Friday, November 6, 2020

Cat in a Tree

 As a distraction from the Election,  I'm sharing the drama that played out last week with Nutmeg. 

It started  last Wednesday (10/28) evening.  Nutmeg usually goes out on the deck for a little while after dinner.  But she didn't come in.  I went out and called for her and finally heard her meowing up on the ledge in our front yard.

At 10 pm we found her 40 feet up in the air.   It was raining lightly and we called and called her.   She seemed too scared to try to come down.  We finally went in about 12:30 heart sick and scared.

We called the non-emergency line for the police and fireman.  They DO NOT rescue cats from trees.  

Here she is in the morning in the rain.  Still up in the air.  It was heartbreaking and we felt so helpless.

I took this video for Hanna.  She sounds so pitiful. 
We made dozens of calls including the Connecticut Climbing Club.  We went to REI and bought climbing equipment in case we had to do it ourselves.   We also looked into renting a lift but the ground is uneven and access isn't good. 

He can see her little head in the circle.

FINALLY an arborist said he's come and take a look. 

He agreed to go up.  He was very quiet and kind.  Here is about 4 feet off the ground.
He worked his way up talking very calmly to Nutmeg.  He also wore leather gloves because cat bites are no joke.
We stood by with a big sheet in case she freaked and jumped.....

We gave Mike a soft handled clothes hamper.  He was able to grab her and get in the bag and lower it gently to me.
Yay!  rescued!  We offered to pay Mike for his trouble and time and wouldn't accept it.  He said he has been doing this for 30 years and never takes a penny.  This renewed my faith in the kindness of people.
I have to tell you I sobbed with relief.  It was 16 long hours and I had no idea how it would end.  She was soaked to the skin.

Within a couple of hours, she was like "what?  what's the big deal"?
Did you know that I cat will stay in a tree for up to a week and then come down?  I can not imagine.

She did spend a lot time catching up on sleep.
And she stayed a little closer to me for a few days.
Does she feel bad?  No
Is she trying to go outside everyday?  Yes.
Is she the worst?  Yes
Do I adore her?  Absolutely.
Happy Friday.
Take Care.
Be Kind.


  1. We had a cat in a tree for a week many years ago. It was a very tall pine tree and it was VERY high up there. Through the week big rain/thunderstorms passed through but the cat held tight, eventually he came down. We worried all week but that cat apparently had a few lives left and was no worse for the scary experience.

  2. Oh, thank you for sharing Nutmeg's story. It does renew ones faith....what a great guy to come and rescue Nutmeg.

  3. Our arborist would have done that, too -- hooray for Nutmeg's safe retrieval. And thank you for sharing the whole saga with us!

  4. Oh là là.... Ohhhh my God !!
    Poor Barb.... and Thank you and hoorray to Mike the arborist !!

  5. What a relief! I'm so glad you've all recovered. They do love to test us don't they? And we love them even more so for it. I'm really glad it all turned out well.

  6. So glad your story has a happy ending!

  7. So glad your baby is back and ok.

  8. Oh man, CATS! I know your heart was just dying through all those hours. What a wonderful man to help you. So clever to think of those tree guys! What a wonderful end to the story and hopefully that will be her last adventure like that so she doesn't stress the life out of her family =^..^= HUGS, as I'm sure you are still recovering!

  9. It was great to see the photos since I really couldn't picture her that high up. What a wonderful story of human kindness. We need that these days. Thanks Nutmeg and I am glad you are safe on the ground!!

  10. OMG ...... what an adventure for all! So glad for the kindness of others!

  11. Glad it all ended well, what a story!

  12. Such a nice and happy ending. We could use more people like Mike.

  13. Hurrah for Mike! Glad your story has a happy ending for everyone 😀

  14. Oh what an awful feeling with her in the tree all night! I’m so glad it all ended well.

  15. Thanks for sharing your story and so glad it has a happy ending! I'm a cat lover and have had several, but my husband is allergic to them so now I have to love them from afar :(:(

  16. Oh Nutmeg! This post made tears spring to my eyes! What a kind kind man to help you - and so smart of you to think to call an arborist! Happy ending. Another 2020 story for your book.

  17. What a story fortunately with a happy ending. The Arborist was the hero. Hopefully, Nutmeg has learned her lesson. And if not I hope she picks a shorter tree. Do I see a future quilt!?

  18. Such a heart rending episode! And you, feeling so helpless on the ground listening to the pitiful cries. What a wonderful man who rescued Nutmeg- he is all heart. A happy ending, but the saga of getting to it was wrenching. Cats- so darn independent. But how we love them.

  19. So happy to hear Nutmeg is back home safe and sound. Wonderful arborist. Bless you, Mike. I absolutely understand the hell Nutmeg has put you through though. But we just can't help ourselves and love them still. Big hug to Nutmeg and one for you too. ♥ ;^)

  20. what a wonderful man would shout out to others in your area about need tree my fur babies

  21. What an ordeal for both you and Nutmeg! So glad Mike the arborist came to the rescue for a perfect ending :) So glad you are ALL okay!

  22. Awww, poor little Nutmeg -- naughty, naughty girl. Hopefully this will deter her from climbing trees. Glad she's safe now!

  23. I am so happy that all is well with your kitty.
    I hope you are doing well also.

  24. Something probably scared her and made her climb into the tree. Mike is such a Hero to rescue her.
    What an adventure, I am sure it kept you from sleeping......

  25. So precious! Love her not matching arms on her sweater!

  26. Oh poor Nutmeg, although she probably wasn't scared. What a nightmare.
    How amazing that you were able to find someone to rescue her!!
    Are you going to make her an indoor cat now?? VBG
    So glad that there was a happy ending!

  27. Oh my! I thought stories about cats stuck in trees was a myth! I've never heard of anyone going through what you did. Though I'm not a "cat person" myself (hubs is allergic), I can sure sympathize with how you must have felt about your beloved pet. I hope she doesn't attempt such a climb again!

  28. Poor Nutmeg! I'm so glad the story had a happy ending!
    Our cat Moxie used to jump on our roof. She always got down on her own, so we didn't worry about her too much. One morning we heard her mewing from across the street, where she had gotten on the neighbor's roof and wouldn't or couldn't come down. Dear Hubby got the stepladder and rescued her. Now she's too old for such shenanigans, thank goodness!

  29. Oh my goodness. I think the whole experience was harder on you than Nutmeg. Glad she is safe. Hugs


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