Wednesday, May 1, 2019


My sewing room is crazy and maybe I am too!
I was going to stop at 9 blocks because these take forever. 
I was doing three at a time.
While I was getting my car serviced I did a mock up of how 16 blocks would look and there was no looking back. 
Now my room looks like this!
Strips are everywhere
Coco can't even look at me.
My sewing friends are talking behind my back.
Oh My Gosh...she is crazy!  She thinks she can do 7 at a time now!
Thats right.  I'm doing 7 at a time, but when these babies are done....I'm done.
In other news:
Wendy (of The Constant Quilter) sent me the sweetest note and little fabric book ala Gwen Marston. 
The little pages are so charming.
 Thank you Wendy for your thoughtfulness.
We had our first humming bird on April 26th.  He is hard to see.
While practising Mah Jongg online, I got the highest possible hand for 2019.   I plan to start playing at the senior center soon.
Okay, I'm off to Dallas tomorrow where I'll be giving a presentation and  teaching 2 workshops.
I hope I get a chance to watch the Derby.

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Happy May Day!


  1. Lucky seven! (Goes with that Mah Jongg score..) And if you leave tomorrow, you get to come back to the sewing room state, eh? Poor Coco will have to just roll with those strips until you get back. UNLESS, you finish the seven pineapples today...Have fun in Texas!

  2. So that is what you think a mess looks like? Hope you don't come into my sewing room on a "string" day! Those blocks are amazing and I am glad you did not stop at 9. It will be gorgeous when done! And, maybe your little sewing friends will help you clean up! Do you only do Mah Jongg online or do you have a set? I'm going to get Gordon's grandfather's set (c1920) out and see if I can get the kids interested in playing.

  3. Maybe messy, but I can tell you're having fun!

  4. A beautiful mess for beautiful blocks !! Where's the problem ?? :)))
    Your quilt will be gorgeous... as always !
    And Wendy is a sweetheart...
    Enjoy and have fun in Dallas !!

  5. Wow, that is gorgeous! How wide are your strips?

  6. Oh those gossipy girls! You should put them to work sewing more pineapples!

  7. Your quilt is going to be incredible. Yes to the sixteen blocks! It loks like you're sewing them without foundations, too. Really nice work, Barb!
    What a nice thought and darling little book from Wendy.

    (you have actual floor space in your sewing room??)

  8. Beautiful pineapples--my room looks just like that most of the time! ;))) strips strips everywhere and not the one I need hahaha...beautiful work on these--I can see why you need 16...
    I love strips and strings...and general scrappiness hugs, Julierose

  9. Oh the shame! Actually your room doesn't look bad at all after I take a look around mine! Your pineapples are awesome. 16 does look pretty nice. Are you using a special ruler? I'm addicted to Mah Jongg but not so great at it---I feel lucky if I can finish without a shuffle.

  10. Love, love those pineapple blocks! And what does it matter if the sewing room looks like a hurricane just blew through as long as you find the perfect piece for the next string?! Actually my little room looks like that most of the time, especially at the end of the month when I'm trying to keep up with Lori's String-along. Wendy is so very thoughtful, what a beautiful little gift. Quilting friendships are the best!

  11. Oh, those pineapples make my mouth water! No foundation, and look at all those rounds! Amazing! Good for you, going for the 16. I tend to quit before I reach the number I planned. You excelled.
    Such a thoughtful, adorable gift from Wendy--no surprise there.
    Safe and enjoyable travels to you, Barb!

  12. I have always wanted to make a pineapple quilt, but don't know what method would make it easier for me. I almost broke down and bought an Accuquilt die, but not sure it that is easier. What is you method?

  13. You won't regret increasing to 16 - it's going to be amazing!! Those sewing friends ;0) A hummingbird already - wow! I hope you have a wonderful time in Dallas!

  14. LOVE, LOVE your scrappy pineapple quilt! On my to-do list. Over the winter I decided to make a curvy log cabin to whittle down my scraps....right.......I made 168 4" blocks and stopped. Will make a nice lap quilt. Used a Creative Grids log cabin template. Are you using a template for your pineapple blocks?

  15. I'm working on a Bonnie Hunter string quilt pattern and I swear those strings just keep multiplying and spreading all over the place. It is so crazy. I love your quilt. I made a pineapple quilt once.

  16. The little fabric book is super sweet! What a great friend. Loving your pineapple blocks! It'll be so worth it to make the extra you need for the larger quilt. They are beautiful!:)

  17. ahh pineapple blocks are indeed a slippery slope...but a fun and gorgeous one too! congrats on mah jongg score...i play online all the time...not quite ready for real people..LOL

  18. I just love this post, Barb, and your pineapple blocks are to die for! Love seeing your sewing room at the height of creativity :) Coco and the girls seem to be either ignoring you or enjoying the chaos, lol! Wendy's little gift is so sweet. Glad to see a hummingbird at your feeder. Hope you keep on winning at Mah Jongg. Have fun in Dallas!

  19. I believe your sewing room is related to mine. And put those little brats to bed, hahaha! You crack me up. The little quilt book is so awesome. How? Like what? Are they really quilts? or drawing? How can you do something so small? Are they applique? Anywho! It's AWESOME!! ;^)

  20. 16 blocks, of course! Working on the last 7 all at once is the only way to finish up. Those little girls are really saying, You're so awesome to making this quilt. Have fun in the big "D"

  21. Love the pineapple settings either way! You'll be happier knowing you did more. I'm never disappointed I made a quilt larger!
    Have fun in TX! I know they'll enjoy you!

  22. I'm loving the pineapple blocks! I made a pineapple quilt once, but I gifted it. Maybe your "friends" could stop their gossiping and help with some of the piecing lol! We've been having so much rain here, our sump pump is running constantly - but the grass is so green!

  23. Your sewing room picture really made me laugh. It's unavoidable. I hope I get a chance to see your very scrappy pineapple quilt in the cloth someday because that's the closest I'll ever get to seeing one. I suspect if I gave it a try I'd stop at one block. And, my sewing room would look the same. It already does, really.

  24. Oh those girls are actually saying how gorgeous your pineapple blocks are and trying to decide how best to cheer you on! Keep going, it's going to be so worth it!

  25. Go crazy for me, Barb; with great restraint I am not running directly to my sewing room and starting my own version! It is gorgeous! Why stop at 16?????


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