Friday, March 28, 2014

FFF - Get Lucky and Feel Great!

Fun For Friday -

Blue Jeans are not just for cowboys and farmers anymore.  I bet I wear them 5-6 days a week.  You can wear them anywhere now; nice restaurants, the theater, even church.

This is an unsolicited endorsement of Lucky Brand Jeans.  I was lucky enough to get 2 new pairs this week.  They are well made and fit great.

 Now women will say "$100 is too much to spend on jeans!"  or "I buy mine at Walmart and they're fine".    Okay.  They are expensive, but I've had a pair last nearly 10 years.  So that is $10.00 a year.  If worn twice a week, that's only 9 cents per wearing.  A solid investment in my book.

Here is my Jean Theory:
You should spend twice your age, and hope to look half as good as you used to.

Lucky has many different styles, shapes and lengths.  They also have stretch now (thank goodness).  They offer free shipping, even on returns.  The first 2 pair I ordered didn't fit - no problem - free shipping both ways.

I like to try things on at home, especially something as important as jeans.  I will, after all, be entering into a long term relationship with them.

Speaking of denim...Rachael made this fabulous quilt with old jeans.  Isn't it terrific?  Her blog, Blue Mountain Daisy, is always a great source of fun and inspiration.

By the way, being a thrifty shopper, I have found Lucky Jeans at TJMaxx and Marshalls....

Splurge on your jeans - you're worth it!


  1. Great tips! I wear jeans 90% of the time, I will check them out.
    I love Rachel's quilt, the bright colors with the denim is awesome!

  2. I got such a surprise to see my quilt there :) Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments about my quilt and blog, shucks. I love your Jeans Theory! I do agree that good quality jeans last well, and good quality denim is better for making quilts with too :)

  3. The denim pocket quilt is so very creative. Makes me want to go thrift store shopping for some old jeans.

  4. I LOVE your jeans theory! What a hoot! But you must be one of 'those' women (rolling my eyes! lol) that have stayed the same size for the last 10 years! Arggghhhh! lol My closet is filled with about 6 different sizes.....never knowing how big my butt might be in a month! :o(

    And Rachael's Pocket Full of Posies Quilt is one of my favorites of hers! So whimsical and charming! Love it!

  5. Great theory about jeans. I've never tried Lucky jeans, but I know someone at my house has. I remember seeing them in the laundry.
    That is such a fun use of the jeans pockets. What a happy sight!

  6. What a great denim quilt. I've never made one in spite of all the worn out jeans that are created at my house. The Lucky jeans sound and look great - you've got to be comfortable at your sewing machine!!

  7. Comfort is key! Rachael's quilt is so whimsical and comfy feeling too.

  8. I absolutely agree and that quilt is gorgeous..

  9. Lucky Jeans, now I know :0) they were in many windows in NYC.
    I have gotten years and years of wear from my "Not your daughter jeans" ( NYDJ) too, they have nice
    stretch and a little tummy support....nice for us over 60 ladies. I'll keep my eye out for some Lucky jean
    on your recommendation though.

    the jeans quilt is the cutest denim quilt I have ever seen :0)

    Happy Sewing

  10. Well, thank you for removing the rock from my view -- I've never heard of Lucky Jeans! I wear jeans all the time -- you're right -- you can wear them anywhere and luckily we can even wear them to work. I probably only wear something else to big events (weddings, funerals) or the occasional "I'm tired of jeans so I'll try this other pair of pants I have" -- which is happening more and more infrequently the older I get. Sometimes I have a little pang of regret for all my jean wearing -- I rarely see my sister in jeans and she always looks so nice -- it makes me feel like the slob I am LOL!

  11. I totally agree about the jeans. I was lucky to find a pair of Lucky jeans at Goodwill years ago. They hide my lumps and I'm still wearing them. Almost makes me feel like a hip 20-something again. I do love Rachael's quilt too!

  12. I thought Lucky jeans were for really skinny people (which you may be!). I shall have to try them out. I totally agree with you about making sure our jeans look nice and feel nice when we do wear them so much anymore. Rachaels quilt is so fun and playful--one of my favorites.

  13. I love the quilt with the jeans. So cute and colorful and creative.
    About the other jeans, I will look for Lucky jeans. I wear jeans all the time. My problem is that my size changes on a regular basis. (usually in an upward direction)

  14. Great theory about jeans expenditure; I'm going to check out Lucky brand. I always used to just go to the Gap, but when I started gaining weight, it was Levi's (on sale). That was a couple of years ago! Maybe the pounds are here to stay, so you make a valid point about spending more and having them be more flattering.

  15. Your jean quilt is so cool! Plus I love what you said about the jeans.hey us quilters are worth every penny so go buy those jeans! If we look good we feel good. I am going to have to check out that LUCKY brand.they should send you a free pair for all the free advertising you did for them!

  16. I'm a 7-days-a-week jeans gal, except for formal or somber occasions, so I'll be checking out these Lucky jeans. And coincidentally, we're getting a brand new Marshall's in our city later this summer. Hopefully we'll see the jeans there.
    Rachael's little jeans quilt is absolutely adorable. Thanks for sending me her way. Her quilts are vibrant and funky and full of life.

  17. I used to wear jeans more than I do now. I think there are regional variances, maybe I need to re-visit my wardrobe. Actually, there is no maybe about it - I need to go shop!! Thank you for the inspiration.

  18. We were in San Francisco today, and the Lucky store was having a 30% off sale - a new pair of jeans and a snazzy belt left the store with me! They look and feel great! Thanks for the tip, Barb.


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