Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

And did we ever!

During the Red & White weekend in NYC 6 of us got together to have dinner, show and tell and Challenge Reveal!  But first, we brought our Midnight Star Quilts out to show Lori, of Humble Quilts.

Susan is on left, me in the center and Jill's on right.  It's so fun to see different version of this wonderful little quilt.

The Challenge:
It all started last Sept at the quilt show in Oaks, PA.  I came with Susan and Pauline and we met up with cupcakers, Jill and Susan and Lori who was in town for the show and a get away weekend.

One of our favorite exhibits at the show was "Vintage Revisited" by Mary KerrClick on her name to read more about this project and her book.

Lori supplied each of us with an antique star block of red and white (ironic, no?).

Here is a photocopy of the block I received:

The rules were simple:  incorporate this block into a new small quilt.   You could manipulate it any way you wished, but it needed to be identifiable in the new piece.

Here are the results:

Lori's - aren't all those tiny star blocks so cute!  love the red, white and blue!

Susan (McDs, all those hst - wonderful!

Mine - I decided to incorporate the Civil War Anniversary.  My flag is detachable by snaps.

Pauline's - I still don't know how all the diamonds worked out - and great piping!

 Susan H's - Now this is a neighborhood I want to live it.  So fun!

Jill's: (look at all that good stuff in her corner hutch) - I love her tumbling letter blocks and the bias binding!

It was such fun to see what everyone made with their block.  I'm ready for round 2!

I photo-transferred my block onto fabric to use on the back:

I used the center section as my label:

A big thank you to  Jill for opening her wonderful home to us for the party.  She had her lovely collection of Easter decorations out and it's always a treat to visit her warm and welcoming home.


Barb said...

What a fun group and wonderful quilts..thanks for sharing.

Sujata Shah said...

What a treat to see all your beauties finished! I remember seeing that quilt at the show! How cool is it to share the experience with friends and have a show and tell..
I love every single quilt in the post!

beth said...

Oh that sounds like so much fun! You all did GREAT things with your blocks!

Barbara J said...

What a bunch of amazingly talented quilters!! Love all of them and the creativity is over flowing!

Lori said...

Your photos turned out wonderful! I loved revisiting the quilts again.

Karen said...

The creativity is just blasting out. What a wonderful challenge and the results all so different. I would have trouble picking a favorite. All are so good.
I like that you photocopied the block to print on fabric and make a label for your quilt. Creative for sure.

Pinkadot Quilts said...

What a talented bunch! It is amazing how many ideas can come from a fun challenge!

Riel Nason said...

That was a really cool challenge. I love all the different outcomes. It looks like fun all round!!

Janet said...

I love it!! It was a gorgeous block to start with and all the quilts you ladies made are so completely different and wonderful. I especially like the idea you had for the label on your quilt. What a fun thing to do as a group!

Jan said...

Your challenge is such a good idea! Lori told me about it, and I've been waiting patiently to see the results. They are all wonderful; everyone really took time and effort to make a great finished little quilt - such devotion!
It's always fun to see other's Midnight Stars, too. I loved making mine, but it is still in the "to be quilted" pile.
Thanks for the link - I'm off to check it out now.

Deb said...

Such great quilts. It looks like you all had a lot of fun!

Browndirtcottage said...

....clapping....clapping...you gals have some GREAT little quilts there!!!

....???...ok, I'm confused...I thought you were blonde Barb...???
who is blonde...??? lol

Maureen said...

One of my quilt groups did this challenge after Mary visited our chapter. I didn't participate, but wish I had. So interesting to see so many different quilts emerge from the same block! What great memories!

libbyquilter said...

so fun to see all of the challenge quilts as well as your midnight stars doll quilts all in a row together~!

it does look like you all had an amazing time together.


Janet said...

What a great swap, I remember seeing a sneak peek not so long ago. I love the words on Jills quilt.

Crispy said...

Wow what great little quilts!! You and your friends are all so creative :0)


antique quilter said...

AWESOME! wish I could have come
so fun that they are all different and mine will be too!

Judy in Michigan said...

Wonderful!! I love the challenge idea, the results, and your label. What's the new challenge? Are those 'Tonya' words on Susan H's quilt??

Dixie Howard said...

What a magical evening you all had! Just love seeing all the different versions of the quilts!

Shasta Matova said...

What a great challenge! Everyone's quilts turned out so different, and yet all so beautiful.

jill said...

It was great hosting the evening for you guys, although ALL the amazing food was provided by each of you. I am still tasting Barb's mom's lasagna recipe and all the other goodies homemade by everyone. So what's the next challenge? LOL.


Nancy said...

Fun to see the results of your get together! What a creative group.

Teresa Rawson said...

I love how much fun you have with your quilting! You and your friends do such nice work, and it is so endearing to see your friendships revealed in your projects!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Vivian said...

Such creative minds -- every project is unique, and I especially love the smile and look of pride on everyone's face. I'm envious of being part of such a wonderful group.
Love the trio of Midnight Stars. (mine is in the to-be-finished pile)

Sandra Henderson said...

How mu h fu is this?!?!?!!!!
Love it!
Love them all, but REALLy love yours! I get a chuckle out of seeing the fabrics you use, i have so many of them. :)

Sandra said...

Great job on the block revisited challenge, you should send photos to Mary Kerr. I think she'd get a kick out of seeing them.

Jeanne said...

A very talented group of ladies! How fun to see the results of your challenge. They are so different, yet each one is wonderful. Looking forward to the second challenge!