Thursday, September 26, 2013

FFF - Retreat & Book Reveiw

Happy Friday!

We had a great time at the retreat at Rose Mountain House.  Click Here to see the website.  Thank you Pat for your hospitality and delicious cooking!

Here is a new quilt that I worked on.  It is a 4-patch posie, like my India quilt.  Thank you friends for helping me with the placement of the blocks!

Here is the beautiful view from the Rosa house:

Here are some photos of my friends on this retreat -

sew, barb, sew! You can see Nancy's 4-patch posie on the wall.

And some of our projects:  Nancy's 2 doll quilts, and her special quilt for Emily.  My Lavender quilt.

I actually made a "key" for the color placement - thanks Pauline for your help.

Margaret's 4-patch posie Halloween quilt-

Pauline's -

Norma's 4-patch posie -

It was so fun to get away to such a beautiful place and spend time sewing with friends.

Book Review:
Here are 2 books that I like that couldn't be more different.

English family saga, WWII era with a little mystery.  Think Thomas Hardy meets Dickens.

And here is one I just started.  It is a fast forward in time from the Shining.  Vintage Stephen King; funny, creepy and very graphic.

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I love, love, love your new quilt!!! It looks like a beautiful abstract painting. Thanks for the book recommendations too.

  2. Oh four patch posies are just this a book? What is the trick?

    I see your little baskets double as cute! Looks like a fun time was had by all.

    Happy Sewing

  3. What a talented group! Love your projects and they look so fun to work on.
    Love Stephen King and his ability to bring a book to life!!

  4. your new quilt is just so fun, must have been fun watching each block as you made it.
    oh love seeing the same quilt in different fabrics, Nancy's looks like a wildflower garden, love that look.
    nice you were able to get away and have some fun with your friends.

  5. What an energetic quilt. LOVE it! Good times with friends... there was some serous sewing going on there! That location is beautiful!

  6. What a cool quilt, love all that green. I just got back from a retreat too, lots of sewing, talking, eating and a wee bit of wine. Looks like you had an equally good time!

  7. The four patch posie quilts are making me kinda drool.... I have the pattern and have wanted to make one, but never really remember tthat when looking at fabric. I think I have to do one now. Soon. Love the lavendar too. Looks like a beautiful location. Love your little buckets on your kind of crowd. ;)

  8. I love those 4-patch posie quilts! Awesome!

  9. I've made four patch blocks like that for a border, but not a whole quilt. They kind of boggle the mind.
    That setting Norma used is really classy looking.
    Beautiful lavender fabrics. Look at you, being all organized and stuff! A color key--good job. : )
    This appears to be a lovely place for a retreat.

  10. Wow -- I've never heard of this four patch posie -- it's fun to see it in all the different fabric selections. As to your book selections...I'm a little worried that you're reading that second one LOL!

  11. looks like a great get-a-way, Barb. Quite productive, too! XOX

  12. what cool blocks. so glad you had a great time. enjoyed seeing the other projects.

  13. It looks like you had lots of fun at your retreat! What a gorgeous view! I love the fresh greens of your new quilt - it will be the perfect thing to pull out on grey wintery days.

  14. Thanks for giving us a visual remembrance of our wonderful weekend! You're spreading the news about four patch posies!

  15. Wow! I love the fabric you're using for your 4patch quilt. If you haven't cut it all up would you show us an uncut piece. Those 4 patch greats are so clever and effective, it's great seeing them in different fabrics. you're so funny with baskets on your head!! That view is breathtaking!! Thanks for the book recomendations , I think the Stephen King one would too scary for me, I'm a wuss, but the first one sounds great!

  16. the four patch posie is new to me but it's interesting to see the various versions.
    that looks like a pretty fabulous location for a retreat and everyone was looking pretty happy to be there.
    will have to check out the new Stephen King book.


  17. Oh, yes!!! This is the best quilt ever..

  18. Looks like you had a ball. And your quilt is wonderful !


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