Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Over the River and Through the Woods

to Jill's lovely Victorian home for a little Christmas party with my cupcake buddies.

Jill has such a talent for decorating and she allowed me to photograph them to share with you.

On a hutch in her eating area.

This is one of my favorite spots.  It is a cupboard in the eating area that she decorates for every holiday -

I love these glittered churches and trees.  Jill found the deer at Wal-mart.  Sometimes you have to imagine it out of the context of where you find it.

This is a lovely tree covered with silver and crystal (check out those samplers).

It is baubbly beauty and glows in her Grand Hall.


Here is the Living Room - Elegant in every way!

She has 4 of these gorgeous pillars in the Hall.  Beautiful!

 Here is a real tree in the eating area opposite the kitchen.

It covered with kitchen utensils, popcorn garland and sweet things.

She literally lives nestled in the woods.  What a view from the sink.

The other kitchen window -

Here is Carson, a labradoodle.  Coco sent him a rawhide braid.

I am sort of obsessed with this quilt!

I came home with lots and lots of loot!

Handmade items are my favorite!  Susan (and her husband) make a wooden gift each year.  Susan paints them, so talented!

Jill made this cute ornament needle book.

And here are my cupcake buddies, Jill and Susan.  Thanks for a fun day yesterday!

I hope you are all having a chance to visit with friends this time of year! 


  1. Thank Jill for letting us peek in her home - it's very nice. The cheddar, red and green quilt is very striking; perfect for this time of year.

    You have a fun "loot" group to share with. ;)


  2. I enjoyed your tour of Jill's house. I'd be obsessed with that quilt too. I've been wanting to make a feathered star quilt for such a long time but haven't worked up the courage to start. I love the colors she has used. The cheddar is wonderful. I also like that it is scrappy - a surprise when you look closer. How is it quilted? The Christmas mouse is adorable :0) And the kitchen tree is awesome.

  3. Jill's house is so pretty and even prettier at Christmas time!

  4. oh she puts so much thought and effort into her decorating, I just love seeing it every year. That quilt is just INCREDIBLE, I can see why your obsessed. Love the presents that wooden mouse is a treasure.

  5. What a beautiful house! Looks like you guys all had a great time. Thanks for the reminder at the end too -- I need to e-mail my quilt buddies LOL!

  6. Jill how nice to see you on Barb's blog and for the wonderful peep at your lovely festive home.
    Loving those wooden ornaments.
    Barb you are lucky to spend some christmas time with your cupcake buddies.
    Hope your VQ Challenge is done. Just putting binding on mine.
    Sue x

  7. Jill's house looks wonderful; she takes so much care and consideration into every detail, doesn't she? Loverly!

  8. What a beautiful home!! Thank Jill for letting you share it with us.
    Love each and everything - wonderful.
    Happy Holidays!!

  9. What a great post - your friend's house is beautiful. And I'm sure that quilt is even prettier in person!!

  10. Thank you for the tour of Jill's house. I hope she had some elves help her set up all the wonderful decorations. The baking theme Christmas tree is fabulous and I love the red pots with pine and candy canes on the window sill above the sink. Great to see you having fun times with friends!

  11. Merry Christmas. Enjoy your holiday.

  12. Thanks for the holiday house tour! Beautiful! I have a baking theme tree as well but not nearly as large...

    Merry Christmas!

  13. Gee, Barb. I would like to hire you right now for any future photo shoots...lol. You do an amazing job of cropping out all of the cobwebs and crap, a.k.a. family treasures...lol. So glad we could get together during this busy season and enjoy each other's company. Love, Jill

  14. Is that Jill R.? I've met her via email. What a sweetheart--and what a home. That is a gorgeous feathered star quilt. What a fun outing!

  15. Oh my gosh there is so much that is awesome here. I especially love the red living room, very brave and so pretty. That feathered star quilt is something I have always wanted to make but have chickened out.
    What a fun way to spend the day!

  16. A lovely setting for a special day with friends - love the glittery gold tree! And what a super Feathered Star - stunning!

    Thank you for sharing your day with us.

  17. Beautiful home--lovely decorations--and that quilt! A feathered star is on my "make it someday" list, and I can't think of a more impressive color combo than this one.
    I'm sure you and your cupcake buddies had a wonderful time in this festive home.

  18. Lovely! Were you wearing red, too?

  19. Wow...like a folk art museum...and I could get obsessed with that quilt too...beautiful..thank your friend for letting you share..nice

  20. Great photos of Jill's House. Wish we could be with Jill and her family for the holiday. Somehow the time and distance between us prevents us for being there. Letting us share this blog alows us to be there. Happy Holiday to all her family. Love Mary Jane and Jack.

  21. What a lovely day! Jill's home is amazing.....thanks for sharing.

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