Monday, October 27, 2014

Playing House with Alice Payne

On Thursday I had carpeting installed in 3 bedrooms.  While they were throwing old carpeting and padding out the window, and booming there way through the installation, I kept busy with my new applique' project.

I've decided to make 9 blocks from my antique quilt.  This quilt was made by Alice Payne and dated 1858.   See the original post here.

So here is the original quilt:

My Illinois quilt group replicated this quilt and Jan sent me a set of tracings from their project.  I'll try to get a photo of the finished quilt they made.  

Here are the first 3 blocks~

I took quite a few liberties with this block~

I also recut the shapes for this block

It is so fun to have a new applique' project!

Here is my sewing room in its current state.  The mint green carpeting is gone, but now can't see the carpeting!  I know what I'll be doing tomorrow.

A Cat's Tail (tale) - for Hanna who misses the cats while away at school.

The other day in the kitchen I noticed that Starbuck was down stairs - what?  Since we got coco, 4 1/2 years ago, the cats usually stay upstairs.

Next thing I know, Luna comes to the kitchen.  It's a beautiful day, so I open the door to the deck.  They used to like to go out on the balcony outside my old sewing room.  Before coco, they used to like to hang out in our yard.

So here they sit, contemplating their past life outside.

"What's out there?"  "I dunno"  "Should we see?"

Starbuck, being the man decides to take the lead.

"I'm the leader, I say when we go.......let's go" (favorite movie line from Aristocats).

"Let's go by the grill"

"yea, the grill...."

After several minutes of checking things out.  Here they come, back to the comforts of home.

Wait for me!

Remember when we were actually outside.....yea, we'll have to try that again some time.

I hope you have a great week and a better cleaner sewing room than mine!


Karen said...

This is a very interesting applique project you have started. I have admired this quilt since I first saw it.

Every Stitch said...

Beautiful quilt - and your blocks look wonderful with your modifications and fabric choices! So funny to see the cats revisiting the outside world :)

Janet O. said...

Those are beautiful blocks! I really like the liberties you took.
Looks like a storm blew through the sewing room. That happens sometimes. *LOL*
I really got a kick out of the cat adventure! : )

Janet said...

What an exciting new project!! I love your antique quilt - what great inspiration. Your prepped blocks look wonderful and I like that you are changing them a bit to make them your own. You used your installing time very well :0) I hope your sewing room goes back together easily so you can get back to stitching.

Lori said...

Well, it should be fun to put the sewing room back together. The carpet looks great!
Wow! I love the applique quilt. It's going to be another fantastic unique quilt!

audrey said...

Love your new applique blocks! The fabrics choices are fantastic and wonderfully bold.:)

Sue said...

Oh I do t envy your job today.
Those cats are cute and obviously know a good thing when they come right back home.

Rachaeldaisy said...

LOL!! I love your cat story!! Does Coco try to be friends with the cats or does she just ignore them? It would be tempting to close the door on your sewing room and go and sew your wonderful applique blocks instead. At least now you have new carpet that will be the last disruption and you'll be able to set up your sewing room without it being jumbled up again.

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Love your blocks! Your kitties are so funny, and I thought my schnauzer was the only one that thinks out loud. LOL

Pinkadot Quilts said...

A messy sewing room is the sign of a busy quilter! You already know I love the blocks, I am seriously coveting them....Your cats are too funny, love the name Starbucks too!

Chantal said...

Sorry to admit it but yes, my sewing room looks better than yours right now. On the other hand, I don't have new carpet in mine :{ Love your new applique blocks. I prefer the birds to the hearts too. Enjoy!

Jan said...

This will be fun to watch! When I made the exuberant bird block (must get back to that basket top!), I shrunk it down a bit. Are your blocks the same size as the originals?
I smiled when I noticed your signature sparrow ~ nice touch.

Diane said...

Your cat narrative is perfect! I love the words and photos and I am certain that is what they would be saying to one another. I had a good giggle and will have to share this post with my daughter for sure. Oh, and the quilt happens to be awesome too! :)

Quilter Kathy said...

Good luck with the room clean up :(
Love the applique project and the way you are personalizing the blocks!

Thimbleanna said...

What a great cats' tale! They're so cute -- dogs really change them though, don't they?

Your blocks look wonderful -- I do love applique and feel naked without an applique project to work on.

I'm sure you're in your sewing room with head down today -- looks like you have your work cut out for you -- Have Fun!!

CecileD said...

Cheddar, red and green are traditionnal colors and your blocks are perfect !
For the mess in your sewing room, it's the proof of your hard work in it ! LOL !
And the cats cats ! So funny ! :)

Dixie Howard said...

Love your new appliqué project, and your fabric choices are great! Your kitty story was hilarious, and is spot on with they way kitties venture out! Have fun with putting your quilt room back together. It seems like a chore, but can be a lot of fun too admiring the stash fabrics, and thumbing through quilt books and dreaming about future projects!

Carrie P. said...

Oh, that is a great quilt you are working on.
That is one pile of scraps on the floor.
So funny about your cats.

Mayleen said...

Cute kitty story! My sewing room is definitely worse than yours. I'll be watching to see how you arrange yours. Have fun!

OT Quilter said...

What fun, to make blocks inspired by that wonderful quilt! Your blocks are terrific! And a cat story, to boot. The perfect post!

Dawn said...

I love your appliqué project, such a fantastic quilt.
Congrats on the new carpet, ours arrives next week and I have big things left to move.
Love the cats :-)

Beth said...

Love your applique blocks. It will be another lovely quilt.
Love the cat story. LOL. The pictures of them looking out the sliders wondering if they should actually go out, too cute.
My sister had a cat that would cry at the back door, she would let her out and the cat would walk directly to the other door and cry to get in. What? Why?

Kyle said...

New project and new carpet. Sounds like a good week. Loved the Cat Tales. Those kitties make us all smile. Have fun arrange all your quilting and sewing treasures.

Roxanne said...

Your "tale of two cats" made me smile. So did the story in Beth's comment. We have a standard poodle, Pal, who is such a gentleman--the stories! Anyway, back to quilts! Love your new applique project, that green fabric is perfect.

Maureen said...

You sound very excited about this new project! Love the changes you are making and look forward to seeing this quilt progress. Enjoyed the cat's tale!

OPQuilt said...

Your cat story made me chuckle! I'm glad you have inside cats--I've lost too many birds to outside cats (remember that I live in a year-round climate, so I think that's why the neighborhood cats are always roaming in our yard).

Your new project sounds great--always fun to have something in the sewing basket!


Nifty Quilts said...

Congratulations on your new carpets AND your appliqué project start. Very pretty blocks. Very cute cat story.

Karen said...

Not sure which I liked better, the beautiful blocks or the story of adventure. I still miss my feline "boys".