Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Color My World!

Popping in for a "Hot Flash" update.

My little sparrow has flown into the project

Aren't they Cheeky?

Here are my first four blocks -

Here are Susan's blocks.  I love the shape of her flower.

We put them on the design board together.  They don't look as bad as I thought they would!

Hooray for Color!  The painting crew started yesterday.  It sounds and smells like progress!  Coco and I are sequestered in the basement together.  Mr. V and I usually do our own, but didn't have the ladders for this house.

I can't wait to have some color in my home!  Here are my master color lists.

Hope you are having a great (and colorful) week!


  1. What fun blocks!!
    How nice to have someone do the painting for you. :)

  2. Oooh, your colors look beautiful -- can't wait to see after the painters are gone. You made me laugh with your comments about the blocks -- So. You've been making ugly blocks until now LOL? We always knew they were beautiful!!!

  3. Definitely a colorful post! Those blocks are stunning! I love the sparrows--such a fun little touch.
    Nice color palette for your home. Won't that be nice to have it done?

  4. Love your sparrows in Hot Flash! Great wall colors too! How exciting!

  5. I have always done painting, too, but last year we hired someone to do the outside (ladders were the issue, too) and sooo glad I did. Now I'm thinking I'd like to hire out the inside, too!

    LOVE the Hot Flash blocks! You may have started something here with your bold colors and fun broderie perse-type blocks. Fabulous!


  6. I just saw a pic of the original antique quilt. Love the fabrics you are adding and the birds are spectacular. I have been looking at bold fabrics to add to a red solid for a pickle dish quilt. Thought I might be crazy but it just might work.

  7. The blocks are fantastic! Love your little sparrows.
    Your painting plans looks beautiful. Just when you got settled you have to get unsettled for painting. It will be worth it once it is all done.

  8. Great blocks with lots of homey 'fluffing' going on!

    How fun to be feathering your nest. Hope you get it sort of good for your Christmas decorating!!

  9. Those blocks are fun! Could you send the painters to my house when they are done...I'm in desperate need! Lucky you!

  10. I love the sparrows! I'm so loving the fabrics and colours in this quilt! It would be a perfect winter warming quilt to work on . Your house will be transformed as it's painted. It will be a treat for someone else to do the work for a change.

  11. You have color showing up everywhere.

  12. Love them. I love color everywhere in my house is color, my new kitchen is sunflower yellow!!!!!!

  13. I love your blocks, and the sparrows are so cute. Wouldn't it be great to have them like that in real life?

    I actually keep all my walls a neutral cream with white ceilings, doors, coving etc, cos then I can easily change things just by swapping quilts round and ornaments etc.

  14. I like the birds. It's fun how well your blocks go together with hers :0) Your painting color plan looks wonderful - so warm and inviting. I hope the paint dries fast!

  15. Like your new blog header. I think you are having Waaaay too much fun with those colorful fabrics...are they Kaffe? I think your hot flash quilt looks awesome so far! Love your color choices for the house, especially the kitchen. It will make it seem more "like you", right? How nice to get a crew in there and git 'er done! Especially before the holidays. XOX

  16. I love your birds in the quilt. Those blocks could never look bad.. why would you even you think that? fresh paint...You are going to have so much fun hanging quilts once it's all done! I would go for a painting crew in my house anytime when it comes to tall ceilings.

  17. Wooo I am getting a hot flash just looking at those gorgeous blocks! Perfect name!
    There is nothing better than a freshly painted house except for maybe fresh bread out of the oven!

  18. love your little sparrow within the flower applique~!

    it's interesting to see your color palette. although i have never been organized enough to chart a palette out we share many of the same colors within our homes.


  19. LOVE all your color! I too like the bright and light ground blocks together, good contrast.
    The paint colors look great, wonderful treat to have the painting done.


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