Thursday, October 25, 2018

Catch Up Post

Finished Swap Quilt!
Maureen brought her quilt to a presentation I was giving in Warwick NY.  It is hand appliqued and hand quilted.  I Love it!  What wonderful borders.

Lin McQ sent me this photo of her finished Folk Art Top.  She is calling it Menagerie.  Isn't it fabulous?  She used my patterns and made many of her own.
My Sewing Group met and shared 2 new groups of Word Quilts.
Pauline's word is "Eye"
Blackeyed Susa
 Seeing Eye Dog
Nancy's word is "Time"
Saving Time or was it Time Saving?
 Time Bomb
Norma's word is "Cat"
Cat and Mouse
 Cat in the Hat (in progress)
My word is "Bee"
Bee's Wax
 Bee Dazzled (I added the baby beads after the photo)
I finished this a while back but forgot to post it.
Lollipop Table Runner:   Dinner with Abe
Here is the backing a bit plain and tame for me.
I'm working here and there on my mini one block wonder.  It is time consuming and I had to take out a hexagon and resize it and set it back is resting now, and so am I. ha ha
I am so happy that fall is here in CT. 
Have a Happy Week!

P.S. Hello to the ladies I met at the Warwick Valley Quilters thank you for having me. You have a talented and welcoming group.  See you in February for a workshop!


  1. As always, a treat to see your posts with wonderful quilts. I found ABE in your table runner! LOL Thanks for the idea of making a mini One Block Wonder - why didn't I think of that...You got me looking at fabric now. Enjoy the rest of autumn - snow is coming soon.

  2. It must be so satisfying to see the beautiful quilts created from your patterns, and the swaps you sponsor!
    The word quilts re so clever. Fun to see what people can do with a simple word for direction.
    Dinner with Abe is a hoot!!
    I have to say, only you would find that tame for a backing. LOL
    Your mini OBW is stunning. Nice dark-to-light progression!

  3. The Word Play pieces are oh so interesting. Would be fun for a small quilting group but I can see a guild doing it also.

  4. Great wordplay pieces!
    I love your hexagons...hugs, Julierose

  5. Love the blocks, those are so fun! So is your runner. That's great!

  6. Maureen and Lin's quilts are wonderful!!! It's so fun to see what our swap mates come up with! I have just decided on an idea with our last swap blocks.
    Those word quilts look like so much fun and are very creative!

  7. You've got so many things going on. Maureen's and Lin's quilts are wonderful and your word quilts are so fun. Love your B's. Wouldn't it be interesting to have Abe for dinner. I'm sure he would amazed at all of his admirers. Truthfully, I hate to unsew and taking a hexie out and resetting it in would require a rest period.

  8. Maureen and Lin's quilts are wonderful. So are all the Word Play quilts. Very clever! Love your mini OBW. How small are those hexies??? Abe would enjoy eating dinner with you!

  9. Oh, you have such great followers! I love both Maureen and Lin's quilts. I saw Lin's on FB and I'm glad she chose the border that she did. Love it! Love, love, love that table runner. Those lolli's are calling me. And that back may be tame, but that fabric is wonderful. Can't believe there is a fabric I haven't seen before. I need to get out more!

  10. Replies
    1. Hi Susan
      we pickd our own words. I am doing 9 blocks and will attach them into a wall quilt.

  11. I'm personally a big fan of funwithbarbandmary blog. Thanks for sharing this post

  12. Lin's Menagerie is fabulous! That pattern is still on my bucket list...
    The Word mini quilts are great - I love word play and puns, so I love the result!

  13. Wow! I love seeing your quilts and the quilts inspired by yours. Love the border on the bow tie quilt.
    The word play quilts are so cute and fun. I'm not very good at challenges like that.

  14. Love them all. Fantastic and talented ladies.

  15. So fun to see the finished bow tie blocks! Mine are still in a pile - shame on me! I loved every quilt in this post- so fun!! Also, LOVE your red shoes! :)

  16. Lots of fabulous quilts! I love the bow tie quilt and especially the seeing eye, bees wax…they all are fun!


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