Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 UFO Challenge

Giants Win In Overtime - Superbowl XLVI
just had to get that out.

I met last week with Jill and Susan and instead of starting a new challenge project, we've decided to finish some UFOs this year.

We are also going to swap flying geese units every month.  We've decided to use bright, fresh fabrics and solids for fun.  I'll post when I've made my first sets.

Here in her own words is Jill's UFO project:

After Barb introduced me to English paper piecing, I have fallen in love with it, the accuracy which I could never attain otherwise and the relaxation of whip stitching together the prepared pieces.   Of course it is additional steps, with the basting and paper removal, but I enjoy the results very much.

I started this "star" project some time ago and picked this as my UFO for this Barb/Susan/Jill quilt-finishing deadline!   I have yet to come up with a nice setting design, so I am not sure how many star blocks I need.  I am thinking maybe six and as you can see,  I only have two finished, almost three.   I had better "put a fire under it"...lol.

 I also want to do a setting where the multi-colored stars seem to "float" on the black background and I also hope to come up with an appliqué design to add to either the center of the quilt and/or the border.   I love the combo of pieced and appliqué...my favorite.

Barb thinks perhaps the appliqué will be too busy, as it is already pretty colorful.   So I am rethinking that.  Right now I want to finish the six blocks,  put them on my design wall and try to finalize a plan.

Here in her own words is Susan's UFO project-

It was easy for me to pick my UFO challenge.  This quilt has been on my design wall for months....and months....waiting for the border.

"POTUS 1789-1901" is a quilt I designed with the quilting in mind.  It is a two block quilt.  The president block looks odd, silly really but placing a wreath stencil on top to show what the quilting will look like gives a better idea of where I am going.

The president images are from an old Windham line.  I thought there was a misprint at first because one president had two images.  A check of the facts showed that the printing was correct.  One president served two terms but not consecutively.  I love making quilts that include little bits of history.

And here is mine -

I started this quilt in 2009 to commemorate (again) the 2008 Summer Olympics.  I loved that the opening ceremony was on 8-8-08.  It would be great to finish this one before the 2012 games open in London!

I put this away when I started working on my Mother's Garden quilt and other projects for the quilt show last November.  I have posted on this quilt before and you can find them by typing "olympic star" in the search box.

I have the quilting area you see on the upper left hand side, then binding and labeling.

I will reporting back on these projects.  Our deadline is set for mid-April.

Are you currently finishing last years (or the last 5 years) projects?  It seems every year we quilters try to finish our UFOs.  Why is it so much more fun to start them?


  1. I love seeing all three of the projects!! Go Ladies go!

  2. What great projects to be working on! The blue in Jill's stars seems to glow - I love her star blocks. I can relate to Susan's ufo - I often get stuck for months (or years) at the border stage. The quilting you have done on your Olympic star is so very lovely!! Thanks for the closeup - I liked seeing how the border cable incorporates the 1/2 wreath in the setting triangles.

  3. What great UFO's to work on! Last year was a start year...this year has to be a finish it year...

  4. I'm also glad for the "close ups". Hey Jill, are you basting those triangles by machine?
    What a concept! Can't believe I haven't tried it by machine-hand arthritis and all! Any other tips on English Piecing are appreciated!
    Thank you ladies!

  5. Thank you for the UFO report.
    Yup, more than a few of those...
    You are oh so close on your star - the quilting is beautiful!
    So nice the three of you can cheer each other on.

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  7. Wow. You guys inspire me. I laughed when I read your comment about how we quilters always like to finish up our UFOs. I can envision myself being carted off to the undertakers with a needle in my hand and swatch of cloth in the other. We can never get it all done, but I, too,dislike leaving things undone. Our Yankee thrift and aversion to waste? Who knows.

    Those EPP stars are so beautiful! You almost convince me to take it up. I have another friend who is doing these stars--maybe she got the idea from you? Anyway--thanks for showing us all, and good luck on your UFOs!

    Elizabeth E.

  8. What a great idea to support each other in completing UFO's! I'm sure you'll all finish these and feel so good. I find I have a hard time finishing once I've seen what the quilt will look like. It's the mystery that keeps me going.

  9. I will be a cheerleader for you. Well maybe not a real cheerleader. I can't see myself jumping up in the air and landing in a split. And I whole-heartedly agree that is so much fun to start a new project. Like an adrenaline rush

  10. I love all these projects. I had missed reading about your 2008 Olympics quilt. It looks beautiful1
    I am currently working on the Paper beads that i started last fall. Need to baste it and start quilting soon.
    And, then there is that applique :)
    Have a fun day!
    Sujata -

  11. Best of luck to all three of you in completely your UFO quilts in 2012.

  12. I love the Olympic quilt. I can't wait to see it completed. Great stuff happenin at your place.

  13. Great idea to challenge each other with UFO completion. All are off to a wonderful start... and the Olympic quilt is oh-so-close to nearing the finish line. Have fun.

  14. How fun that you guys are working together! All of your projects are beautiful. And your quilting - gorgeous! I'm working on a UFO too but it's not a 5 year UFO - more like a 15 year one LOL. I can finally see the light though and I'm shooting for the end of February. Good Luck - I'll look forward to your updates!!!

  15. These projects all look so good! Yay for getting them back out and on to finishing! I wish I had that kind of enthusiasm for my ufo's.....sadly, I don't! I just want to start new projects, but the new ones are really finishers (she says with crossed fingers!). :o)

  16. Gee your group UFO projects are really super. All so interesting. Love the quilting on yours.....nearly there!! What batting do you use?
    Still working on my version of Jane Pizar...slowly. It will be finished this year...it will!

  17. Your last question is a puzzle that I wish I knew the answer to. Good idea to make a small challenge to finish off a named UFO. Good luck.

  18. I did not think the Giants were going to pull it off! It will make for a good Superbowl.
    Love that you are working on UFOs. I tell myself most of the work is done just finish it!!! Your handquilting is beautiful!

  19. I love seeing what you three get up to, good luck with the ufo's, they're all worthy of finishing. My main focus is on oldies but goodies too.

  20. I'm a bit jealous you have a group to hold you accountable for your UFO's! They look like great projects and I hope you're able to finish them up by the deadline.

    I think we enjoy starting projects because we like the rush we get from new plans, new color!

  21. I always do better when I have to hold myself accountable. That's great that the three of you are working together. You all should make great progress.

  22. I feel as though I've got 3 for 1 in this post. It's great that you showed us your friends Ufos and they were explained in their words. All projects made me weak in the knees. Such beautiful work!! I liked seeing the machine basting, I've a friend who just starting a big triangle quilt, I'll pass the tip onto her.

  23. It's always rewarding--or simply a relief--to move UFOs to a "done" stack. You have some wonderful projects to work on. Good luck in making progress month after month.

    I just pulled a box of a shelf with 7-year old blocks from a couple exchanges. Time to finish or toss.

  24. love the idea of having a "finish something" challenge. i should pitch that one to my guild at our next meeting.
    you are so close to being done Barb~!!~ beautiful quilting~!
    i like the stars and will be interested in seeing where it goes . . . love the colors.
    the president quilt is interesting and i really liked seeing the quilting planned for it. another quilter who loves her history~!


  25. Fun to see all these projects and I look forward to seeing the finished quilts in April. Sounds like a neat exchange, too.
    Go Giants!

  26. Those star blocks are great! Can't wait to see that finished quilt!


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