Thursday, May 9, 2019


Howdy!  Back from Dallas with a full report.
Thank you to all the friendly and talented ladies in Dallas for such a welcoming visit, especially my hostesses Pat and Sue for all the rides and wonderful dinners.  They introduced me to Fried Green Tomatoes - yum!

Hex Vex workshop (notice those sliding design walls!)
 I always love to see what fabrics students choose.
 Look at Sue's pre-pieced hexie. It would make a perfect spring or Easter table runner.
wee - that bee block!
 After me own heart Pat.
My two workshops were held at the Best Little Retreat Center in Texas.  Owner Pam (she works with her husband, Chuck) they are very warm and generous and passionate about quilters adn quilting.
Here is the main workroom (not my class).  Each student gets 2 tables. with a center outlet station.  It is fabulous!

They have a kitchen
A cute lounge area where I got to watch The Kentucky Derby.  (no comment)
Just down the way is a quilt shop, how handy!
How cute is this display at the quilt shop? 
My House Party Workshop Group!
Here are some of the builds
Notice the tornado roof :)

this one is fun.
 As you can see Ragi, who had never done this, really took to the process.
It was Nancy's Birthday and her Mom brought balloons and delicious baby bundt cakes for us.  So fun.
 These are nancy's blocks.  Alice's tower is so charming!
I did a little stitching at 20,000 feet.  
I spent 12 1/2 hours at the Dallas airport on Sunday due to multiple delays and missed connections.  But I still love you Texas.
I treated myself to a bagel- big carb cheat for me! and later a great dinner and a glass of contentment.
 Pineapple update.  This is how it looked monday.
Each round takes this long.  I'm usually not a counter, but I was curious.
Here is how it looks this morning.   My goal is to finish them by 5pm tomorrow. 
Okay, that is more than enough for one post. 


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I know they enjoyed having you!

  2. A big post full of good things! First off, that wonderful space and those design walls are Nirvana to quilters- wow. And the fabric choices your students made were interesting to see. The House Party blocks- all terrific. And who doesn't love a Pineapple? What a great visit you had.

  3. Love that little quilt at the top of your post! Still a favorite of mine!

  4. Looks like a great classroom!! Texas folks are always so welcoming!!

  5. You certainly had a great group of enthusiastic quilters! I loved seeing your little mini in that table setting, just perfect!

  6. I haven't been to Dallas in many years but always liked it. We used to live about two hours south of Dallas. Texans are such friendly people which it is evident you discovered.

  7. What a fabulous place to hold a class and with such enthusiastic students. It looks like everyone had a great time. It's amazing what fabrics everyone brings to work with. It reflects a lot of different personalities. The Derby sure was a downer this year. 🐴🐴🐴

  8. I was so tickled to follow your IG posts from Dallas - wishing I could be there, as I would get to visit my son at the same time. Thanks for the HexVex eye candy - so inspiring! Glad you still love Dallas, even after the airport nightmare!

  9. What a wonderful venue and such fun seeing all the houses and hexies. Did I see a pair of scissors in your sewing kit onboard the plane? Thats pretty amazing!

  10. Oh, I could spend some time at that place, wonderful! Two tables each?! Looks like the ladies did a lot of work, fantastic. Travelling comes with delays now and then, but us quilters always know how to fill the time, don't we?

  11. What a wonderful class you've had in Dallas !! Those ladies were incredible and they had an incredible teacher !! Hex Vex is a mix of hexies + stars + tumbling blocks ? Very fun !!
    Your Pineapple will be gorgeous ! Oh la la !! :))

  12. Wow, what a great place for your workshops! Looks like the ladies had a wonderful time making hexies and houses. That was certainly a long delay at the airport, ugh! Your pineapple blocks are fantastic--maybe I've said that before?? Absolutely love them!!

  13. Very fun classes! I enjoyed seeing the hexie fabric choices!

  14. Looks like a wonderful place to hold a workshop. After 12 1/2 hours in the airport, you deserved both carbs and liquid refreshment. Love all of those fussy cuts by your students.

  15. What a lively interesting post! Love your pineapple top! Makes me want to go start one!

  16. Sounds like your workshops in Dallas were a great success! There are just so many possibilities with pieced hexies - what fun! I love your pineapple blocks - you're closing in on a finish :0)

  17. The workshops are fun, I know you do a great job! What a fabulous place to hold a workshop, we need more of those!
    I love your pineapples and can't believe it takes that long.....but well worth it!

  18. Looks like everyone had a great time. Love all the fabrics. Your Pineapple is looking great. I still want to make one, one of these days. Great job.

    1. Thanks Janet! I wish you had an email attached to your blogger profile so I could respond directly. You can change that in your blogger profile settings.

  19. The workshops look great. Love seeing all the blocks that were made. Looks like a perfect venue.

  20. That looks like a fun visit! Love those liberated houses too, definitely on my list !!! xxx

  21. Don't give up on coming to Maine! I'm still trying to get you here! What fun you all had. Those pineapple blocks are making me crazy! So gorgeous and so time intensive. Love them!

  22. Looks fun fun fun, totally! Sorry about your airport troubles - that's the worst - but you made the best of it;). Your pineapple blocks are simply stunning!


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