Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Red Hot

 I'm late in posting my February Mini - Red Hot

I decided to try a monochromatic color scheme on a mini bars quilt.  I did match stitch quilting with 5 different shades of red.    It is interesting to see how it looks over the different shades of fabric.

backing fabric (needs a simple label).
Wendy, of the Constant Quilter is our amazing hostess.  Check out her blog here and join in the fun.

Big Win!  I won a gorgeous project bag from Kyle of Timeless Reflections blog.   It is so incredibly well made and I love the fabric.   Thank you Kyle for the pretty pattern too.

I used a quilt at hand to display and low and behold there is the same fabric in my scrap quilt.

Speaking of Wendy, I am so excited and thrilled to share with you that the New England Quilt Museum has mounted a one woman show of her amazing quilts!  I'm so excited to see so many of them in one place.

Quilts of Wendy Reed:  on view March 3 through May 22!

Here is a little sneak peek.

On a personal accomplishment note I finally put my Dickens' Village away.  I enjoyed it every morning for almost 3 months.
I miss it, but I already have ideas for this years set up.
Have a great week!
Take care and stay well.


  1. Loving the reds piece and quilting colors on it, too...nice work hugs, julierose

  2. I simply love the red mini quilt! The backing is perfect! I need to ask how you finished it...did you quilt it first and then sew the backing on right sides together and then turn it right sides out? The Russian dolls certainly look good on your new quilt. That quilt exhibit of Wendy’s quilts looks interesting.

  3. Ohhh lucky you !! I would have loved to see the quilts of Wendy in person !!
    Your mini is very original !! Yeah for the machine quilting !!

  4. Fun mini! That quilting with different thread is perfect!

  5. Wonderful reds and finish. Thanks for sharing the quilts.

  6. Oh wow! It is perfect for February. You are the best machine quilter! You get such texture out of such a small quilt. Love it! Thanks for the shoutout about the museum. I've done a little research and will let you both know what I think will work for me at least. Can't wait!! That chair looks pretty lonely in that corner. Maybe you need to start collecting an Easter village - wink!

  7. Love your February mini! The quilting is so effective, and the backing is gorgeous!
    Congrats on your win from Kyle. Her bags are wonderful--and that is fun that the background quilt hads the same fabric. What are the chances of that?
    Oh, I am so antsy to be able to come see Wendy's quilts. Maybe if I have been vaccinated before it is all over?!?
    I love that you enjoy your village for months! I haven't put mine up for a few years (mine isn't as large and beautiful), and I miss it. I hope when you put yours up again that you will share your new ideas. :)

  8. Beautiful study of red for this month's mini!

  9. Love those reds! I believe it was Mary Ellen Hopkins who said "all reds go together"!

  10. Red hot is fantastic! Love the quilting. How exciting to win something made by Kyle. It’s a beautiful project bag. How exciting for Wendy! I would love to go see the exhibit!!

  11. That's a lot of thread changes - five. It looks great! Red hot for sure! Ohhhhhh I wish I could see Wendy's quilts and maybe meet both of you for hippy lunch! Another year another time. I've never done a "village" and I really admire those folks who collect and display them! Makes for a magical Christmas atmosphere! I'm glad you enjoy them up for three months and not just one.

  12. Red Hot is fantastic! So impressed with your quilting and 5 shades of red threads. Fun backing. Wish I could get to see Wendy's quilt exhibit! I've not seen any of her quilts in person. I was a lucky winner, too! Crazy that you had the same fabric that Kyle used for her bag in your quilt. Must have been meant especially for you! Sure looks empty without a village in the corner :)

  13. oh yes wendy's honor is well deserved...wish i could see it in person....she is an extra-ordinary quilter and a very nice lady to boot...

  14. Love your mini and it's name. I know lots of people that keep Christmas items up until spring. I love the project bag, such a nice useful gift. Wendy's quilts are gorgeous, what a wonderful exhibit!

  15. That looks lovely, Barb! I may have to try that for this month's entry for the 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge being hosted on my blog.

  16. Wow, the simplicity of Red Hot, but it is stunning! (I love red!)


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