Thursday, May 16, 2019

Play Day!

Hooray!  I'm off today for a play day.  I'm taking a Round Robin in a Day workshop.  Here is my center starting point.
I pulled out bright and happy prints.  I have no idea what to expect, so I have no expectation except that it will be fun!
Coco has been a real sew room buddy lately.  Maybe because I have been eating breakfast and lunch in here....
in order to finish this!  It is not sewn into a top yet. I am so glad I made 16 blocks.  I for half a second thought, maybe 25 would be even better, but then I moved on.
I can put my bins and tubs of strips away.  I've tucked in a few eye spy moments.  Not easy with a 1/2" string.
A Baltimore Oriole couple have been visiting.  I got a photo through the kitchen window.  Isn't he gorgeous?
Yikes - now I know for sure who has been drinking and knocking off my hummingbird feeder at night!  Little Thief!
I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day.  Andrew brought me a Portillos' Chocolate Cake all the way from Illinois - 940 miles.  He knows what an awesome surprise it was.
Hanna sent me a sweet quilt related Mother's Day card.
On Saturday I got to pretend for the day that Summer is on its way.
 Trust me, it didn't last.  It's been cold and rainy.
Yesterday I popped into Michaels.  My heart still sings when I see this display.  As a young girl I ADORED a craft kit of any kind.
I thumbed through a couple of coloring books.  I love how they smell and have fond memories of coloring and doing the dot to dots.  Maybe I should start a little secret collection for "someday" grandchildren.
Thank you so much for leaving me messages here on my blog.  I really enjoy the connection to quilters.  I respond to them if possible.  If I don't respond just know it means a lot to hear from you.



  1. Coco's obviously very patient, allowing you to carefully place fabrics around her for the perfect photo. HA! And did you notice the BOMBS book on the shelf? Hopefully bath bombs. LOL

  2. I want to know more about your Round Robin in a Day workshop. Sounds intriguing. Your fabrics in the house are a hoot!

  3. Your class should be fun!! Cant wait to hear about it.

  4. Your house block is so much fun! I look forward to seeing where it goes from here.
    Ah, to be as relaxed as Coco!
    I am over the moon about your pineapple blocks! They are truly stunning--and got a chuckle over George peeking through the slats, and Little Red tucked in there, too.
    That is a gorgeous bird!
    We have had our share of troubles with your thief's relatives in our garden over the years. Maddening what they can do to the pumpkin patch or corn in one or two nights.
    Looks like you were well treated for Mother's Day. Any cake left? LOL

  5. Barb, your pineapple quilt is amazing--I love it!! My orioles have been back for about a week. I was a little worried that they wouldn't show up after losing so many trees around our house in a storm last year, but heard them singing and got my grape jelly feeder hung ASAP! We go through at least a dozen jars (the 2 packs at Costco are the best bargain) and the birds stick around for us all summer with a short lull while nesting. They even fuss at us if the feeders get empty--lol!

  6. Can't wait to see what you make in your round robin for a day. I LOVE your house center block. ADORABLE!!
    And your pineapple quilt is fabulous as well. I've been working on one for years and just keep adding blocks.
    They are addictive.
    Your kids look like they know what you love! Chocolate cake? Drove almost 1,000 to deliver it and see you? What a doll.
    Grandkids are amazing... and I know what you mean about the smell of a coloring book.
    Buying educational toys for them is great. I've started taking ours to the LIBRARY! And they love it!!
    Thoroughly enjoy your blog!

  7. AAkkk! blogger is being irritating. It deleted this NON spam commnet:
    How fun to see that beautiful, bright, happy Round Robin in a Day block first thing this morning! I love it! And congrats for completing 16 beautiful blocks. I love the sneak peeks in these tiny strips. Thank you also for the reminder to check out the craft kits in Michaels. Vacationing in the mountains with my two grandsons next month and there are many kits on this rack that they would enjoy. Kelley Secrest

  8. Your pineapple blocks are awesome. I thought for a moment you were going to add more!!! I love coloring books, dot to dot books and a new box of crayons.

  9. I love your pineapple. The eyes are amazing. I had an Oriole visit last year but not this year. I do have Grosbeck and Bohemian waxwings and they are eating my mulberries. Thank you for the wonderful post. You always have such interesting things.

  10. I hope your sewing day went well.
    Love the blocks you have made for the top. They are amazing.
    It is fun to see the wildlife that visits everyone in different places. Gorgeous bird photo.

  11. In 4th grade in PA, I did a paper on the Baltimore Oriole but have never seen one in real life. How do we remember these things? and during that same era I adored coloring books & a box of 48. Oh heartbreak when the first crayon broke...Susan

  12. Your pineapple quilt is terrific... !! Congratulations on this beautiful finish !
    The house block is sooo fun and Coco is the perfect helper ! LOL !
    The bird is gorgeous ...

  13. Thanks for sharing your day with us!
    It was...well, fun!

  14. Fun post, Barb! Can't wait to see your Round Robin quilt with all those neat fabrics. And I love the surprise fabrics in your pineapple blocks. That Baltimore Oriole is gorgeous and the raccoon sure is cute but what a devil! Coloring books, dot-to-dots and crayons were my absolute favorites along with pencils and big fat erasers :)

  15. Oh I think that sounds like so much fun! I have done a few round robins, but never just in one day. What fun you must have had! I know that we are twins separated at birth. I get giddy when I smell a comic book or coloring book and I cannot walk by a kiddie craft section without grabbing one or two kits. Thank goodness for grand nieces!! Your Oriole is so magnificent. I have heard them this Spring, but have not spied one yet.

  16. Love your pineapple blocks....they are amazing when using 1/2" finished strips. Fun to see the eye spies :) The Oriole is indeed beautiful and if I ever saw one in my yard everything would come to a stop so I could enjoy it. I love you blog!

  17. Your bird visitor is beautiful. The raccoon.... Adorable but huge trouble makers here in IN.
    I admire your pineapple, its lovely. I have had an Amish one up on my design board for several years, yeah years. Yeah Pathetic! Borders not started yet. I'm going to do 21 or 32 degree triangles for border, or something of that sort. Maybe strip pieced? Thus my dilemma.

    1. HI Holly - you're blogger profile is set with no email - thanks for visiting. I don't think I'll be any border on my pineapple quilt.

  18. Coco makes everything look so cozy and relaxed;). Sounds like a fun round robin day, and no one goes home with something unfinished, and likely to remain so:). Oh.... yes coloring books... markers, crayons... just sweet!

  19. Your pineapple blocks, just... WOW, there's George! Love it! Bring in the humming bird feeder at night, that is my suggestion. There's prowlers out there!

  20. I'll have one of those blueberry pancakes :0) I LOVE your pineapple blocks!! They are fabulous! I totally remember the smell of colouring books - lol. Glad you had a special Mother's Day.


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