Kleenex Cover

Halloween covers:

Christmas covers:


And Here is how you do it:
Cut an outside piece 6" x 6 1/2"
and a lining piece 6" x 7 1/2"

Sew the 6" edges, right sides together on each end.

Then press with the larger square on the bottom.  This creates the little trim.

Then with larger square on the bottom, fold up the two ends and overlap them slightly.  (good lord, when did I get age spots, and how do you get rid of them?)

Sew the ends, it's a bit bulky, but its fine.

Here is where I waved my wand and made a slight improvement on the pattern I was using.  Push your finger into the corner and form a little peak and pinch it and sew a short line of stitches across the top.  You can just eye ball it.  (age spot shot again... can I consider them freckles, maybe?)

Turn your piece right side out and viola' - 

With the new design of  the pocket tissues, it is necessary to cut a small slit in the package to pull out the tissues.

And in just a short time, you'll have a little batch of these of your own.   They make great little hostess gifts, party favors, teacher gifts, etc.


  1. In spite of the age spots, your nails are nice, though! This is the best tute I have found for these kleenex holders - Great job!

  2. What a great tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to create and post it. I am so inspired to make up some of these little babies for myself and friends.

    MomToBostonTerriers in Texas

  3. OMG, This is such a fantastic tutorial. Love the way that you make them and seeing all of the colorful holders in your basket is inspiring. Thank you!

  4. Terrific tutorial - thank you. I quite like the idea of the 'trim' and the boxy corners ... very clever.
    Thanks for sharing. Age spots are like grey hair - we've earned them.

  5. This is great! So easy, yet looks detailed and very polished. These will be quick and cute things to make from allllll the fabric I have accumulated. I especially loved the part where you waved your magic wand and came up with the boxy corner idea. Very nifty! Great tutorial. Cute **freckles**, too. :)

  6. Thanks for the tutorial.
    I made them last year for my kids and self with scraps of fabric from my quilting bag.
    Now I am making 155 for my children's school!

  7. Happy 2014 New Year!
    Great idea for using up my last bits of favorite prints.....every time you open your tote/purse, there's your fave fabric peeking out at you. For my high schooler I added a ribbon loop in one short side before stitching it so she can hang it to her back pack with a key ring. She chose tiny ninjas against a solid red, with the lining a solid black. Your boxy innovation makes it her favorite. Now, like Carmen, I'm sewing up duplicates for her friends. Thanks for the easy to "see" tute. delia in rb

  8. Great tutorial on making kleenex holders. I'm making them for a project at Church to put in a gift pkg. The pkg is going to be going to the woman in need if a lift. It is 7 pkg with a bible verse attached to each one and they open one pkg. a day for seven days. We put thing like candle, lotion small size ect. It is a great thing on these weeks when all thing seem hopeless. Thank you again for the easy to follow direction. Hope to get 20 turn out today.

  9. Oh...I didn't realize mine weren't freckles until I just read your post...darn it! :)

  10. Awesome tutorial and so fun to make. I made over 30 and passed them out to teachers I work with. What a big hit. They are addicting to make and just so cute.

  11. Such an awesome Tute I'm going to have to try these.

  12. why did I make my own pattern after seeing these for $2 at a craft shop? Great tutorial and so easy to follow. Thanks so much. I'm making these as a fundraiser for the cancer walk.


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