Monday, October 3, 2011

Doll Quilt Tryst

Did you ever just want to take a little break from your work a day quilting life?

Well, last week I did.  I made 3 little quilts.

This first doll quilt I'm calling "Butterscotch Beauty".  It's very simple, but I added the elegant urn fabric to make it more of what I call an "elevated doll quilt".

I machine quilted it in a one direction, double then single line pattern.

Here is the back - sorry for the weird shadow effect and the crooked hanging job.

This one is made from leftovers given me by my guild friend, Sally, who sat near me at the retreat last spring.  I admired her batik scraps and she gave them to me!

I am donating this to the guild for the mini-auction at our quilt show in November.

Here is a close of up the quilting.

I made this doodle in January of 2010 and I finally put it into a quilt.  I really love it and intend to use it more in the future on my more modern quilts.

Here I've practiced it on a scrap.

For the back I used this fun folk art print.

With the leftovers from this one, I made a little sister mini, which I intend to gift to a guild friend.  (hint)

I've grouped them around my feather weight, so you could get an idea of the size and scale of them.

I found this beautiful empty nest after the hurricane and feeling a kinship to it I brought it home and dried it out.  These birds made such a nice home which included a piece of balloon ribbon, cassette tape, and white bundling twine.

And lastly, poor coco.  She is having some major adjustment issues with the kids gone and me sewing so much.  I'm going to look into a doggie day care so she can spend time with her own kind once a week.

Have a great day!


  1. great little quilts.

    I love the folk art print!

  2. They look fantastic near your Featherweight, poor little doggy... sad face

  3. How fun to play a bit with small quilts. Maybe that is what i need to do to get my sewing mojo warmed up!!
    Poor coco....

  4. I really like the small quilts and the doll quilt. The butterscotch and red colors are a good combination. I'm especially liking the doll bed though! Do you know its history and age?

  5. Your doll quilts are wonderful! I've never made one, but you've got me thinking about it. Great new quilting design. Looks like something even I could do!

  6. Great quilts--perfect colors for fall! I love your Butterscotch Beauty--just sings to me--your dolly is lucky! And the way you've used two different blacks with the batiks really adds interest.

  7. If this does not make me get into fall, I don;t know what will! Lovely colors. I love the backing and quilting on each one of them!

  8. What fun quilts! I especially like the Butterscotch one. It's so perfect for this time of year.
    I really like the quilting designs you've chosen too.
    Poor CoCo..empty nest syndrome? So nice of you to schedule a play date with others.
    I found a little nest when we lived in the country. It had a lot of long coarse horse hair in it.(our neighbors had 3 horses) It was so interesting I kept it and I put it on our Christmas tree each year.

  9. Love love your doll quilts!!! fun post!

  10. Great little quilts, Barb. Fun quilting - glad you could play!
    Poor coco. Hope you find something to occupy her time.

  11. Just fabulous. The black with the batiks, the "fancy" fabric with the autumn colors, the quilting! Again, just fabulous.
    My dog doesn't appreciate too much sewing time either. He is much happier when I read :)

  12. What a gorgeous pillar print - it adds so much to the doll quilt. Very elegant indeed :0) It looks great on your doll bed. Perfect colors for fall too. What an interesting nest - cassette tape - lol!
    I sure like the quilting on your coin quilts - I'll have to give that a try. The folk art backing is wonderful!!

  13. What a wonderful post! Your doll quilts are so lovely that they make me want to run to my sewing room and start sewing little quilts. I love the folk fabric you used for backing! Your friend will love your gift!! Coco looks so sad, I hope she adjusts soon.

  14. Love the 'urn' quilt - perfect for the doll bed!

  15. Sweet little quilts....and your quilting on them is just right. I love that modern squiggle design you finally got to's perfect on that quilt!

  16. I need to try an elevated doll quilt or two. Love your term. Such a great way to use large scale pieces that just aren't large enough for a bigger project. And your name for it => perfect.

    I recognize the backing of one of your cute batik coin quilts. I think I have that pilgrims/ Thanksgiving fabric, but I didn't know how to use it. I always forget about the back.

    Interesting combination of found items in that nest. Birds are such great recyclers :)

  17. Oh coco looks so sad! Look at that poor face. Have to save I absolutely love that cheddar one. It is really striking! Love the other 2 also. That is why I like to make small quilts every now and then - just to finish something!

  18. cute little quilts, I love the idea of doodling and keeping a note book of quilting ideas, the urn quilt is wonderful, love the colors and well that urn fabric i just love. The backing of the folk art print is wonderful
    looks like a quilt!
    very fun
    poor you have a dog park in your area you could take her to?

  19. I like the term "elevated doll quilt". I must remember to use the term when I make a doll quilt worthy of it. The urn fabric is the crowning touch.

    I like that folk art fabric you used for quilt backing. I don't think I have seen any of it before.

  20. Little quilts are so much fun to make! Your's turned out so good. I need to get back to the sewing machine!

  21. Your butterscotch looks wonderful on the little bed! Nice job on all...

  22. My dog loves Play Group days - healthy for both she and I...

    Your little quilts are beautiful and the doll bed is so sweet with the new quilt.
    Thanks for sharing

  23. These are cute pieces. I especially like the urn fabric - it adds so much to the quilt, and your quilting design.

  24. Barb, I so love your color scheme.

  25. Margaret FarabaughOctober 7, 2011 at 5:15 PM

    I was going to quilt today but so far at 5 in the afternoon all I have done is plug in the iron. I do not know how you achieve so much. I love the caskets. I may have to make them for all seasons.

    Enjoy the good weather.


  26. Oh Yum - love the name of your first quilt and it just glows - what a precious little bed to display it on too!


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