Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowed in Again!

Yep, snowed in again.  My poor Chicago-land friends are really taking a beating today.  I made the most of it by sewing.

Thanks MB for sending me this fabulous fabric I just love it.

I received it yesterday and it has all my favorite "down home, Chicago" themes on it.  I used it on the back of my Midnight Stars, Quilt Along from Lori's Blog.  

The colors were just right for it.

I loved Lori's idea of doing hanging diamonds, but I was engrossed in Iron Chef and turned it wrong and ended up with dropped diamonds.  Doh!  I really wanted to try it her way, as I usually do it this way - next time!

I didn't mark it and just let the lines fall where they may.  I agree with Lori, it gives it an old fashion - devil may care look :)

Doesn't that black fabric look like a bacterial virus?  I used this funny little black cat, like my Luna, and the computer for the label.

Happy Birthday to my friend Sheila!  She received this quilt for her special day.  I quilted it with cross hatches - my favorite no mark method.

I've also made more rag balls - I just can't stop.  After I trim off batting, it must be rolled and covered with homespun -

Lastly, my daughter received an acceptance letter from her 1st choice college today, Miami of Ohio.  She was home to receive it and be the first to know - it was a thrill and I was grateful for the chilled champagne on hand!  Congratulations Hanna!


  1. Beautiful quilts...big news for your daughter getting into her first choice! You must be happy and proud!

  2. Your Midnight Stars look great and love the backing- I haven't even attempted quilting mine yet.
    Congrats to your daughter.

  3. Wonderful quilts - I especially love the selvage quilt. And congratulations to your daughter! My son was accepted to MofO also. Its a small world!! He still hasn't decided where he's going for sure, but maybe they'll meet each other along the way.

  4. I love the Chicago fabric! Congrats to your daughter. It's such a relief to get that first acceptance. And when it's from your top choice, what could be better? Stay warm and dry!

  5. Barb,
    I absolutely love your Midnight Star quilt! Black is my all time favorite color to use in scrap quilts. I am going to follow your example.
    Also, congratulations to your daughter. Such a wonderful time in a son or daughter's life. Best of luck to her.

  6. Your Midnight Star quilt is unique, and I love seeing versions different from the original. It's lovely! And your backing is perfect! You must be like me and enjoy putting surprises on the back. If the colors coordinate from front to back, all the better.

    Do you mind if I make a little selvage/coin quilt similar to yours? I save my selvages religiously and have only made one Q with them. Making one similar to your selvage cutie from my CW fabrics might just be the kick start I need to get going with them.

    Congrat's to your daughter!

  7. What exciting news for your daughter!
    Your Midnight stars quilt is wonderful - I love your bacterial virus fabric :0)
    You got that quilted up fast! I'm confused - how is hanging diamonds different from dropped diamonds? is it the direction of the diamonds? I think it looks great and I love your label.

  8. First of all, a huge congratulations to Hanna!!! Woohoo!!!

    Love your Midnight Stars. The black makes the colours really pop.
    That backing fabric is amazing!
    Great quilt for Sheila's birthday.

  9. LOVE that fabric. My daughter lives in Chicago. Can you tell us the fabric manufacturer? Your blog is my favorite.

  10. OMGosh! Barb, I love the quilt an the backing is perfect and fun in every way!!
    I love that germ fabric! So crazy!

    Congrats to your daughter! What the heck is in Ohio?! LOL

    I have to admit your rag balls are pretty cute!

  11. Really, really like your backings for both quilts. I may have told you this before, but my first quilting teacher always advised to put a surprise fabric on the back of all quilts. You have really promoted that theory! Congratulations to your daughter!

    p.s. I lose myself in Iron Chef too - whatta show! Hmm, what are we going to make with that rhubarb and dill pickles next! :o

  12. Your backings are always so cool!!! Love, love 'em!! And I love the colors you chose for Lori's quilt-along!! I've not started the blocks yet...too many irons in the fire. But they are printed off and ready for fabric selection.

    And kudos to Hannah! Cell phones are the greatest invention ever for moms whose daughters go to college!! :-) Ask me how I know! LOL My Emily still calls every day -- and in her sophomore year! I'm a very happy mom about that!
    Mary Lou

  13. Congratulations to your daughter! I remember those anxious days well! Love the fabric (and the quilts, of course!) Over here in the UK it's not easy to get interesting fabric like that.

  14. I love the fabric you were given, it's such a fun one. Congrats to your daughter - I bet you were almost as happy for her as she was herself.

  15. I just love this quilt, even with the bacteria floating in the black LOL. The label is wonderful :0)

    Congrats to Hanna!! How wonderful to get into the no. 1 college on her list!!


  16. Your doll quilt is absolutely darling..and backing is perfect! I really like the fabrics you chose..especially the "germ" one. There's a line of fabric that IS germ related. LOL The quilting looks great..even if it wasn't what you planned originally.

    I love the backing on the selvedge quilt too. Your friend is a lucky gal.

    Congrats to Hannah too!

  17. Getting those college acceptance letters are such a relief and at same time fun...especially when you have a few to choose from! Best of luck!
    Your little quilts are just too darned good! I love Lori's pattern quilt but that little one you gave your friend .... to die for!

  18. Congratulations Hanna! You're going to love Miami -- our youngest almost went there and he has several friends who love it there. It's a beautiful campus to boot!

    LOVE that Chicago fabric and your fun quilt. Hope you're staying warm. Sadly, they've lifted our road emergency now, so I have to go to work. ;-(

  19. Barb, we live an hour away from Miami - my brother and sis-in-law went there and my son (a junior) is also thinking about going there. A beautiful college town. Let us know when you're planning to visit - I'll send you a list of "must-do" quilt stores!

  20. Congratulations to your daughter! Your two quilts turned out wonderful. Love the playful back to the midnights stars. It changes the character of the quilt!

  21. That Chicago fabric is so fun! Never seen that! And your Midight Stars is wonderful! I've always loved that virus black fabric! I've saved some in my stash for something special!

  22. LOVE your midnight stars quilt~!!~even though it does appear to be carrying some sort of virus . . .


  23. I am so happy for Hanna, nothing better in her world.
    Nice to know these kids that work so hard get to go to college where THEY WANT to go!
    the rag balls are great, I should try those!
    love that Chicago fabric very fun! M is falling in love with Chicago would be cute to make her a little quilt and get that for the back too.
    oh your brave quilting the quilt like that! It looks great though!!!!
    have a great weekend and NO more snow for a week or two please!

  24. Love love the fun fabric and so perfect for the back of the quilt, it looks wonderful in black. The rag balls are quite neat, I might have to have a play one day. Congratulations to your daughter, she must have worked hard for that.

  25. I love the colors you've chosen for the quiltalong. So beautiful.

  26. Very beautiful, Barb, love your fabrics choice. XOXO

  27. The Midnight Stars is gorgeous and all quilted with the funky backing! :)

  28. CONGRATULATIONS on everything. All your work is gorgeous. Be a proud mom. All the best to your daughter. Are those college quilts ready yet? My son also just got accepted for graduate school. I know that fantastic feeling. Love your black fabrics.

  29. Love the bacteria setting blocks..the black is perfect! And I so love your choice for backing....so fun! I need that quilt label...to darn cute! And hugs to Hanna...I know you are proud and happy for her.

  30. Hello,

    Could you please tell me where I could get some of that wonderful Chicago fabric?


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