Friday, June 21, 2019

Beach Baby Bingo!

Beach Baby Bingo!  June Modern Mini.
I was inspired by the Jersey Shore.  I tried to represent the boardwalk, salt water taffy, sand, beach towels and umbrellas and the ocean.

Here is the backing.   Once again proving that every piece of fabric in my collection belongs somewhere at some point.  Monopoly is based on the streets of Atlantic City, NJ.  
"The board game Monopoly has its origin in the early 20th century. The earliest known version of Monopoly, known as The Landlord's Game, was designed by an American, Elizabeth Magie, and first patented in 1904 but existed as early as 1902 " (wikipedia)

I have only a little bit of this Elvis fabric left.  I parse it out slowly.
 I used a variegated pink thread on the boardwalk and tan on the sand.
This quilt brought to mind my little Skipper doll and playing with tupperware or Pyrex "pools" when I was a young girl.
 She even has a vintage Goodie barrett with a metal clasp.  This is also her original little bathing suit.
 Miss Nutmeg was very curious of what what going on.  It really reminded my of Mr. Starbuck who would do the same thing.
She's still pretty cute. 
Wow!  I found this 1 yard piece of my favorite toile' in Pink on the free table at guild.  I will use it to cover my ironing board when it needs it.
Here is my guilds Raffle Quilt for the show in 2020.  Tara and her team did and fabulous job.  If anyone is interested I am willing to offer tickets by mail for a chance to win.
I stumbled upon this page on Pinterest.  Enjoy a little nostalgia~

Hope you are enjoying Summer so far!  Have Fun


  1. What an absolutely stunning raffle quilt!! That should bring in a lot of money for the guild.

  2. OMG, that is who you remind me of - Skipper! She was the only Barbie doll I liked because she could fit on my little horse. Love this quilt!! It is perfect for summer! Would you bring some tickets to VT and I will try to remember to ask you for some.

  3. Your modern minis never fail to delight and evoke memories of beaches, Elvis fabric(!) and of course sunburn, being of the older generation before sunscreen became well known. Precious pink toile for an ironing board cover ... I can only hope you threw that in there to see if we're awake this morning.

  4. Another great mini! I missed the whole Barbie craze--too old. I think in another life you were an archivist--you have kept so many things that document your life. And I love that toile!

  5. Adorable modern mini quilt--what fun hugs, Julierose

  6. Your mini quilt is perfect. Love the colors and all. Skipper looks pretty darn good for an old gal. Who else still fits in her original swimsuit? Haha! ;^)

  7. What a great interpretation of the Jersey shore, with a perfect backing. Skipper looks right at home there. Even your carpet gives the look of a sandy beach.
    That was such a lucky find on the free table! Almost makes me want to join a guild. :)
    I really got a kick out of the link to childhood things. First thing that caught my eye was the H. R. Pufnstuf gang--with Witchiepoo, no less.

  8. Oh, what a perfect NJ shore mini. Love the boardwalk--and Elvis! Fun seeing your childhood Skipper and swimming pool. She hasn't aged a bit! Miss Nutmeg is so cute and curious :) Wonderful guild quilt!

  9. Absolutely too fun and lovely...beach party bingo...or BARBIE!

  10. SO many fun things to be inspired by in this post!
    Love the raffle quilt... it reminded me that Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto has a very beautiful blue lobster!

  11. What a sweet quilt for Skipper! It is wonderful with that backing.

  12. The beach mini is perfect! And it must be if Skipper and Nutmeg are happy ! Too cute!
    And that backing? I have some Monopoly fabric but it's not for Atlantic City. It's the original idea. Love it on the back.
    But the toile on the ironing board cover? OMG. That is such great fabric. You can enjoy it every time you press something!

    Do bring some raffle tickets with you to Vermont this week, as Wendy suggested. I'd love to try to win your guild's quilt! It's fabulous.

    Hurry up and get here, would ya?

  13. Your mini is fabulous as always !! And I love the Monopoly fabric ah ah !!
    The Toile is gorgeous ! I love the designs on it !
    Miss Nutmeg is very cute ...
    I wish you a wonderful Sunday !

  14. Love your little mini!! So meaningful and fun!

  15. Beach Baby Bingo is super duper! It definitely invokes the feel of the beach - it reminds me of the Clearwater Beach of my childhood! As always, I'm in awe of your stash of perfectly-themed backing fabric! Great toile - one can never have too many toile fabrics in the stash. LOVE your guild raffle quilt! It's got so many of my favorite things! I hope the guild makes lots of money on the raffle and the lucky winner appreciates having such a treasure!

  16. love the summery and patriotic all in one...and lobsters too...soon will be scarfing down the tasty crustacean on my summer vaca...

  17. Elvis did some fun beach movies. Not sure he was on the Jersey shore, but your Beach Party Bingo quilt is a winner. I never had a Skipper doll, but I still have my original Barbie. The link on Pnterest brought back lots of memories, some pretty laughable.

  18. Love the mini, and the backing is perfect for it - you must have quite an amazing and varied stash and I love your philosophy that each piece will somehow work somewhere! Love the toile - I had that as dining room curtains years ago. Fabulous idea to enjoy it on the ironing board.

  19. Barbie was just coming into style when I was finishing up playing with dolls. I never had one though my sister gave me a similar style doll with a trunk of clothes. My daughter had a ton of Barbies dolls, Ken and Skipper though it was more the neighbor kids that played with them than her. I used to make Barbie clothes and sell them. Popular item.

    Your mini is quite interesting. I think you mind works differently than mine as I would have trouble evoking a beach feeling modern style.

  20. What a fun quilt! I have a an Elvis-crazy friend who would LOVE that you included him LOL. Thanks for the pinterest link -- so many things I've forgotten about -- that was fun!

  21. I love your quilt and I love the Jersey shore! we always went to Stone Harbor and I am hoping to get there this summer. I love Skipper! Your staging is perfect and she is adorable. The raffle quilt is amazing!


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