Monday, April 22, 2013

Flying Fiesta!!

Just popping in to catch up.   I've been working a little on my Jubilee Quilt, but you know how slow that hand quilting can go.

Last week I machine quilted my flying geese quilt 50" x 70".
I'm naming it Flying Fiesta!


There are 2 significant "keys" to this scrap quilt as far as organization.  Can you figure them out?

The backing is pieced with a few odd bits.  It almost looks like a flag.

I quilted it with variegated thread in a 2 1/2" grid, using the block design elements. so no marking.

Here are my sample quilting blocks and thread.

I'm giving this quilt as a special gift, so I'm happy to have a rag ball souvenier.

Mr. Fun and I went to a family memorial in Iowa City over the weekend.  It involved flying to Chicago and driving 3 1/2 hours.  My hexagon  take along doll quilt project is MIA at the moment, so I grabbed this:

It is a reproduction (photo of original on the left) counted cross stitch sampler.  I have been at it for about 20 years.  Seriously, 20 years.  Shameful. 
I keep thinking "if an 8 year old can do, I can do it."!!

I started this so long ago, that I could actually see it to work on it.  (see tip of the day below for a follow up).  so I perch my glasses on the end of my nose, but then have to tilt my head way back to see the TV.  ha ha, this getting older thing is hilarious!

So I've marked where I am with the scissors.  Oh dear.  I may be amending the pattern to finish in my lifetime.  I do love the house and it will definitely make it.

Tip of the Day!
Get a professional to replace the stripped screw in your glasses.  Now mine are basted and I keep seeing the pin out of the corner of my eye, lol.

We have found a beautiful new home in CT and plan to move mid-June.  Thanks for your continued support and encouragement!


  1. Great quilt Barb! (I've used a small paper clip to 'repair' my glasses ;-)

  2. I love the flying fiesta quilt too!

  3. I just laughed through this post--delightful, Barb!
    Okay, I tried to figure out the design elements. You used two strips of geese to form squares and the design elements I pick out are that the two strips in each square have a background color in the same family and the geese within each square are flying opposite directions.
    I have a hexie project started 15 years ago--I could see it when I started, too.
    Just lost the screw on a pair of glasses and I tried to just perch them on my nose without a side. That didn't last long.
    I hope your move goes well!

  4. I agree with Janet -- 8 geese are a unit--four with one background color and four with a different shade of same color; each group of 4 is flying the opposite direction from the other. Big and bold and wonderful quilt!
    I love examples of how we make do with whatever works. Love that safety pin!
    Positive thoughts sent your way re: the upcoming move. As well organized as you always appear in your posts, I know you'll be ready to go when the time comes.

  5. Congratulations on the new house...we sold ours today, closed and done!

    The flying geese quilt is so much fun, what is the secret layout?

    Aging is funny, I just hope I can keep my good health and sense of humor about it is easier if ya stay away from mirrors...I feel real young until I look in the mirror!

    Happy Sewing

  6. Had a laugh at your basted glasses - only a quilter would understand of course - imagine the optometrist wouldn't!? Might be time for multi-focals? - they are great for the TV watching combined with close work. I actually took some sewing along when I got mine fitted - just to be sure they had the close up focus right ;)
    Perfect name for that gorgeous Flying Fiesta but, call me thick, not sure of the "keys"....
    All the best

  7. Love your posts, Barb - you always make me feel better about myself - I can so relate them! Love your quilt, and so happy you found your dream house. Can't wait to see pics.

  8. Not sure these are what you'd call "keys" to organization but there seem to be a lot of circles on your quilt! Thought it mightbe florals too but not sure of some of the fabrics.

  9. Your Flying Fiesta quilt is absolutely gorgeous I'm sure the lucky recipient will love it. Love the colours in your sampler they look very fresh and happy. 20 years ago I was a keen cross stitcher with a few patterns still on my to do list. Don't know if they'll ever get done, the threads are a lot harder to count these days.

    Congratulations on finding your new home and good luck with the move. Hope you've got plenty of sewing space.x

  10. Is that a long dog in one set of flying geese? Eye-catching.

  11. I can't see any keys at all! I see I'm not the only one baffled. The quilting looks great. You are so fast!!
    I am so glad you have found a beautiful new home!! I hope the rest of your move goes well!
    What a lovely cross stitch. I did some of that way back before I took up quilting. Having a project along is a necessity I know :0)

  12. Oh, I do love that quilt! So much zest and energy!
    For the cross stitch, check out one of those big, lighted magnifiers. Makes a huge difference. You can actually go a lot faster if you can see what you're looking at! lol
    Best of luck on your move!

  13. I do absolutely love the BRIGHT FG quilt! But too lazy to try to figure out the key. Maybe Janet got it? The sampler is really something! I saw an ancient sampler at the Pilgrim Museum in Plymouth, MA in Sept. and bought a postcard of it - it looks similar to the one you are doing. Good luck and keep working on it!

  14. I love your quilt, so fun and very fiestaish! You must let me know how the recipient likes it (;
    I did some samplers way back and they are very relaxing. I will do a post on some of mine.
    Congratulations on the new house, you will be packing pretty soon?

  15. What a perfect name for this quilt! I'm glad some others put forth ideas on the keys- I was stumped, but their reasoning sounds good.

  16. Ooooh, now that my yoyos are done, I've been wondering what hand work to start on while watching tv (I can't seem to do EPP when there's anything intense on the tube.) Maybe I should get out my old in progress samplers too. I've been worried that I wouldn't be able to see. In my case, I'm so nearsighted that I have to remove glasses and hold things up to my nose.

    Your sampler looks really fun -- I love the house too. Speaking of which -- can't wait to move with you LOL!

    (Oh, and I can't figure out the two keys -- upcoming post?)

  17. I saw Susan and Jill's swap blocks so it is nice to see your quilt done!! What a fun quilt and name.
    What a hoot on the glasses! Good luck finishing that cross stitch!!

  18. Apt name! It looks great.

    The glasses - hahahahaha! This is one I've not done to keep a pair of readers going for just awhile longer; have to keep it in mind. Beats tape!

    I'm so glad you've found a new house to love. It's so much easier to think about leaving when you have somewhere to land (without the dreaded "temporary apartment" step). May you find much joy and happiness in your new home!

  19. The Flying Geese quilt is beautiful! Love it.
    I still cross stitch too, but much less than I used to. I do wear bifocals. I had to 'baste' a pair of my glasses once too. I am afraid I caused more damage by falling asleep watching TV with them on. They do not look pretty when you wake up.
    Glad to hear that you found a new house. Congrats! When do you move?

  20. I'm really loving your Flying Fiesta! I want to make one too! Good for you, picking up that project. Let's see, if you started it at age 8, plus 20...I knew you were young at heart. Congratulations on your new home. Best wishes with your move.

  21. So ok, I practice my quilting stitch on a small sample before the "real mccoy" too - but I don't have actual practice blocks to do it on...what do you do with those???
    Good luck on the move - you seem to be in great spirits, I hope that positive energy follows you to CT and fills your new home with love and joy. :) and of course quilts!

  22. Love the geese quilt. Though it's for someone else you named it well. It is almost Cinco de Mayo :0).

    Gee 20 years isn't that bad LOL.


  23. I feel like you could be me. I bought a pair of $1 glasses that actually magnify things for me. Hope it doesn't ruin my eyesight!
    Solids for backgrounds of geese, circle motifs for geese?

  24. Yay! Flying Fiesta is brilliant!! I think the keys are using solids for backgrounds and sewing same or similar backgrounds in the same block? I love your stitched sampler, I hope you get it finished one day. I made one when I was about 10, I'm not sure where it is now. How exciting that you have a new home to move to, I hope all the packing and organising is going well.

  25. Love the basted glasses!! I've not seen that technique before! Congrats on finding a new home.

  26. The basted glasses are cute! We all do what we need to in a pinch right! Love flying fiesta perfect name. Congrats on your upcoming move!

  27. Wonderful quilt...again..!!! And of course wonderful that you found a house...with an awesome sewing room I hope.

  28. I thought I was the only one with an old sampler in the closet. I started mine the year my husband and I got married--yes, it's a wedding sampler--and we'll be married 24 years this August.
    Luckily the lady who sold me the pattern a quarter of a century ago also sold me a magnetic board to keep track. And my optometrist also sold me beefed up glasses last trip around.

    Speaking of eyeballs, I've been eyeing that flying geese quilt--it is really fun to look at (I had the same ideas as one of your earlier commenters). Bravo to you for a finish. And congrats on the new house. I'm kind of jealous--my garage could use some cleaning out and a move will do that. . .

    Elizabeth E.

  29. I think all the keys have been covered. This is a stunning quilt. Love the movement!
    Maybe it's time to get progressive lenses? I have some and they help though I still prefer reading glasses you can buy anywhere for hand work. Happy stitching with the sampler. We have so many more distractions than that 8 year old had. I'm sure you'd finish it in no time if you didn't have a car or a tv!
    Glad you found a house... to live in, that is. Very exciting. I don't know how you are keeping up with stitching projects through all this moving activity. All the best to you during the move.

  30. Oh gosh, I nearly spit my cereal out reading this post! I've given up watching TV and handwork at the same time, I just listen so I can take my glasses off completely!
    Your Geese quilt turned out fabulous!

  31. Oh so fun!I have 'fixed' my father-in-law's glasses back in the days with who knows what! I love the basted look. You may have just started a trend in quilting world my friend!
    Your flying geese.. Gorgeous! They are so tempting me right now. No..I am going to stay focused. Love the colors flying all over in there.
    Bravo on digging up an old project. I found some while cleaning my sewing space and honestly, I want to throw away every unfinished project.
    Fun getting used to older.. right?

  32. Your flying geese quilt is so beautyful.

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  35. I get such a kick out of your posts.

    Even if it's been 20 years with the cross stitch least you have not given up, haven't lost your spot or gotten off track. That's great!

    The glasses crack me up! :)


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  38. congrats on finding your new home.
    love that quilt.
    I haven't done cross stitch in a long long time.

  39. the quilt is wonderful and well named. I agree with previous posters in regards to the keys; using solids for the background areas and keeping them within the same color family for each block.

    hang in there with the sampler, it's going to be a great piece when finished.


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