bite to eat.
My new counters and Range are installed.  The sink is still not hooked up but it will all get done eventually.  (That is a Blue Apron recipe card - I love Blue Apron!)
 Is there anything better than pretty contact paper?  Nope.
 I had planned on taking these photos of my new fishy quilt at the beach....oh well.
I'll be visiting The Sister Choice Quilters Guild  in Virginia on Friday with a presentation of my Quilts: The Story of My Life presentation and trunk show.  I'm booking fall 2017 and 2018 and I would love to visit your guild, shop or group.  Just send me an email.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Asian Log Cabin

I'm so late in posting my log cabins for the quilt-along hosted by Cecile' and Bea'.   They have a great group of quilters making every kind of log cabin blocks project.  Check out their websites for links.
 Do not adjust your computer.  These are all shades of gray.  I am going for an Asian look or a stormy day at sea.  I'm making a king sized quilt for my son, Andrew.

Here is a closer look
I finished my little hexie doll quilt.  I recon that I have been working on this for about 5 years total.  I have 4 "make do" blocks.  can you find them?
Here is the back.   I need a cute title for this, can you think of any?
I had a little fun with my doll bed and some of my favorite little dollies.
I made the little dolly in the pink dress.  Her hair needs a hot comb.
I made a new little pillowcase to match it.
Yesterday while sewing, I enjoyed a PBS special on Wisconsin Quilting.   It features many talented quilters, including Diane Gaudinski with her 911 memorial log cabin quilt.
Quilts of Wisconsin - click here to see the 2 hour show. (the photo below is not a link)
I also recently watched an episode of Fresh Quilting Series - you can watch here.  The quilting with a walking foot segment with Jackie Gering was great.
Today I'm getting new countertops, range top and sink and boy is my kitchen turned upside down!  The upside? No cooking again today.

Have a great week.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Clamshells and QuiltCon

My clamshell borders are coming along.  In this photo the top border is pinned but not yet basted.  The bottom will be done next week.
The pink and green strips are just placeholders.  I work so much better with real materials when planning things as opposed to this:
How do you work?

I've had some questions about my clamshells.  As far as I know, I've developed a new (old) way of preparing them.  I made Templar plastic pieces of the clamshell size.
I brush on liquid starch and press the raw edges with my little iron.  (tip: the harder the pressing surface, the better.  I use the other side of a laptop pressing board)
I let the piece cool with the templar inside before removing while I move on to the next one.  I worked on 4 at a time.
It was a lot of fun choosing the 208 different clams.
QuiltCon 2017 really put on a great show this year, from what I could see from my couch.

Best in Show - Bling
Mid Century Modern - Group Quilt
My favorite!  No surprise there.
I really liked this one too.  My daughter, Hanna, is basically teaching herself cursive.  Check out that quilting - wow.
Read More about each quilt and maker here on the MQG website.

Speaking of quilt shows - Here is my Alice Payne Quilt on display at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival.  I could not have asked for better placement!  yay

Thank you Doreen and Lynn for sending me photos!  I'm always humbled by the kindnesses of quilters I haven't met.

Back to watching April, the Giraffe getting ready to have a baby giraffe.  You can watch live on YouTube here.