Monday, May 2, 2022

Hey Hey It's May

It's Not Pie!
  When my friend Nancy Strife first said this expression I didn't really get it.   The concept is so simple and clear.   I really changed the way I thought about things.  It is a sentiment that I wish would take deeper root here in America (again).

I machine quilted it with variegated thread.
When finish I felt it fought a little with the liberated lettering, so I filled in all spaces, essentially doubling the quilting.   I like it better, what do you think?
I used this large bright floral on the back.
I decided to finish it with a facing.  I tried this method with triangles in the corners that I found on YouTube.  It was okay.  If you have a good method please share a link with me.  I want to get better at this technique.

Crazy photo of my cat, Nutmeg.
She likes to go out my sewing room window and watch the birds.  Yikes.   I'm always afraid she'll get picked off by a hawk or fall.  The yard is like 3 stories down.  I've put the screens back in.
I hit a milestone playing Wordle.   My stats will never look like this again.  I hope I haven't jinxed myself.
I'm off to Atlanta to stay with Diane of Butterfly Threads Quilting and do a program and teach in person for her guild later this week!   It is so nice to be getting together with guilds again.
I wish you a happy week.