Tuesday, April 2, 2019

More from NEQM

Happy Tuesday from South Carolina!  I'm sharing more quilts from my visit to the New England Quilt Museum. 
 This was a very powerful exhibit about Gun Violence.  I DON'T do political issues here, but I am sharing what I felt was a very powerful artistic exhibit.  Here is a link to SAQA
 This quilt spoke to me very personally.   I also love the fan quilting!
I was fascinated by this Hexagon quilt.  So many interesting pattern emerge when you study it. 
Can never get enough nine patch quilts!
This makes me want to sew flying geese blocks!
Thank you to everyone who visited my Mother's Garden quilt in Chicago and sent me photos and messages.   Here are a few.

I'm off to enjoy the green leaves and spring flowers and spend a day with the wonderful ladies of the Lake and Mountain Quilt Guild.
Have a Happy Day


  1. I remember the first time I saw your "mother's Garden" quilt, I said, "Wow, I'd like to meet that quiltmaker!". I love it when wishes come true. I still adore that quilt!

  2. What an interesting exhibit and I thought the title of it was so creative.

    How fun to see many stopping to visit your quilt!!

  3. The hexagon quilt is amazing! I wish I had the attention span to do one of my own--lol!

  4. Some thought provoking quilts - very interesting! So lovely to see your Mother’s Garden quilt be appreciated at the show. Love that flying geese quilt too :0)

  5. I always love seeing your Garden quilt, even though it has always been through blog posts, maybe someday it will arrive at a quilt show near me.

  6. That is an interesting topic for a quilt display. Some well-thought-out quilts.
    That is cool to see your quilt "trending". :)

  7. There is a very interesting message through these quilts like "stop violence please"... but well no politics here... the hexagon quilt is awesome !!
    Congratulations on your quilt ! I saw it on FB on Kathy's page ! :))

  8. yup i love mother's garden too....lovely place the NEQM...see you in Mt. Airy next week!

  9. You are a quilter who is on the go. Thanks for sharing the quilts at NEQM and I'm so glad so many others had the chance to see your Mother's Garden quilt in person.

  10. In the summer time, we all have the Right to Bare Arms. That is the ONLY kind I do! I love traditional quilts too, and LOVE 9-paches as well. jean

  11. What a powerful exhibit. I do love those antique quilts, though. So glad lots of people are enjoying your Mothers Garden quilt. It's my favorite!


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