Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Losers Club

I'm back from Indiana/Columbus and it was so great to see Mary again.  Thanks Mary for all the ground transportation, wine, food and fun times!

I decided to post quilts from the show that were the "losers".  Why?  Well, I decided that the ribbon winners are going to enjoy the attention and recognition that they so well deserved.  The "losers club" however needs a little attention as there were many, many great quilts in that category.

Okay haters, yes, I'm a loser and I did include mine here.  I still love my quilts and feel that I'm in great company.  There.

To us, this was the biggest loser - or best unrecognized quilt.  The work was lovely and it was crowded all day!

 Second biggest loser - it was lovely and so well done.

 I wish judges would stop dismissing these quilts just because they fit a certain "category" what do you think?  Is it me?

so here are quilts that I (and I can only speak for myself) really liked.  Mary liked these also.
 This is a miniature - so sweet

YEA! Liberated!

These quilts were either little auction quilts, part of the "trees" exhibit or some other exhibit.  They were not judged.

  This is a street scene made by different quilters - very cool.

New Friends - 

Ann Champion of  Ann Champion.

The nice lady who bought my little auction quilt - we just happened to be walking by when she was paying for it.  She was so happy to have won it and it was great to meet her!  Thanks!

After the show, we went to Mary's new home.  It is quite stunning and her new sewing room is to die for, but I'll let her do the show and tell there.

On Thursday, I'm off to the Vermont Quilt Show - just visiting not exhibiting.  If you see me, say hello!


  1. I recognized one of the quilts from my Piecemakers bee exchange. We traded the houses a couple of years ago and I am ashamed to admit that my quilt still isn't made. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful quilts.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful quilt show. They all look like winners to me!

  3. Funny, I photographed a couple of your losers quilts at the Paducah show- The first one was amazing and have no idea why this wouldn't be a winner. All winner as far as I am concerned.
    Wish I could meet up with you in Vermont- my favorite place.

  4. oh my I Loved so many of these quilts, I still don't get this judging thing
    the workmanship is amazing on a few of these quilts.....
    oh well thanks for putting them in the limelight!
    they deserved it.
    Have fun in Vt.

  5. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful quilts. Some made me smile or chuckle....

  6. It is hard to believe that many, many of those quilts did not have ribbons. There must have been super duper quilts that won.

  7. Well if they are losing quilt wow wow they are beautiful thank you for sharing


  8. I took pics of several of the same quilts you did..before my batteries died. I also chose many of the same quilts as favorites. They didn't win ribbons, but were winners in my eyes! I took pics because they were wonderful quilts that inspired me, and I wanted to remember them. That's what it's all about isn't it? :)

  9. Wow, if these were losers, I can't imagine what the winners were. Thanks so much for the quilt show. Have a lovely time in Vermont. I'll be looking forward to seeing photos of those quilts as well.

  10. Wow! I just keep thinking of that song, "Beautiful Loser" by Bob Seeger (I think). The show there must be getting huge if these lovelies weren't winners. Thanks for sharing them, and lucky you...going to Vermont, too!

  11. Wow, everyone of those quilts is a winner to me!! The time and love that would have gone in to each of them amazes me. Thank you for sharing so many inspiring quilts!

  12. who judges the judges ? and what makes a judge ? i love your hexagon quilt, the one you have as your header. i have done 'candied hexagons' and yours has inspired me to do another, still in the planning stage, but collecting fabric, some of my favourite things i will feature!

  13. Wow! Those are fantastic losers!! I kept thinking Oh, I like that one the best, then I'd think that again as I scrolled down. Wow! Amazing!! Of course, I loved your quilts, but also am taken with the eagle quilt (no surprise there!)The big thistle applique is very cool too!
    BTW, you ladies look absolutely beautiful!!!

  14. Those are the most incredible losers I have ever seen - I sure enjoyed your post today!

  15. What do you have to make to win? I can't believe some of these didn't get picked, they're beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing and I do love your quilt very much, it was nice to see it hanging.

  16. Thanks for the quilt show. There were some wonderful quilts there, and I do so agree with you about the judging. Sometimes I stand looking at a winner in a show and I'm thinking "Why?". It does seem to me that traditional quilts are being ignored in favour of the "modern", which is fine, but going by the ratio of traditional to modern, many more are still making traditional quilts, and the judging seems to be downgrading that type. Shame, but I'd better get off my soapbox now, sorry.

  17. Wow...all of them are wonderful! (The quilt with the letters and numbers on it - amazing!) thanks for sharing!

  18. Thank you so much for sharing the loosers with us Barb. They are all so beautiful!! I too was very intrigued with the quilt that has the letters and numbers.


  19. Wow! They should all be winners. Those quilts are amazing and I love your little houses. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Thanks for including me in the "loser's club". I certainly appreciate your attention to my "Thistles" quilt. I agree with you on your choice of the biggest loser. That quilt should have gotten a big fat ribbon! So - which quilt was yours?

  21. Hi Mary
    Your quilt is really wonderful!
    I'm wearing the pink dress and the 2 quilts I'm standing in front of in the post are mine.
    How did you find us? I'm always curious.

  22. Hi Never Bored -
    thanks for leaving us such a nice comment, sorry I couldn't reply in an email you have a non-reply setting.

  23. that's quite a selection of "losers" - your quilt is beautiful. fun liberated quilt but wow, love that typographic quilt - no surprise since I love letters. sounds like a wonderful time - and oh boy, enjoy the VQF.

  24. What a wonderful idea! :)
    These quilts are so beautiful!
    You have no idea how much I dream of your quilt! I mean, DREAM!!!!
    I just orderes 50 1/2 cuts of toiles! YEs, not a typo. 50! to add to my already huge stash. Why? because of YOU!
    Oh, having a giveaway for a signed copy of CITY QUIlts if anyone is interested! :)

  25. I would be happy to be a loser myself. Such great quilts so beautifully done!

  26. Hi Barb - Not sure I remember how i discovered y'all, but perhaps through another blog that I follow, who follows your blog? I do remember seeing your quilts and thinking, "now, why didn't those quilts get a ribbon?" I say that we are all winners, not losers, since we were hanging around with the rest of the big names.

  27. Sorry to be so long in commenting...I window-shopped in a stolen moment, but knew I would have come back to comment at some point when I had time.

    Simply said, judging is nuts. Your quilts are ribbon-worthy, as are all the ones you shared with us. Sometimes I look at the winners and would love to know what the judge's thought process was. It is all so subjective, I guess. I always think there should be more categories, or more ribbon depth per category. Or maybe, just lots of extra honorable mention ribbons. I'm going to have to put this show on my radar for when I think I can abandon my family for more shows.

    Oh, and I LOVE the pink dress!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  28. fun fun stuff!!! Looks like a great show! love your PINK and white polka dot dress...You look fabulous!


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