Thursday, March 31, 2011

R&W Radiant and Wonderous!

What a weekend!

Saturday I went to the Red & White exhibit and the Empire quilt show with Susan H.

We met up with my blogger buddy; Sue and her friend, Sue.  Here are the 3 Sue's and me.

The red and white exhbit was everything you've been hearing; incredible.  Here is the first view you see before entering.

and the second; breathtaking!

Susan and I spent 3 hours in the red and white wonderland.

Here are my top pics:

And lo and behold; my best quilting friends from Chicago came!  We had so much fun.  I had a second helping of R&W with them on Tuesday!  Sheila couldn't tear herself away from the quilts, love it!

On Sunday we had a special get together with Lori of Humble Quilts. at our mutual friend, Jill's house.  I'll be back soon with the results of our antique block challenge.

I hope you are all enjoying the numerous reports of the red & white and I hope that the show will come to your area.

Thank you Joanna S. Rose and her family for the incredible gift to the city of New York and to quilt enthusiast world wide.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Shawnee Take Me Away!

Happy Friday -

Last weekend was our annual guild retreat and what a treat!

In preparation for the weekend, I decided to make a little favor for everyone.  Here is my basket of little kleenex covers.  I made 29, well actually I cut 9 wrong and didn't realize until afterward - doh!  so I really made 38, ouch.

What's going on here!  Sewing stuff to the right, personal stuff to the left -

Here is the front of the Shawnee Inn in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. It was beautiful setting!

Here is a shot of the moon on Friday night - gorgeous!

Here is our workroom.  It is in the lower level and it was wonderful!


Here is my new toy!  I popped over to Pocono Sew & Vac to get one.  My friend, Susan, found a good site for these if you are interested and they offer free shipping!  Click here to see it.

It really extended my work area, which was wonderful.  I love that it matches the black and gold detail of my feather weight.

This is what I worked on for a while.  It will be a king sized quilt and I'm still working on the lay out.  I'm using civil war nine patches and a variety of chintz looking fabrics.

I also knuckled down and pieced my four-patch posie top.  I'll be working on borders soon.

Here are some of the show tell projects.

This is Sally's project.  I love it! 

I sat next to her (lucky me) and she shared some scraps with me.  I'm going to make a little quilt for our quilt show mini-auction.

And a few more views of the Inn.  If you are near the NJ/PA area it is a wonderful place for a sewing retreat.

A view of the Deleware river.  I'll bet it is really pretty in the fall!

I'm off to the Red & White exhibit and the Empire Quilters show tomorrow - say hello if you see me!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eye Candy for a Snowy Day

Good Morning!  It's snowing for the 2nd time in 3 days here in northern NJ.  I feel bad for all the quilters coming in for the red and white show, as weather will be wet and cold.  The quilt shows will surely warm us up.

Here are my top pics from the Lancaster show last week:

 My Beautiful Memory:  Masako Kumagawa (Japan)

Sew is Life:  Barbara Korengold, MD.

 Daisy Dance:  Kathy Munkelwitz, MN

Ma-Tsu-Ri:  Mitsuyo Takasaki, Japan (this is hand heavily hand quilted!)







Fun Alert:  My husband was in Chicago last week and stayed at The Wit Hotel.  Each night after turning down  the bed they left a toy - how fun is that?

I'll be back soon with a post on the retreat.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pin Keeper That's a Keeper

Last week Susan, Pauline and I finished our Pin minders.  It was a fun project and I thought they looked so cute on Susan's hutch.

From the left it is Pauline's, mine and Susan's.

We stuffed them with wool roving, and some stones on the bottom and we made little walnut shell "pillows" for the top.

I love that it has a scissor tab for snipping thread.

My doll quilt swap finally arrived at Janet's house.  Here is what I made for her.  I used the tea dyed muslin that I brewed recently.

I used this playing card fabric for the backing.  I usually tilt my label so it doesn't look like its meant to be straight, but I don't think I tilted it enough this time, lol.   It was my first swap and very fun.  Thank you again to Christine who organized it for all of us.  She'll be posting a slide show on her blog soon.

Yesterday I went to the the AQS show in Lancaster and bumped into  Sujata and Kelly.   Sujata had her zig-zag quilt in the show!  Congratulations again.  It was wonderful to meet them in person and they are so nice!  Kelly did a wonderful post of the show and we had practically identical photos.

I'm off to a retreat tomorrow - so have a wonderful weekend everyone~