Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Hours

Hello and Good Day!  I guess I'm on summer hours.  I don't know where the time goes lately.

Here is a wonderful little quilt that I received from my friend, Susan McD.  The name of it is The First Four.  I LOVE it!!!
 I hung it in the sewing room where I can see it coming and going.  Thank You Sooo Much Susan!!

I also recieved this surprise from a blog reader, Roxanne.  How fun - I loved the card.

I have a new hummingbird window feeder.  It took a while for them to come.  Here is a female.
 And a curious male watching us watch TV.

When Hanna was a little girl, we always raised butterflies around her birthday.  At 22, we are still doing it.  This year we have a record of 5 live Painted Lady butterflies.
We'll watch them for another day and release them tomorrow.

My Doll Bed is all dressed.
I made a little mattress from a shirting and little buttons.
It was fun to figure it out as I went.
I used an old worn embroidered pillow case to make the 2 sheets and the pillowcase.
  It turned out just right, I think.
Mr. Starbuck was very curious about the whole thing.  I used a doll quilt that was sent to me from Barbara as a thank you for the nine patch exchange.  It is just right!  She has a wonderful blog - check it out with the link above.
He watched over the little dollies
Even tucked them in
And kissed them...
Good Night.

I thought he would mistake them for cat toys, but he was a good boy.

Have a Super Week and I see you again soon~

Friday, June 12, 2015

Fun For Friday - June 2015

How about a little fun?   Here is a post of randomness from the fun file -

With Karen's tip, I was able to get the autumn paint by number to complete my four seasons set.  Thanks Karen!  Apparently these were quite popular.

While on Ebay I also found these two Buck and Doe paint by numbers and could not resist.  I love the camo foilage.
I snuck them in the house and hung them in the upstairs hall where I see them from the sewing room and the kids see them, thus shielding Mr. Fun from seeing their incredibleness.

Since when exactly does Spam offer "gourmet" flavors???

Apropos of nothing - I liked this wine label.....and the wine.

Here's my new pet project.  Any business that sends junk mail with a pre-paid envelop is getting a note to take me off their list - at their expense!   It is my small way of saving a future tree branch.

Wee - it is kite season on the at the beach here on the Long Island Sound!  The astronaut is my favorite!

We're golfing tomorrow and I'm ready with newly marked balls.  Now if anyone else on course has pink balls, I can prove which is mine because they have a sweet Labrador on them.
As I like to remind our golf group "I'm in it for the fun, food and booze"!
I hope you have a fun filled weekend~

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Winning Week

Hello!  I'm opening today with a quilt that I've shown before, but recently hung in the sewing room.  It just makes me smile.

My Birthday was last Tuesday and this beautiful hawk sat in our tree to wish me a Happy Birthday.  It was a happy day, Hanna had her bothersome gall bladder removed and all went well.

Mr. Fun worked on my little doll bed by drilling holes and stringing it to support a mattress. (this is an action shot)
He told me this is a half hitch knot - it's nice and tight and not going anywhere.
I'm so happy with how it turned out.   Now to make a mattress, pillow and sheets.

Saturday was Hanna's 22 Birthday and talk about fun - we watched American Pharoah take the Triple Crown!!   Finally - my wait is over!!
 Here is my winning ticket.  I plan to frame it.  These are already selling on Ebay.  Kind of wish I had bought 2 now.
 Despite his bitten tale, he is such a pretty horse and seems very sweet.
If you haven't heard the story, his owners put him up for auction.  Having sellers remorse they bought him back at the auction.  I love a Cinderella story.

Also on Saturday we went to a big tag sale of mostly junk - like really bad junk.  I did find one incredible treasure.  This little pine cradle cost me only $10.00.

I tucked 25 little doll quilts inside.

I found a nice little spot in the living under this table.

Wishing you a great week!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Rainy Day Monday

And I'm sooo glad!  We have been in a serious draught, and it's lovely to have a rainy day here.

I've gotten out my Memorial Day through Labor Day quilts like this sweet little tumbler quilt-

This table runner which I made from unused blocks from my Lincoln quilt.   I really like the simplicity of this.

I just love this jar of artificial flashing lightening bugs.  They just make me smile.

Here are the treasures I got on my recent visit to an Ohio antique mall.   A cast iron bank of - what else?  A Buck!

He looks very handsome on this little quilt that Susan H. made for me last year.

Here is a lamp that wasn't from the antique mall, but from Rich's family and it just got cleaned up and installed in the front hall.
It is sitting on a beautiful little quilt that I received from Maureen of Pursuit of Quilts in 2012.

I did get this little spool doll bed in Ohio.  I've been cleaning and oiling the wood.  It needs a support and a little mattress and pillow.  I have lots of quilts that will look great on it.

I was cleaning (again....) the sewing room and Starbuck wandered in after a long nap.  He looked this way and that way -

Mr. Crabby Pants.  Ever feel judged by your pets??

Have a great week and thank you everyone for your well wishes for coco she is doing great!