Thursday, February 9, 2017

New Secret Weapon

It's Dawn Dishwashing Liquid!    I'll get back to that but first~
I finished my Stars in a Time Warp Quilt.

Good and Plenty Stars - 38" x 38"
I named it that because of the black and pink like the candy.    Do you like it?  I hate it - but I loved the Choo Choo Charlie ads.
Here is the back.  I have had this fabric for about 10 years I think. This was about all I had but it was perfect for this.
It is a neat print about the "Arts".
I used my new stencil for the quilting and I'm pleased with how it turned out.  It is much easier to use it on a smaller piece for sure.  I buried my threads using a self-threading needle.
Why you need Dawn:
In a blog post recently, Chantal of At the Corner of Scraps and Quilts, shared her experience.

For reasons unknown, the blue ink did not come out with detergent and Clorox2.  Here it is soaking in Dawn.
What is weird is that it came out perfectly on this light fabric.....?
But not this one....
Luckily, over night it all came out - whew!

Thanks to all who took my recent poll.  Here are the results:

On Quilt Shows - results combine 2 polls
92%  Attend Quilt Shows
45% Enter Quilts
35% Haven't Entered Yet
13% Don't Enter

How we share (I allowed multiple answers)
41% Blogging
41% Quilt Shows
60% Guild Quilt Shows
15% Don't Share

So Hooray for us to attending and sharing our work!  Keep it up!

On a final note I had a mishap in the kitchen with a spaghetti squash yesterday that resulted in getting 4 stitches in my thumb.
I was impressed with this little stitching kit.  Special thanks to my daughter, Hanna, who insisted we get it checked out.   It is funny when the tables turn with our kids.
Last shot of Good and Plenty Stars.  I set it down and turned around to get the camera and it got this much snow!
We may get as much as 20 inches today which delayed my trip to NJ for a lecture/workshop but I'll make it for Saturday.

p.s. it is so crazy, but I did almost this exact post a year ago, click here to see it.


  1. Love the quilt! And I always loved Good and Plenty too. I am a sucker for licorice. Interesting results on your poll. I didn't participate in that, but haven't entered anything in a quilt show in a long time, preferring to share them on my own terms on my blog. I make my quilts to be used so I don't worry about them being perfect. Maybe it was seeing a judge measuring parts of a quilt with a ruler that put me off! Plus, I don't really like the design aesthetic of most of the quilts that win awards these days. They strike me as being complicated just to showcase the quilters skills in piecing and quilting. While I can appreciate the technical aspects of these quilts, they don't appeal to me visually. Anyway, thanks to you for providing inspiration, tips, and a great community for quilters.

  2. I am not surprised that Dawn worked to remove the blue ink. Mine had been in the dryer, more than once, before I soak it and all came out. It should win an award for Best Quilt Product, lol. I had reread a phrase because, at first, I thought you were saying you hate your quilt. It is soooo cute, I couldn't understand why you would hate it. Then, it hit me. The CANDY!! I don't like black licorice either, but love your quilt. Congrats on finishing this little beauty. And thanks for the plug. ;^)

  3. Good & Plenty candy = YES! Good & Plenty quilt = OMG...I love it! And your fan quilting is perfect for it! Gorgeous! So sorry about your boo boo thumb....but that just means you have some time to peruse books and patterns for your next great quilt! Not a bad thing sometimes! Hope you heal quickly!

  4. I love your Good and Plenty stars. The zigzag setting is wonderful as is the quilting! I am so sorry to hear about your thumb 😭 Ouch! Can you still sew? Hopefully it heals well and quickly. I will have to remember that about the dawn soap hurrah it all came out!

  5. Sorry about the thumb. Ouch! Love the Good and Plenty quilt. Reminds me of Natalie's.

  6. Not a fan of Good and Plenty - but I love your quilt. Must remember the Dawn soak. I used the double B Fan stencil earlier this week and love it - such awesome texture. I now need to add the new stencil to my collection.

  7. Ouch that looks sore! Can you sew? I love your quilt it came out so nice and very graphic!
    We used Dawn to get lipstick out of a blouse that went through the dryer....after a few washings it worked. The fan quilting is perfect with the stars!

  8. Terrific finish!
    Are the stitches in the left or right thumb?!? Hopefully you can still do some stitching!

  9. Great finish! I happen to like black licorice so of the association of this quilt with black licorice made me doubly happy. I went over and read your other post: thankfully there were no stitches on a finger involved last year. Thanks for the snow shots. I am sitting here writing this as it is about 68° outside and I have my door open, but I am quite jealous of those beautiful snowy seems just outside your sliding door.

  10. Ouch! I hope you heal quickly! Congratulations on finishing your Stars in Time Warp quilt. Great choice for the name. Thanks for the tip about Dawn.

  11. I'm so glad the blue came out of "Good and Plenty". Knowing about Dawn is a excellent tool in the tool belt. It makes you wonder why most of the blue disappeared after the first washing but not in those few blocks. What was the difference? Hope you got to enjoy your snow day or snow days!

  12. Though I like your Good and Plenty quilt very much, I do not like to eat Good and Plenty candy. Isn't it sort of a licorice candy?

  13. Great finish for your quilt and I love your quilting ! But I'm so sorry for your thumb... I hope you don't suffer...
    I don't know Dawn and I use an air erasable marker from Clover ! Perfect !
    I wish you a wonderful trip and lecture to NJ !! :)

  14. Your quilt turned out Fabulous!
    Sorry to hear about your thumb injury.
    I hope the storm clears for you to attend your Lecture in NJ.
    Safe travels and have fun!

  15. How's the thumb? Your stencil really worked great. I can't believe the 2 post were so similar and the weather too. Stay warm.

  16. Good and Plenty turned out great! Love the name :) Your fan quilting really stands out. So glad to hear Dawn worked its magic for you. But sorry to hear about your thumb! Hope it mends quickly.

  17. Love your Stars in A Time Warp, the quilting is perfect too.

  18. Love those colors and your stencil was perfect for it! Love the name hate the candy. Sorry about your accident. Eating healthy can be hazardous.

  19. Look at all that snow!! Sweltering here in Summer heat so looking at these pics has made me feel cooler. Gorgeous quilt - I love the zigzag effect. Ouch for your poor thumb and hope it heals quickly.

  20. Wonder why the ink came out one one and not the other? Regardless, I'm happy it came out. Your quilt is lovely!
    Sorry about the stitches. :(

  21. Congrats on finishing your Stars in a Time Warp! Awesome backing, as usual! Dawn dish soap is definitely magical; there's a long post online from Vicki Welsh about her research on getting excess dye stains out - Dawn was the magic potion.

  22. It's a beautiful quilt and looks great in the snow. I love the flavor of Good and Plenty and the colors. Hope your finger mends quickly - ouch! 20 inches is a lot of snow. I think I would want to be homebound until it all melted.

  23. Barb, you quilt is great--the setting, the colors, the quilting, all yummy!!
    Cutting squash is really hard sometimes--I've had to ask the hubby for assistance, which he provides with great chivalry. Take care of your thumb!

  24. I love the zig zag sashing! One of these days I want to do that. Those spaghetti squashes have such hard skin I have been afraid that I would cut myself. I think I saw a way to cut them and I think it involved poking it with a fork from the stem all the way around where you would cut, but then before cutting to put it in the microwave (or oven?) for a while. Then it is easier to cut it in half. I need to see if I saved that tip. It looked like it might help. I love using spaghetti squash in place of pasta.

  25. I love Good n Plenty AND your quilt is spectacular!!! ZigZags and Stars. WOW! I'm so sorry you sliced you when trying to divide a spaghetti squash. You will now know why man is so different from all other animals without the use of an opposing thumb. Truly an annoying injury. Use help lots!

  26. This is not the first time that I have read about Dawn! :)

    Good and Plenty is catastrophes not so much :) So sorry / heal asap :)

  27. I love the quilt! And the quilting is wonderful, love that pattern. What happened with the blue ink is scary and exactly why I have always been afraid to use those pens. I am the only one... everyone else around me uses it. I mark with grey and white Sewline pencils and now will definitely not change that habit. Hope your thumb heals soon, looks nasty.

  28. I love black licorice! Thanks for the tip about Dawn. I avoid marking whenever possible. If I do have to I like to use Glad Press 'n' Seal. Picking out the pulverized plastic is a pain, though.

  29. Good and Plenty is a darling quilt Barb! I love the colors. I hope your thumb heals quickly!

  30. Love your Good and Plenty quilt. I remember those commercials with Choo Choo Charlie too. Hope your thumb is on the mend. Hugs


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