Tuesday, June 11, 2019

challenges and Nutmeg

Here is an update of my small groups' project. 
My word is Bee
From Top Left:  Spelling Bee, Bee-dazzled (which I redid), Bees Knees, Beeswax, Bee Happy and Queen bee.

Nancy's word is Time
 Show Time, Time Bomb, Wasting Time, The Time is Ripe, Saving time and Time Weighs Heavy.

Pauline's word is Eye
 Eye of the World, Black Eyed Susan, Seeing Eye Dog, Private Eye, My, What big Eyes you have and Pink Eye.

Norma's word is Cat
Cat and Mouse, Raining Cats and Dogs, Cat's Pajamas, Eye Cat-cher, Cat in the Hat and Cat Nap.

We have decided to make 9 so there will be three more each.  It has been a fun challenge.

I found this pattern on the free table at guild.  I found it amazing that it is handwritten.  The drawing is charming.
I loved this notation;  My sentiment exactly.
The last page really struck me as odd as it is very technical and also typed?  funny.
Here's NUTMEG!
With the help of my friend Norma, we adopted her from a shelter in New Jersey.
She is only 3 months old.  She is very sweet and has such pretty markings and olive green eyes.
She Loves to Play!
I'm really working hard to finish the quilting on my Medallion Quilt.  I'll share progress soon.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

May Modern Mini

"Gifts from the Sound"

Here is my inspiration photo.  I took this on a walk with coco.

An early loose layout.  
Hunting for small buttons was almost like looking for shells at the beach.
I don't embellish often, but this little quilt called for it.  I even added very tiny crystals to represent sea glass.

I first did some quilting where I was going to add beads, then I did the beading.  You can see here my knots here on the back.
I left the underneath fabric which showed through to add a little texture. (a happy accident that I notice, before I trimmed it off.

I quilted the water and sky section with pink and blue silk.

I was going to do a raw edge treatment instead of binding, then I remember this trim tape.  So I folded it and machine attached it act as my binding.

The number seemed sort of nautical, like depth findings, or tide makers.

I frayed the corners with a needle.  I can't tell you how much I like this binding for this piece.

Here in its natural habitat.  The beach was packed on Friday, but no seemed to take an any notice of my photo shoot.

Lastly, I came downstairs for coffee on Friday and was met by this awesome sight.  It really was spiritual and I'm so happy I captured it.

Happy June!