Monday, April 18, 2022

Hooray for Spring!

What am I doing with my time?  Spring stuff, I guess.
I posted this quilt on IG recently.  It is a fan quilt that I made Hanna when she was three years old. (1996)  Each fan has a different color story or theme.
  I has a cute backing and I machine quilted it.  It has held up nicely!
Well, taxes are done and I also audited all our old tax files.  This led to lots of shredding.
The shredded actually starting smoking at one point.
I made a lemon cake to take guild.  I forget how good a simple bundt cake can be.
I also baked a Red Velvet Birthday Cake for  my son, Andrew.
My nephew, Nick,  was visiting from Colorado to help celebrate.  Three Vedder guys. 
I potted some pansies.
I saw this adorable photo on FB of my baby quilt in use!
I hope you all had a Happy Passover or Happy Easter.  It was a joy to attend Easter Service after three long years.   After the church the bells in  tower rang out for a full 10 minutes and it was glorious!
Happy Spring at long last!