Wednesday, July 25, 2018

What's Up Buttercup?

Hope you're having a great summer!  Here's my Summer Spread as of this morning.
here are some of my favorite blocks.
 in this one I have some pre-pieced logs
 I will surround the top with 11" fabric blocks.  I'll be using larger scale and pieces with a little more color.   This is going to be scrap-tastic....I hope.
Isn't this a wonderful piece of fabric?  I just love it.  It will probably look better when it's pressed.
I'm determined to finish it before the end of August.  One great thing is when the top it done you are close to finishing as there is not batting and no quilting.

I made a little video yesterday to kick off a 2-day sew-a-thon.  
Yay - My husband and son safely raced from Chicago to Mackinac Island.  They were crewing aboard Slap Shot II and they raced with 2 of my husbands' childhood buddies.
I tracked the race and reported heavily on Face Book.
 they had a wild race - very stormy, wet and windy.
My husband is now a member of "The Old Goat" club which means he has finished 25 Chicago-Mackinac Races!  He's kind of a big deal, especially to me.
In other news: chocolate cupcakes.
 the cactus papers and picks are from TJ Maxx.
TJ Maxx has really great cards, gift wrap and stationery.  Here are some cute notes that I picked up for under $10.  Almost too cute to use.
Well this girl will be happy to see the boys come home tonight, but we have enjoyed our sleep overs.
What are you up to this summer?  
Fun I hope

Friday, July 13, 2018

Quilter in the Garden

Balipop Garden - My new Workshop Quilt.   
**Take a workshop not for what you make....but for what you learn then make what you want**

 In the workshop I teach finished edge machine applique', how to make circles, stems and scrap string piecing.

I used this bright fun print on the back.
This is my favorite modern quilting design.  Can you tell how what I'm doing here?  It is so simple, it is easy to miss.
Pubic Service Announcement - Don't forget to label your quilt.  I attached this "B" circle on back because it just didn't work on the front.
This little quilt made the smallest rag ball.
Sumer Spread Sew Along Update:
My first 16 blocks.  I've decided not to use more of the darker fabrics and will use those blocks on the outer edge.
 I'm at the stage where I am using strip trimings for the first 2 rounds and saving new strips for the last round...did that even make sense?
 I press and starch after each strip addition.  I love how neat it makes the blocks and how accurately I can trim them.
 I don't have a special Log Cabin ruler, so I use use my Creative Grids square.  These are my Favorite Rulers!
 It is so easy to swivel and trim on this cutting board.
 Remember this old fabric?  Can't believe its been 18 years!
I had coffee with this handsome fellow this morning. 
One of the benefits of living in country - you can garden in your nightie :)
Have a Fun Week - Happy Sewing!
p.s. It's not too late to join the Sumer Spread Sew Along.  Jump in anytime. 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Summer Spread Sew Along

Good Friday Morning to you!  Summer Spread Sew Along!
Last Friday I announced on Instagram that I'll be having a little casual sew along this summer.  I am making a summer spread.  A quilt without batting to use in the summer.  

All are welcome to join in.  You can use any color, any size, any layout you like.  Please use #summersewalong and #summerspread on social media.

Here are the sizes I'm using:
Center - cut 2 1/2"
Strips  - cut 2"
easy peasy lemon squeezy and they go fast!
The inspiration came from having 5 stacks of low volume and shirting fabrics.  I am making up lots of FQs to sell on Etsy as I work on this project.  

Other Summer Fun~

We have a local brewery "Thimble Island" Beers and decided to head over for Tuesday Night Trivia.  It was very fun to have our whole family out for an adventure.
And this happened!   We won with the highest score after 5 rounds.  What did we win?  Beer on a future next Tuesday....

Thank you Diane for this lovely package with a cute Bee pin and cheddar nine patches.  The wrapping was gorgeous!
I'll have to find time to make a dolly quilt.  
Have you ever made a Summer Spread?  I'm still deciding on how I will finish mine.
Happy Friday Everyone!