Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Day in The Life

Thank you to all who left such nice comments here and on FB about my Alice Payne Quilt.  She and I appreciate it so much!
The blog reader "Quilt Granma" asked about this quilt, so I thought I'd share it again with better photos.

It was inspired by a quilt in "New Jersey Quilts Book" in this photo.
I had to piece the red fabric to get the look from the one in the original quilt.
two prints on the back.
 So important to make those labels!
The catalog "beauty shot".
 Don't worry, coco came out to make sure I was doing it right.
My friend, Barbara S. who co-authored the NJ book, made a beautiful version.
read about here on her blog.

Random things that happened this week to take my mind off the world:

In an effort to control and fix something, I cleaned my pantry (first time in over 4 years....just saying.)
I gave a houseplant a haircut.
I made some blocks from this quilt in Julie's collection.
Too orange and too big.....
coco had a surprise visit from her gentleman friend (I use that term very loosely) Scooby.
Mr. Starbuck took a nap on not one, not two, but 3 quilts.
Well that's all for now folks.  My heart goes out to the people of San Juan, Las Vegas and anyone who is struggling or suffering in any way.  The world is hard sometimes.



  1. It's been a strange coping week.... I never tire of seeing your quilts!!

  2. Your quilts always brighten my day. Thanks for sharing your week. Always love seeing coco and Starbuck. Quilts and animals are very comforting.

  3. The world seems to have lost its center with everything spinning out of control. At times like this the comfort of the familiar, families, pets, and especially our faith is all-important. And your quilt is gorgeous.

  4. What a beautiful quilt. I like the way you used the striped fabric. It's something to remember. Love the beauty shot, too.

  5. Your posts always brighten my day. I love the comfort that it brings me.

  6. You made a lovely replica. Coco appears to be protective of it. And Mr. Starbuck has the best seat in the house. :)
    Trying to understand how someone comes to a place where they actually want to cause mass death and destruction. And now it sounds as if he planned a similar attack for a second venue.

  7. Beautiful quilt & that front door colour is wow too! I know that feeling of when the world feels out of control, it's spring cleaning time, if only we women could put order back into world that way!

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  9. Coco is watching your quilt sooo carefully because your quilt sooo beautiful ! I love the version of Barbara too ! Cats always choose the best place to take a nap ! ;)
    Your basket blocks are stunning!
    Thinking about Las Vegas too and yes, this world is crasy....
    Big hugs !

  10. It cracks me up that pets think they have priority on stepping, sleeping, sitting on quilts, done or in progress. I believe quilts should be used and are not fragile/sacred items but really? 30 seconds on a flat surface and there is the dog. Tough to even get a photo without a model. I think that is why we use design walls...nothing to do with the visual advantage: all about seeing what is there without a fur ball in the middle.

  11. I've always loved that star quilt. Barbara's is fantastic as well and I wish I had more of her border fabric!! I'm so happy to see that Coco helps whenever she can. Such a great friend! And I love Mr. Starbuck's portrayal as the Princess and the Pea!

  12. Thanks for the calming respite from your quilts and from Coco. I hope she had fun with her friend.

  13. I love the fact that we have sister quilts! Yours looks beautiful draped on the front door--so inviting! Thanks for posting a pic of mine, too! Always enjoy seeing Coco and Mr. Starbuck with your quilts. Looks like they're in charge :) Wonderful basket block!

  14. Beautiful! thank you for sharing! So nice to get a better view of that star quilt. What size blocks?

    1. please email me directly as your account is non-reply so I can't answer you directly.
      the blocks are 7 1/2' finished.

  15. I love that setting fabric for your stars. Fun to see your baskets in differing sizes and colors. it looks like a fun new project :0)

  16. What a sweet star quilt. You really captured the look with that 'made' fabric! I am drooling over your basket block quilt inspiration. There's just something about baskets.:)

  17. One more bright post in our sad world of late..

  18. Your quilt and Barbara's are indeed sister quilts. They're both a beautiful interpretation of the original.

  19. Both quilts are beautiful. I love seeing your quilts and always a bonus to see that gorgeous Coco pictured (cute cat too).

  20. I like the border print you have on your star quilt. I have some pillar fabrics I want to use somehow. I can see it works even with a more simple design.

  21. I love to see your inspiration and your finished product from that thought. Love the quilt and the basket blocks. Huuummmm some inspiration for us all.

  22. Love everything about these quilty pictures!! Do you mind sharing the larger size of the basket block that you made, or is there a pattern source? I am so into larger blocks these day. :)

  23. I used to have a dog named Coco ( from the shelter...they are all shelter dogs aside from my youngest sons ) and she had the same coloring.

    Seeing your pantry, I think that I might clean the fridge out the next time I read that Trump was rage-tweeting on the weekend, lol / it might help :)

    Lovely quilty pictures and inspiration here as usual :)

  24. You're so funny. Could you please come and clean my pantry? It hasn't been four years, but it looks it. And let Coco's Gentleman friend IN LOL!!!


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