Friday, March 11, 2011

Quilt Show Reveiew - Part 2

Happy Friday!

Here is the Best in Show from the Mid-Atlantic Quilt show.  It was on display at the Quilt Fest.

Best of Show
Rhapsody in Rose by Barbara Clem

And these are the close ups that I took.  The quilting is awe inspiring!  She has a cross hatch that is.....wait for it......1/4".

How lovely that it is pink ;)    I'm sorry the color is off, it was very hard to capture it and get good details.  I love the way she created different designs on the solid background through her quilting choices.

And what a lovely binding treatment.  The scallops are perfect on this piece!

How nice that a Dear Jane received recognition.  I too often feel they are passed over.  This one is lovely!

I know, I know, traditional, traditional, that is what I love.  This quilt was stunning - honorable mention - deserved more in my opinion.  Make a few more ribbons, guys, come on.

You can see all the winning quilts here on the Mancuso Website.  Congrats to Bethany Morelli for her "Best Machine Workmanship" and also "Viewers Choice" !

Today is meeting day for the Brownstone Quilters and we'll be displaying the raffle quilt.  I cut a block too small for the corners of the quilt - doh - so I made it into a pretty label.  Because of its size, I "skim quilted" a little.  Its a term that I use to describe quilting that doesn't go through to the other side. 

Someone has a bit "spring fever" and been finding trouble - I took her for a walk and a visit to the dog park on Wednesday....finally some peace!

Have a great weekend and fun sewing!


  1. Beautiful quilts!! I'm with you; I love the traditional. I appreciate the artistic quilts, admire the skill it takes to do them, but deep down, I love quilts that look like someone from the 18th or 19th century could have made them. :-D That baltimore album is fabulous!!! I hope to add one to my accomplishments someday!!
    Glad to see "the baby" is resting! LOL It won't be long (in spite of a skill of snow here in KY this morning!) and spring will be here.
    Mary Lou

  2. The quilting is amazing on the first quilt you show. Must have taken a long time to do and a lot of thought.

    I have heard that judges don't always like quilts that are from patterns that are very recognizable such as a Dear Jane. What I mean, is that there are many that have been made. Not fair in my opinion because a quilt such as a Dear Jane is a test of one's patience and creativity to complete.

  3. What fabulous quilting on the "best of show". I read somewhere that every quilter should make at least one master quilt. Really?!?! WHile I like the idea, the more I think about it, the more I think mine would end up with muddy paw prints or a coffee stain. Maybe some day -if I'm every dogless and manless! Best wishes with the raffle quilt - no doubt they will be lined up to buy tickets!

  4. I'm in awe of the hand quilting on the Best of Show quilt! She did a wonderful job.

  5. That Best of Show quilting is incredible--just stunning--I can't even imagine doing a doll quilt size like that! Thanks for sharing all the quilt photos.

  6. Thank you for sharing all these beautiful quilt show pictures, and especially the Jane. This quilt was made closer to what mine will be like - without the trip around the world theme, and with the blocks put randomly in, instead of the exact way that Jane did. I'm glad to get confirmation that it looks good that way too.

  7. Thanks for the great show pics. I know you are too modest to say that your Supercalifragilistic (sp)quilt won Judge's Choice from Pepper Cory. Quite a feather in your cap, I would say, and well deserved!

    The quilting on the raffle quilt looks awesome. Bring me some tickets Monday!!!

  8. Oops! Guess I should have read your previous post!!! Congrats on winning Judge's Choice!!!

  9. How amazing is the hand quilting on that gorgeous applique?! It warms my heart when I see work that beautiful made by hand, and not machine, although I can now appreciate that, too. Please, no apologies for your love of traditional quilts; I feel that we who are still traditionalists get a bad rap, don't you?
    I'll have to remember your "skim quilting" term! Great label, Barb!

  10. The Baltimore is AMAZING!!!! The quilting....OMGosh!!! Thank you for all the lovely close up shots. I'm going back to look some more :0)


  11. The quilting on the Best of Show quilt is spectacular! It's wonderful to see that people are still doing such beautiful hand quilting. Even the marking took a lot of skill.

    The DJ is beautiful. I always enjoy seeing a finished DJ. I think there are a lot of them started out there?

    I can just imagine the disappointment of the maker of the last quilt. With a quilt that special and so well done it seems like it should have gotten more recognition? More ribbons please!

    I love the label for the raffle quilt.

  12. wow~!!~ the quilting in that first quilt is clearly done by a MASTER of the needle~!!~


  13. What a joy to see such beautiful traditional quilts. I adore the first one with the hand quilting, now that's gorgeous. I think the DJ's are incredible but there are so many that they're getting passed by these dyas. How wonderful to se your quilt on the show page. Even Coco is sick of the weather.

  14. Thank u for sharing, what a gift u could enjoy them in person! I so enjoy others' traditional talent because it is beyond my comprehension how to sit and create them! Wowwee!!!! Happy sewing to u too!

  15. Incredible quilts! Thanks for showing these.

  16. I agree the quilting on that quilt was amazing.
    Loved how she used the quilting stitches to add to the design of the quilt and oh what texture was added as a result.
    Barbara's quilt was amazing I saw that at the Ft Washington show or whatever its called now and was SHOCKED it didn't receive any awards. That quilt is amazing ...she is doing a pattern for that quilt I can't wait for it!

  17. Absolutely gorgeous. These are like the quilts that first drew me to quilting. This quilter is truly gifted.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Terry in So. Calif.

  18. So wonderful to see the handquilting of the Rhapsody in Rose up close - its amazing! Love the last quilt too - right up my alley. Your little label is darling and the term you coined for "skim quilting" really hit the mark. Thanks for sharing the great quilt show pictures!

  19. WOW!! What gorgeous traditional quilts - my favorite!! Thanks for the close-ups of the handquilting - it's very inspirational! I love the MEC Remembered quilt - the quilting is lovely on that one too.
    What a great label! Your "skim quilting" is the perfect final touch.

  20. Those are some amazing quilts!!! I know they were even better in person!!

  21. Now THAT is a worthy Best of Show! I have lately wondered at judges choices in that category....they seem to feel it needs to be more offbeat,unique or artsy to win. Traditional designs with exceptional workmanship get left behind and though I appreciate all forms of expression and technique, it does seem the traditionalist is considered 'boring' these days!


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