Friday, July 13, 2018

Quilter in the Garden

Balipop Garden - My new Workshop Quilt.   
**Take a workshop not for what you make....but for what you learn then make what you want**

 In the workshop I teach finished edge machine applique', how to make circles, stems and scrap string piecing.

I used this bright fun print on the back.
This is my favorite modern quilting design.  Can you tell how what I'm doing here?  It is so simple, it is easy to miss.
Pubic Service Announcement - Don't forget to label your quilt.  I attached this "B" circle on back because it just didn't work on the front.
This little quilt made the smallest rag ball.
Sumer Spread Sew Along Update:
My first 16 blocks.  I've decided not to use more of the darker fabrics and will use those blocks on the outer edge.
 I'm at the stage where I am using strip trimings for the first 2 rounds and saving new strips for the last round...did that even make sense?
 I press and starch after each strip addition.  I love how neat it makes the blocks and how accurately I can trim them.
 I don't have a special Log Cabin ruler, so I use use my Creative Grids square.  These are my Favorite Rulers!
 It is so easy to swivel and trim on this cutting board.
 Remember this old fabric?  Can't believe its been 18 years!
I had coffee with this handsome fellow this morning. 
One of the benefits of living in country - you can garden in your nightie :)
Have a Fun Week - Happy Sewing!
p.s. It's not too late to join the Sumer Spread Sew Along.  Jump in anytime. 


  1. Love your little quilt .... so fun!

  2. Very sweet little quilt! I love your coffee partner!

  3. Creative grids are great rulers !
    Your doll quilt is fun and beautiful !!
    Enjoy your summer holidays Barb !

  4. That's a fun little quilt". I bet the workshop will be fun too. 18 years and it's still good to use :0) Your summer spread is coming along nicely.

  5. I'm planning to get a Creative Grid ruler soon - The local quilt shop give you 25% off total purchase the week of your birthday, so I'll do it at the end of July. I was surprised to learn (when we moved to Oregon) that there aren't any cardinals here! I wonder why?

  6. It is always interesting to see what you put on the back of your quilts. Unique.
    I have been watching some different specialty ruler videos on You Tube. Everything under the sun quilting wise has a specialty ruler.

  7. Fun quilt! Love how you quilted it. Is there anything in particular about the Creative Grid ruler that you like?
    I agree wholeheartedly about this particular benefit of living in the country. Cute nightie!

  8. What a lovely day in the country. You can always learn a new tip or trick from a class

  9. Hahaha...I’ve been known to talk with my neighbors in my nightie...figure it covers more than my bathing suit!

  10. Did you cut up your little quilt to make the fabric ball?

  11. What a fun garden quilt for your new workshop! You find the best fabrics for the backs of your quilts. I have some of that millennium fabric, too. Love your breakfast partner--so handsome!

  12. Oh, I need to practice this technique. I like finished edges but don't want to hand applique. Yours looks great. Love your breakfast buddy, too. Lucky you.

  13. I like your philosophy about workshops!
    The summer spread is coming along nicely. I like the Creative Grid rulers, too.
    Wow--great morning guest!
    And I like your nightie. I step out in mine many times to set water, or get the mail. But having grown up in town, it is funny how I still feel funny doing it, though I have spent most of my life in the country now.

  14. I love your little garden quilt, I want to make some more small quilts too. The cardinal is gorgeous!

  15. I love your little workshop quilt! I like to do that applique technique. I don't want to do regular applique because it bothers the arthritis in my hands. I like your workshop philosophy!

    Cute cardinal! I miss cardinals out here in the PNW.

    I like to square up my log cabin blocks between rounds too. I think the blocks come out better. I haven't tried that starch technique before - I'll have to try that! Thanks for the tip!

  16. such a cute quilt project and a handsome breakfast buddy...i too love that creative grids ruler...use it constantly....

  17. Wow -- 18 years since 2000? I remember how exciting it was -- now it's ancient history LOL. I'm loving your summer sew-along blocks -- I need a wife so I can do these things haha!

  18. I'm in love with Creative Grid rulers too. I'm at the age that I love "house dresses". Kind of a gown but kind of a simple dress? My Mother called them "shifts" I think? So comfortable and if I know I'm not leaving the house all day they are perfect to wear all day.

  19. Fun projects and beautiful hydrangea! And your breakfast companion is quite handsome and well-fed :)

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