Sunday, August 21, 2011

Splendor in the Grass

Do you ever talk about doing something for years and never do it?

Well I fixed that last weekend.  We finally, after 8 years, went for a picnic in New York's Central Park.

The runners went for a nice run on the bridle path (over achievers)!

Then it was time for lunch!  It was a simple affair.

It was really fun to stretch out and relax and people watch.  Here is Hanna reading her summer book for college.  We moved her in last Thursday and she's very happy.   Me?  Oh, I'm fine....really.

So, what's this quilt you ask?  It's my best copy cat quilt, I think.  One of my guilds did a project where we chose quilts from the New Jersey Heritage book to make.  We could replicate it, change it, reinvent it, etc.

Here is the original:

Here is mine.  I named it:  Elegant Migration.

It's a little hard to see, but I used several muslins and tone on tone lights.

Here is the back.  I love this Jo Morton fabric.  Don't you?

Here you can see the machine quilting.

How funny is this?  Doritos has reissued this original bag for their taco flavored chips.  This chip was introduced in 1967 - hence my little troll friend.  Anyone remember watch Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, etc and munching these chips?  How about with an RC cola?

Have a fun week!  Keep your fingers crossed that my machine comes home this week!


  1. Oh yeah, I remember those Taco-flavored Doritos! My favorite! I'm kind of mad they brought them back! Just what I need! Your quilt is so lovely.

  2. I used those taco-flavored Doritos in a family favorite recipe way back when, in the good ole days. I'll have to see if DH remembers it and wants me to make it again.
    Love the quilt! Such a modern look of bold colors in a classic design. That Jo Morton back is a beauty.

  3. Great looking quilt!

    Oh yes, I eat lots of Doritos and also watched Love American Style, The Odd Couple and Mary Tyler Moore. That might have been the line-up??

  4. I saw those doritos at the store today and bought a bag, too.

  5. Your really picnic in style! What a gorgeous quilt to lay around on!! It is a great copy of the original - you found such a good look-a-like yellow flower on dark background to use for the stripe. It looks like you had a beautiful day for your picnic :0)

  6. Nostalgia junk food...I love it! I will have to enjoy those from a distance, sigh...

    LOVE the picnic quilt...I hope you had lots of folks stopping by your "table" to make comments!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  7. Barb....your quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Mind if I copy your copy!?! lol I have been looking for another quilt to do flying geese on.....I'm in love with making them! This will be perfect!

    A picnic in Central Park....I thought folks only did that in the movies, and in dreams! Dreams do come true, right!?! Yay!

  8. I'm impressed! By the quilt (I love those strippy quilts; what a great project, to use a NJ quilt as a starting point;) and by the fact that it took you only 8 years to picnic in Central Park. I'm working on 38 and haven't done it yet. Someday....

  9. Sounds like a great afternoon. Sure hope nobody spilled on that fabulous quilt!
    Oh, yeah, I remember those original Doritos, and all the other things you mentioned. I still have a troll with blue hair that my brother gave me for my birthday way back when. When the Brady Bunch premiered I was at a slumber party, and we took time out to watch!

  10. Beautiful quilt! I'm sure it was the prettiest one in the park.

  11. Love the troll, and someday I want to return to New York and have lunch in the part, instead of just driving past it as a tourist. Hugs Mary

  12. So it's not just something people do in films then?

    I love your quilt, the colours are stunning. I love your little troll too.

  13. The quilt is beautiful! I miss the taco Doritos, too....they were my guilty pleasure!

  14. Oh great, now I'll have to buy some Doritos LOL. Your quilt is lovely and perfect for a picnic. With so many people living in NYC, it amazes me that the park isn't more crowded.


  15. I LOVE that quilt as you know! I need to get that one moved up the list!
    Glad your doing ok....its hard even the second year you have to do it.
    love that little troll wish I had kept mine! yes it had green hair too!!!!
    oh gosh do I ever remember those chips my favorite!
    thanks for the trip down memory lane...
    tv shows too funny!

  16. Your picnic in the park looks perfect on that beautiful quilt! I remember the Doritos and believe it or not, my granchildren watch the Brady's a classic!

  17. Oh How Fun! I didn't realize you were close enough to Central Park to picnic there -- you lucky girl! Exciting college days ahead -- I'm so excited for you cute daughter.

    And that quilt! OhMyGosh -- what a fab copy -- you did a great job in picking that stripey-rose fabric -- it looks so much like the original!!!

  18. I'm so glad you didn't put off picknicking at Central Park any longer. It looks like a fantastic day and a great way to enjoy the family.
    Love the quilt!!

  19. Great quilt, Barb! Puts me in the mood for fall.
    I had a troll doll with blue hair and have no idea what happened to it. Yes, I watched both those shows (Friday nights?) and I remember when Doritos were first introduced. We were Pepsi and 7Up drinkers! lol Hope your machine comes back soon. I need to take mine in for a cleaning and keep putting it off.

  20. What a great place for a picnic, I love people watching too. I think the quilt looks fabulous, the sashing is incredibly close to the original.

  21. I was in New York a few years ago, just for 2 weeks. One of the first things I did was have a little picnic in Central Park. I didn't have a beautiful quilt though. Yours is gorgeous!! It's so similar to the original. Your troll doll made me laugh!!

  22. Looks like you all had such a nice day! Your repro quilt is gorgeous - amazing you found fabrics so close to the originals! Hope you get your machine back soon - I don't use mine often, but would instantly miss it if it wasn't close at hand.

  23. I remember those dorito's! And trolls!

  24. Yes I do that all the time...
    I love the quilt you made, stunning.

    I am glad you are doing ok....


  25. It looks like a perfect day for a picnic? I LOVE the quilt you made. It's a real good imitation of the original.
    I remember Taco Doritos. They were my favorite flavor. :)

  26. COOOOL!~man....
    Love those Doritos and that Troll!!! :)
    Do I remember?!?!?!
    I love your quilt. What a nice memory you created that day! XO

  27. i know just what you mean about the hummingbird 'gift'.
    a summer or two ago i had to rescue one and i clearly remember the feeling of being blessed just to hold it gently in my hand for that second (?) before it took flight and went on it's way.



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