Friday, November 13, 2020

Stay Calm

Stay Calm and Quilt On.  Many thanks for your kind comments about Nutmeg and her big adventure.
I took this photo last week in the early morning.  Mother Nature is amazing and I feel so grateful when I see her quiet beauty on full display.

I've been busy with all sorts of projects and I'm winding down my speaking and teaching schedule for 2020.

I shared my Scrap Secrets lecture taught my EPP Hex workshop with Colonial Quilters of Williamsburg.   They were very warm and welcoming as have all the groups I have visited.  Thank you all!

Here is my new project for teaching.
My theme fabric is the Ghastlies.  They crack me up.  Sadly they also seem to reflect the mood of a lot people I see.
It worked out really well on ZOOM, but I really miss teaching in person.
I'm booking 2021 and beyond so if you have a guild, feel free to pass on a link to my webpage (it redirects here where all the info can be found.)

I'm continuing to hand quilt my Whig Rose and will take some photos this weekend to share next week.  Nutmeg is obsessed with this quilt. 
 knock knock who's there?
Oh, it's you again.  She loves dark caves of any kind.  Monster.
I am finishing up my machine quilting on my Kitchen Sink quilt.
The more election returns I watched the crazier the quilting became. Noise, noise, noise.  Meanwhile the Virus spreads unmitigated. 
How am I feeling about the Election?  
I'm glad it is over.  
Stay Calm
Stay Home
Stay Well
Quilt On


  1. What a gorgeous sunrise! Love your new teaching project--and the fun fabrics. You seem to accomplish so much. Can't wait to see more Whig Rose pics and your finished Kitchen Sink quilt. That's a lot of quilting!!! Nutmeg is just the cutest :) Happy Friday!

  2. love all your projects that you have going and I feel the same on the election news

  3. Hope Nutmeg is behaving herself this week! The election is over for most of us but not for one person in particular. This morning's Trib had an interesting article explaining how the Associated Press became the entity that "calls" election results. (The first that they did was in 1848 for Zachary Taylor.) I'll suggest your programs to our guild program chair.

  4. Gorgeous sunrise! Hard to improve on the beauty of Mother Nature, isn't it?! And those COLORS! Your beverage makes me thirsty. :) It will be 5:00 soon, and I will cheers you from here. (I agree.) Stay safe, Barb!

  5. Love the flamingos!! I'm currently in the process of assembling all my flamingo hexies - maybe I'll be finished in this lifetime. ;-)
    I skipped the celebratory champagne last Saturday. Maybe I'll have it on inauguration day!

  6. Oh that morning shot is gorgeous! I'm so glad Nutmeg is keeping you good company now. Probably has no memory of the havoc she caused! We're enjoying some relief in our household too. Last week was too much!

  7. The Oxford Quilt Guild in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada, was thrilled with your virtual trunk talk that you did for our guild. We would highly recommend Barb as a speaker for any guild looking for virtual speakers.
    Love the quilting on the kitchen sink quilt. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt.
    Your sewing room sidekick keeps you and all of your blog readers entertained!

  8. Your early morning photo is breath-taking! The Ghastlies are pretty amusing, I have to admit. I'm thrilled the election is over. Now, I can start watching TV again.

  9. Wonderful projects on the go, Barb! Looking forward to seeing which quilt gets finished first.

  10. Oh that Nutmeg! She is such a sweetie.
    Love your hexies... I think I like the flamingos the best!
    I'll bet everyone in that zoom class was delighted.

    Your hand quilting is fabulous. I'm going to LOVE that quilt when it's done.
    I'll even offer too do your binding!!

  11. I think it's very cute how Nutmeg is claiming that quilt. She has very good taste. Your nature pic is stunning and I know you count it as a blessing to live in such a beautiful setting! I like your mantra at the end of your post.

  12. Oh that sweet Nutmeg... !!
    Your quilting is fabulous as always and I'm quilting too one hour per day...
    Sooo relaxing !
    Your zoom class is so fun !!

  13. LOVE your beautiful Whig Rose! So glad Nutmeg is IN and hopefully behaving herself.

  14. I love a good sunrise, the promise of a new day. I am so in awe that you get so much hand quilting done! It looks great and will be a masterpiece when you are done!

  15. Love those newest hexies. Yes, staying calm and carrying on is some times easier than other times, that's for sure. Nutmeg looks a lot calmer on your lovely quilt rather than up in the tree. I guess kitties and people all have their days.

  16. It's good to see how you've adapted to teaching online. Unfortunately, I have been unable to do the same. I sure enjoy keeping up with people via Zoom. It's been a lifeline! Good for you to like handstitching as well as machine stitching. I'm looking forward to seeing your Kitchen Sink quilt finish.

  17. Love your work!

    Nobody is talking about the 400th anniversary of the mayflower arrival....

    Sen. Tom Cotton: It's the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims' arrival. Why haven't we heard more about it?

    Good article! Worth A read....

    Happy thanksgiving


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