Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Under The Sea - Modern Bow Ties

Thank you all so much for the comments and positive feedback on my last post.

Can you imagine how much housework I have avoided to have another quilt top finished?  Angel Tree?  Dickens Village?  Still Up!  It's been too cold to open our attic space.  That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

Introducing Under The Sea - My Modern Bow Tie Swap Top
Here was my first attempt.  You can see how I moved and played with the value and color placement.  I moved all light values center stage.
Thank goodness Mr. Starbuck was on hand to keep watch of my map and progress.
This quilt was a real challenge to keep straight!  it is positioned wrong at this point.
The strip stick was the perfect tool for this pressing job!  Click here for details.   Tell them FunWithBarb sent you.
coco as per usual.......not engaged.
Some pals and I went to the Michener Museum in Doylestown, PA to see this exhibit.
I'll admit that I liked the antique quilts best and have chosen to share them.  
I'm thinking of making some of these blocks.  I just loved the mourning lavenders with the red and shirtings.  Nancy?  Let's do it!
This velvet and silk quilt was made by the staff of a wealthy family in their "spare time" because you know they had so much of that.  lol.
This was my favorite to study.  So many details to discover.
I did not know that this was thing.  Small "x" or almost feather stitching to secure applique'.
Look at this economy piecing.  Notice how the heart fabric on the right has eroded away (green?) except for the center stripe.
Lovely folk art medallion quilt.   Those little pots of flowers - so sweet!
The museum had a great interactive quilt design area.   Yay for hands on exhibits.
I usually gush about old Abe, but I also have quite a nice collection of early 1900s George Washington postcards.   Funny all the references to the Cherry Tree, which is TOTALLY made up.
Here was my Instagram post for Presidents Day.
Thank you Brownstone Quilters of NJ for hosting my Folk Art Workshop on a frigid Saturday.  We had a wonderful day of inspiration and information sharing.

Finally, Happy Valentine Anniversary to my dear husband, Rich.    We turned 29 years on Sunday.  The was the very last photo taken at our Yacht Club wedding.
Have a great week.


  1. What an amazing exhibit - I love each and every one of those quilts and think I could study them all day! I always love seeing all of the different fabrics and pick out those that have been reproduced so well. Fun! Love your quilts too - Abe and I share a birthday, so I'm partial to him!

  2. First of all, Happy Anniversary! I love your bowties - oh that fish fabric!! And, I am so envious that you got to see one of my all time favorite quilts (the medallion) in person. I have always wanted to see that one. I think I have it pictured in two of my British quilt books. I love the mourning lavenders and reds too. Another great quilt. Thanks for the post.

  3. Love the bow ties! What a fun,cheerful quilt. Over the weekend I enjoyed Sue Reich's " president and patriotic" quilt lecture.
    She has a new book about the quilts too. If you have a chance to attend do so. I think you would enjoy it.

    1. Thanks Suzanne - I'll have to catch it. I've seen her wwII quilts and her that talk.

  4. Happy Anniversary! LOVE that modern bow tie arrangement though my first love is always older quilts so thank you very much for the eye candy!

  5. I love your bow tie quilt. Great fish fabric. I've seen photos of that string quilt before or something similar. I love looking at antique quilts. Happy Anniversary!

  6. First of all congratulations on 29 years!!!! I agree I like the antique quilts better than the new ones. There was so much to find in them.
    Your bowties look fabulous!!!

  7. I don't even know where to begin, so much inspiration! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous quilts from the exhibit.My Bailey is just like Coco, totally uninterested until it's time to curl up on a quilt and take a nap! Glad your assistant was there for you, what a cutie. And happy anniversary to you!!

  8. What a lovely couple--and still having fun after all these years!
    The bowtie quilt really sings--or maybe with that border fabric I should say it gurgles. : )
    However, it does look like it was a challenge to get everything straight. Looks like you had excellent supervision.
    Thank you for the personal tour of the vintage quilts! LOVE them!! Wow, did they have to kick you out to lock up at closing time?
    I went to a Norman Rockwell exhibit over the weekend and I was so thrilled to see the originals of so many of his works, but one of my favorites was his portrayal of Lincoln as a trial lawyer. Made me giddy to see it in person! Love your Presidents display.

  9. There's always so much to digest in one of your posts - I love it! Under the Sea is wonderful; the play of colors in the bow ties and border is perfect! Thanks for all the antique eye candy and inspiration. Your wedding pic is adorable - congrats to you & Mr Fun!

  10. How incredible is your "under the sea" ! You are the only one to look for this kind of fabric ...I love it Barb !
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful quilts.... the small X is, maybe, a four leaves clover ?
    Congratulations for your wedding anniversary...the photo is super cute ! Time goes too much fast no ?
    Hugs !

  11. Great design with your modern bow ties! That border fabric is perfect. Thanks for showing the antique quilts. I will get to see them in San Jose in March. Congratulations on your anniversary. That photo is so sweet.

  12. The fish! Nothing you would find in my stash but it so makes the quilt.

  13. What a vibrant bow tie quilt! So wonderful of you to share the antique quilt photos - amazing!! And so inspiring! I had to really look to see the eroded heart fabric - so interesting. Congratulations on 29 years!!

  14. Love your Bowtie quilt! That border fabric is perfect! Also, I always love seeing the antique quilts. Happy Anniversary!

  15. What an amazing quilt collection! There is just so much to look at, even in the photographs! It must have been very special standing there examining them in all their glorious detail! Thanks for sharing, and happy anniversary!

  16. I can imagine mermaids sleeping under your Under the Sea quilt. How funny is Mr Starbucks expression! Thank you for sharing those amazing quilts with us, and pointing out special details. It's fun seeing the quilts through your eyes. What a great collection of postcards! Happy 29th Anniversary!! It makes sense that you and Rich were married on Valentines Day.

  17. Great exhibit pix--thanks for sharing. I find that to keep my rows straight i take a photo with my phone camera; it's working great --so far no mix ups!! Beautiful photo--so evocative of your 29 yr-ago lovely hugs, and congrats Julierose

  18. Such a sweet wedding photo! And how romantic to get married on Valentine's day! It was also my grandmother's birthday. Love the bow tie layouts.

  19. "Under the Sea" is like a school of tropical fish having fun. Maybe Mr. Starbucks was wishing they were real. Wonderful photos of those awesome antique quilts. How great to be able to see them in person. There's always so much to study. Oh, and Happy Anniversary.

  20. What a great post. Love the bow ties, the antiques and that sweet couple. Happy Anniversary!

  21. Under the Sea is such a happy quilt--love it! Thanks for sharing pics of the exhibit in Doylestown. Philadelphia Pavement is one of my favorites. Made 5 blocks a long time ago and that's as far as I got. Great collection of presidential memorabilia :) Happy Anniversary!

  22. Fun border for,your bow ties. I really enjoyed the KAffe exhibit. I'm pondering the second quilt as well...hole in barn door? I also loved the wooden quilt exhibit made from salvaged wood after hurrican Sandy. And I enjoyed the two other exhibits: one of photographed details and the other paintings of everyday America. It was a great day at the Michener.

  23. I love your modern bow tie quilt! How fun!!
    I had read about the exhibit and it looks wonderful. lavender and red, now that's an unusual fabric combination.
    Happy Anniversary!

  24. What a gorgeous couple! Congratulations! Looks like a fab exhibition - thanks for sharing. Some very interesting quilts there.

  25. LOVE how your modern bowtie quilt turned out!
    Wonderful antique quilt picture shares - thanks for the show & tell.
    A beautiful wedding photo - Happy 29th Anniversary!

  26. Love your bow ties. It looks like the fish are swimming in a sea of coral. Thanks for sharing the quilt photos. The circle quilt looks like our next block swap....????? Happy Anniversary. Hugs

  27. Really great bow tie quilt, Barb! The fish fabric really works! I had to pin some of the antique quilts, too gorgeous! Makes me want to go to Doylestown.

  28. Love your quilt and thank you for sharing the museum ones too. They are all stunning. I find dogs only supervise food-related activities while cats can be managerial about all:) Happy anniversary!

  29. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for sharing all of these amazing old quilts. Such a great post - I read through it twice. So much to see. (The lavender/red combo is fab.)

  30. Happy Anniversary! Loved the old quilts--thanks for sharing them.

  31. Happy belated anniversary, Barb! What a lovely photo of you and your husband. And what sweet looking furry helpers you have! Looks like Mr. Starbuck enjoys quilts as much as you do! I enjoyed seeing the photos of the quilt exhibit. The folk art medallion one is truly spectacular. Thanks for giving us a virtual tour.

  32. Interesting juxtaposition of the modern bow ties and the antique quilts!
    I love them all!


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