Tuesday, December 7, 2010

word play

Hooray!  Tonya's book has been released! 

She inspired me to add free pieced letters to this liberated house quilt that I made several years ago.  I still love this quilt and all the funky houses it contains.  It has bird houses, an out house, a snowed-in house and even a boy scout pup tent.

The letters were challenging for me but really fun and add a great border element to this quilt.  I'm hoping to get better with the help of her new book.

Congrats to you Tonya!  You are a real pioneer and an inspiration to us all.


Amy said...


Millie said...

Love this! The houses are wonderful! I see a doggie tail in a window! I love fun jokes like that!

Rose Marie said...

Love your quilt!!!

She is such an inspiration to us. One of my favourite quilts is my WINTER one that I made with her on-line challenge and am eager to get it hung up shortly after New Year's Eve.

Tonya Ricucci said...

love this quilt so much. I see lots of Gwen Marston in there too! thanks!

Sujata Shah said...

Love your quilt! Houses are my favorite.. I really like your background choice too.

Lori said...

What a great quilt! The words really do add a bit more charm and fun!
Oh and I do so love the house quilt in your header!!

Anonymous said...

What a happy and fun quilt, the book looks great

antique quilter said...

can't wait to get this book.
I have always loved words on quilts and now ready to start doing that.
love this pink house quilt it has always made me smile.

Kim said...

Oh how sweet is that!
Now I'm getting down trickle down inspiration :0)
Tonya's has done a lot for quilting!

Happy sewing

Beth said...

I love words on quilts too, but I never think to add them to mine.
I am working on a swap block quilt right now and I think I will add some wordds to it.
Can't wait to see that book./

Sharon said...

What a wonderful, fun quilt! I love it! And great words. I love all the fun houses.

It's so much fun to surf all the blogs linked to Tonya's to see all the wordy goodness that people have created with Tonya's inspiration. Thank you for sharing yours!

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, I LOVE your house quilt! I love the wonky letters too. I never remember to add them to a quilt. I put a wonky year in a border years ago after a trip to the Beaver Island Retreat, but haven't done one since. Thanks for the great reminder!

mary pernula said...

I love thiss house quilt, simply charming. HUGS MARY