Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fun For Friday - Be Mine!

Happy Friday!

I finally got the Dickens' Village put away and it was time to take out my Valentine's Day decorations.

It is a special day for us because we were married on a snowy, blustery night in Chicago on February 14, 1987.

We've been Valentines for 26 years~

Here are little shadow box valentines I made several years ago in empty chocolate boxes (they are displayed on the mantel on little picture easels).

I lined empty little chocolate boxes with black and white toile' and then bedazzled them with buttons, bow, cards, flowers, trinkets, etc.  I was working with the "king and queen of hearts theme...

here are some close ups.  Lots of references to 2-14

They are in this sized box -

Last year we were on a Carribean cruise at this we are bracing once again for a snow event!  Nemo is headed our way and colliding with a mid-west event.  Bring it on.  I'm ready.

good nemo -

bad nemo -

let it sew, let it sew, let it sew!

Have a great weekend - I'm posting early in case of power outage.


  1. Happy Anniversary! What a darling picture of your two and your embellished heart boxes are to die for. Stay warm and sew, sew, sew.

  2. Stay warm and safe!! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Thinking about you, hope it's not as bad as they think. You two are too cute :)!

  4. Those keepsake boxes are so pretty! And have a very Happy Anniversary!

  5. Your sweetheart boxes are so cute! Happy Anniversary. Stay warm!

  6. Batten down the hatches! Enjoy your forced sewing time -- hopefully you won't lose power again. Love that sweet wedding picture!

  7. So creative! Love your mantel display! Have fun in the snow and I hope you keep your power.

  8. Happy Anniversary! I was married in 1987 too. I love your wedding dress and do hope they come back soon instead of seeing one more strapless wedding dress.

    Be safe, this storm is not going to be pretty up here in NY

    Happy Sewing

  9. Happy anniversary! You both look adorable in your wedding picture! Shadow boxes - what a novel idea - very festive! Hope the snow is not too awful and you have a fun weekend of sewing.

  10. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful couple! Your chocolate boxes are very fun! My daughter and I were thinking you would have trouble playing scrabble now though :0) I hope the storm isn't too crazy.

  11. Your mantel is beautiful! The heart boxes are so cool, that would be a fun project.

  12. Those little Valentine boxes are very clever!
    What a fun Anniversary day. Batten down the hatches for bad Nemo's visit! : )

  13. Oh,you so love holidays!! Be safe and warm with your sewing machine and your honey:)

  14. Congratulations! such a beautiful wedding photo - you looked wonderful in that lovely dress.

  15. Thank you for showing us your wonderful wedding photo!It's so perfect that you and Richard were married on Valentines Day. I love your shadow boxes, Such a wonderful, romantic idea and so beautifully created! Tell bad Nemo to go away! You've had enough storms recently. I hope your power doesn't go out.

  16. Congratulations Barb, love your wedding dresses heart shaped bodice. Definitely a heart theme going on in your home- nice.

    Keep warm and safe.

  17. Happy Anniversary to you and your DH Barb!

    Stay warm and safe!

  18. Happy Anniversary to the love birds! Your hearts are so cute, what a great thing to bring out every year.You are so creative.
    We are in the 4 -7 inch range, hope you keep your power!

  19. Absolutely darling shadow boxes--great idea for empty heart boxes--and I love that picture of you two...many more happy years to you both...Julierose

  20. I LOVE this post! You are so creative and funny...and what a beautiful wedding picture. How romantic to be married on Valentine's Day. AND how wonderful to STILL be married many years later. We celebrate the big 20 this October (we found each other late...). Where do the years go?!?

    We were so excited about our "big" snow in southeast lower Michigan...until we saw what YOU are going to get. My daughter did get a snow day, though.

    I LOVE your shadow box really ought to write a book and share your quilts and awesome decorating/style ideas more broadly. You rock!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  21. Happy Anniversary! The heart boxes are so cute!.
    Hope that storm isn't too bad.

  22. Happy Anniversary. Good Luck with the power.
    LOVE the heart boxes - wonderful collections inside.

  23. Happy anniversary! Oh what perfect heart boxes for the king and Queen!
    Stay in and just keep sewing.. just keep sewing.. just keep sewing!

  24. A most happy anniversary to you and your valentine! You both look very handsome with those fabbo '80's hairstyles!
    My best wishes on the happy event and also for the less happy "bad Nemo event" forecast...Could there perhaps be a "Nemo-zilla" quilt as a result? Hmmm.
    We have a 35C day here in Sydney today...wish you were here!

  25. You are so creative and crafty!!
    Stay safe...stay warm...

  26. Happy Anniversary. Heres to Happy Marriages. I hope you get to enjoy some sewing time. I hope none of us loose power. We had a short power outage today, pre snow, it poured rain here all day. Glad it was 40 during the day.

    Stay safe!!

  27. His and Hers shadow boxes --great idea! and of course yours are unique, creative, and an eclectic mix of whimsy and romance. Happy anniversary to you and DH.
    Even with the monster storm bearing down on you, I see your sense of humor is intact re: Nemo. Stay Safe.

  28. Yes! It is very romantic!! Congratulations on your anniversary. I love the mantel all decorated for the special day.

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