Monday, January 27, 2020

Change is Good!

At least that is what I'm telling myself.  I marked my scrap pineapple with my narrow fan stencil (which took forever!) and now I'm not using it. 
After finishing the first fan and anchoring the quilt in all areas I decided it was distorting my string piecing.
Just too distracting don't you think?

The new plan is to stitch all seams in the ditch.  If you are wondering if that is hard.  YES.  Okay, not hard but time consuming with lots of turning, turning and turning the quilt.
Nutmeg likes the texture and so do I.
I finished this sweet little medallion quilt and decided  the center just looked too bright to me.
So I decided to tea dye it.  I used a small saucepan with 4 tea bags.
I let it soak for about 20 mins.  It will take up only so much dye.  (This is a still photo of a video)
Rinse in cold water to set it.
 I dried it flat in my dryer.  Now that I know how to put this shelf thing in, I have been using more.
I wish it was even darker, but it definitely took the edge off.
This became a little gift for a friend and long-time reader.  I hope she likes it.
It was swap week last week here at my house.  Woo Hoo
 Nutmeg inspected the modern blocks.  She approved an so did I!
 It took 4 different trips to the post office - whew! 
I've already heard the words "next swap....." well there won't be a next swap.  I've decided to retire the swap.  It is a lot of fun, but it is an incredible amount of work and takes a lot of time.

If you would like to take it over, I will help you in any way I can.

Have a great week!

Friday, January 17, 2020

Honest House Quilt

My Honest House Quilt top is finished!  58"x 58"
 I'm so so pleased with it.  This is the first time I've tried adding the cornerstones as I went.  It was actually easier to do the remaining sides (thanks again Molly!) after they were pieced.

Here is my inspiration quilt from Pepper Cory's collection of southern quilts.  I attended her lecture at the Vermont Quilt Festival 2019.  I've always been inspired by Pepper.
I got a lot of help from Nutmeg.
Luckily this came together last week before I was hit with a nasty virus.  I don't know for sure if it was/is the flu, but it kept me down for a whole week.
I passed the week resting and watching Netflix and Amazon.
Here is what I watched and what I thought:

  • Don't F**K with cats - disturbing, but fascinating too (netflix)
  • The Two Popes - great movie and performances (netflix free )
  • The Joker - disturbing but provocative, good performance
  • Judy - Sad, great performance
  • Find Me - Inspiring, funny and sad (netflix free)
I love movies and it became a daily treat.  I gave Mr. Fun Acorn for Christmas and we've been watching Midsomer Murders.  They are a bit campy and gentle and just right.

Nothing better than a quilt and cat when you're sick.
I rallied for a few hours and made two tree blocks for families affected by the bushfires in Australia.  
My take on a jacaranda tree
 An EPP tree
you can see more on instagram @wollongongmqg.  

Yesterday I worked on swap block packages.  We are waiting for 2 in modern and 3 in repro - including me!  yikes.
will finish sewing these up today and tomorrow.
We had a dusting of snow early last week, but we have had very little snow this winter so far.  I made a nice backdrop for my bright houses.
Happy Friday Everyone.  Stay well!

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Sweet re-TREAT

I started the year out right, with a 3 day retreat!  I made this little doll quilt as I am participating in an Instagram Swap.
Don't worry, I fixed it before sewing.  I brought a baggie of left over 1" strips to play with.
I also started this little shoo-fly doll quilt.
 I used this "too big" block to start a medallion doll quilt.
When I got home I started yet another one.  I love little four patches, don't you?
I was very good and worked on star blocks.  I finished my modern set - woo hoo.   The circles were a project table mate, Lynn used to make a cute baby quilt.  I forgot to get a finished photo.
I sewed up my Honest House blocks.  To get those cornerstones right there was some sewing adjustments.  A challenge I conquered!
My other table mate and friend(?) Molly, reminded me I have to complete the sashing and cornerstones on the other 2 sides......Oh yeah.....I wondered why it looked off.  I sort of completely forgot about that since I had added the sashing as I went.   Live and learn.  Thanks Molly!

Louise of Island Creations by Louise was our planner and hostess.   We each received these fun gifts.  I love the pink utensil caddy and who doesn't love a fun tote bag?  Thanks Louise.
The food was great and the wine and cheese party and the Chocolate fondue was really fun.  
Here are Molly's projects.  She kept busy and got a lot done.
Star Runner.  I think she made two or three in all.
two silver and gold tree skirts.  That is a lot of sewing.
Runway ready!
Pretty string runner.  We worked on the color placement layout, which forced Molly to unsew a lot blocks, but it was worth it.
These are 1" hexies - wow
Tina made these adorable stuffed animals a companion to a fabric book for her first grandchild who is due this spring. 
Some more Show and Tell from the other retreaters.
It was great to get away and just sew after the holidays.  I felt absolutely no guilt despite these two!
While on the USPS website the other I noticed the weirdest things.  Day old poultry?  Cremated remains?  what the heck?
Have a happy week!