Monday, March 11, 2019

Wintry Mix

Happy Monday!   Hooray three out of four Whig Rose blocks are done.
 My least favorite part of applique' - prepping the block.  One day I'm going to do ALL the prep before I if.
 I had a great visit with the Crazy Quilters of Emmaus, PA.  Can I just say that I LOVE to visit Pennsylvania?  It is such a great quilting state.

What a wonderful surprise!  Kelly (of Pinkadot Quilts) came to my talk.  I was so touched and it was great to visit in person.  She brought me this beautiful painting as a gift.  She is so talented! 
I had a wonderful and creative group of quilters at my Lollipop Workshop.  They were making perfect circles in no time.  Here is some of their work.

I love to see this - auditioning ideas right on the background.
Nicole is going totally off pattern which I really love to see.  This is really why I like to teach.  To inspire everyone to do their thing.
We have snow people.  March: in the a Lion...
 I looked very pretty.
 I love the quiet hush on a snowy morning.
With the clocks changing and the snow, my cactus is so confused it bloomed again.
Have a great week and I'll be back soon since I missed last week!

I'll leave you with this easy wintry


  1. Wow!! I adore this Whig Rose. It is pretty apparent that you love to visit PA. You have the Lancaster colors down pat! I am working on some Lancaster blue background blocks that I hope to post this week. I would sooooo love to take a workshop with you. I'm guessing I'd have to sit in the back as I would be in stitches! Have a great day enjoying that snow. Ours turned to rain - ick!

  2. We loved having you for the lecture and workshop at our guild last week. Come again soon.

  3. Whig blocks are just gorgeous!

  4. Those colors just shout out joy! Your Whig Rose is awesome. What a fun trip, lecture and class you had. March seems to have been a lion in many places. More snow heading our way this week. Have you seen the avalanches in our mountains last week?

  5. I love your Whig Rose - especially the block with your "signature". Oh how I wish I could sit at your kitchen table and watch you prep the blocks. Also love the quilt on your coffee table. You always provide such wonderful inspiration! Kelley Secrest

  6. Absolutely gorgeous Whig Rose blocks! Love the little bird in the mix.
    Even if I like to applique, I think the prep work would keep me from doing it. :)
    I'll bet a workshop with you is over-the-top fun.
    The snowy shots are very peaceful looking.
    Love the blooming Christmas Cactus!

  7. I love your three gorgeous blocks!! I imagine there will be more birds to join the one :0) I would so love to come to your talk/workshop. The painting is such a beautiful gift. Wonderful hst quilt by your cactus.

  8. oh my....the kaffe fassett applique folk luscious! and your applique is very very nice....

  9. The blocks are looking good, you're getting there! It was so nice to see you again after such a long time (-:

  10. Prepping for applique is tedious work for sure. Lovely to be able to pick it up later and just get started though! Your Whig Roses are coming along marvelously.:)

  11. What a thoughtful gift!
    I bet your class was a blast! Way to go on getting 3 blocks done. How do you line them up all the same? My first 4 block quilt was not symmetrical at all- super humble. I'm not sure I've done another one since that.
    We still have a lot of snow on the ground. It is getting rather ridiculous since it is March12!

  12. Beautiful blocks and such vibrant colors! Love the painting too, the happy pink reminds me of spring.... when will that ever start...?

  13. Your Whig Rose blocks are absolutely gorgeous !
    Kelly is very talented ! What a wonderful present for you !

  14. Beautiful applique, Barb! Prepping is definitely worth it. Kelly's painting is so refreshing. Looks like there was lots of creativity in your Lollipop Workshop. I'm so glad you finally got some snow. Your cactus looks just as good the second time around. That's an interesting little quilt on your coffee table :)

  15. I agree prepping for an applique block seems to go on forever! Your blocks are beautiful, love the little bird that flew in too!

  16. The yellow in those blocks at the top is stunning! And circles - my favorite quilt block element.

  17. I'm still loving that yellow background fabric. Gets a person's attention.

  18. LOVE the quilt under your coffee table. Have you told its story to us?


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