Monday, October 29, 2018

Hallo- weeeee!

New Halloween Quilts! 
 after teaching EPP for several years and making random blocks -
 My Runner is complete this year.  Yay!
Here are some of my favorite blocks.
 I quilted it with black, green and orange thread.  Some squiggly and some straight - my favorite combination.
 so fun to mix the prints on this one.  I love EPP and still love teaching it.
This is almost the end of my "dead people" toile' which I have enjoyed using on many projects.
My other new finish is my Trick or Sweet sample for my Lollipop Workshop.
 Thank you long time reader and swapper, Rondi, for the fun Halloween Socks!
 The backing fabric is so cute.
This reminds me of Little Shop of Horrors.
 I cut this out of a piece of fabric to make a label.   A lot of times I fuse a label on a small quilt like this.
 I'm hanging my Lollipop Mini on my back door with small magnets.  It looked neat in the late autumn sun.
This fall I listened to this classic - it was not what I expected having only known the Movie Classic.
I'm currently listening to this and it is also not exactly what I expected. 
It has been interesting to read the source material.  Have you read either of them?

For more fun click this link for a post of Halloween Past.

Have a Fun Halloween Week everyone!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Catch Up Post

Finished Swap Quilt!
Maureen brought her quilt to a presentation I was giving in Warwick NY.  It is hand appliqued and hand quilted.  I Love it!  What wonderful borders.

Lin McQ sent me this photo of her finished Folk Art Top.  She is calling it Menagerie.  Isn't it fabulous?  She used my patterns and made many of her own.
My Sewing Group met and shared 2 new groups of Word Quilts.
Pauline's word is "Eye"
Blackeyed Susa
 Seeing Eye Dog
Nancy's word is "Time"
Saving Time or was it Time Saving?
 Time Bomb
Norma's word is "Cat"
Cat and Mouse
 Cat in the Hat (in progress)
My word is "Bee"
Bee's Wax
 Bee Dazzled (I added the baby beads after the photo)
I finished this a while back but forgot to post it.
Lollipop Table Runner:   Dinner with Abe
Here is the backing a bit plain and tame for me.
I'm working here and there on my mini one block wonder.  It is time consuming and I had to take out a hexagon and resize it and set it back is resting now, and so am I. ha ha
I am so happy that fall is here in CT. 
Have a Happy Week!

P.S. Hello to the ladies I met at the Warwick Valley Quilters thank you for having me. You have a talented and welcoming group.  See you in February for a workshop!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

AQSG 2018 part 2

Here are the rest of the photos from the ASQG 2018 Seminar in Bethesda.  Congratulations again to the ladies who put on the seminar this year.
First: The Quilt Study is a bi-annual opportunity to study a quilt and make a smaller version.  The theme this year was Solid Colors.

My quilt was not selected to be in the travel exhibit.  I think I deviated too much from the original.  But hey, that's my style and I like it so I'm happy.  I called it Wagon Wheels.
This was my inspiration quilt.  I studied the placement and symmetry of the fan blades.  
 Here are some that I really liked (I liked others too, but photography was a challenge).
Congratulations Cynthia!  What a fun and happy quilt.  I'm so glad it was selected to travel.
And Congratulations to Wendy and Laurie!  You did an amazing job on your collaboration.  You girls nailed it for sure.
Beautiful Hawaiian quilt
Here are quilts that were in a special Maryland exhibit.
now that is a STUFFED berry!
I was literally obsessed with this quilt.   I returned a couple of times just to stand by it.
I have never stippled, have you?
I was enamored of the red cables.  I would love to incorporate g this in a quilt one day.
 So I guess it wasn't enough to have a dillion leaves and stuffed berries, she also chain embroidered stems between the leaves with yarn.....yes YARN.
I want to acknowledge that there was excellent signage in this exhibit.  It was just difficult to get photos without people.
Marge and I studied this quilt for some time.  It is so odd the way they orientated the blocks.  They go every which way! 
The amount of Applique is breathtaking.
 Xenia presented a research paper on the urn and vine quilts of the Ohio Valley.  Here were two examples.
Notice the pops of cheddar in these.  Just Lovely!
I brought show and tell and then slept under it.  It is a treat when your driving and can bring wine and sewing.
I have finished the first 2 blocks of my Whig Rose.  I am currently setting up the last two blocks so they are ready to stitch this winter.
Fall has arrived in New England and I am loving the color and cooler weather.
So is coco!
I hope you have enjoyed the photos from Seminar.