Wednesday, June 21, 2017

All Over the Place

Sheesh it has been one of those weeks...busy busy busy

Here is my final layout for my One Block Wonder project.  It many different tries but I'm happy with this one.
Here are some close ups.
I am making some table decorations for the AQSG Seminar in NH in October.  This will be a table runner - Thanks Wendy for the  pumpkin fabric - isn't it fun?
Here are two centerpieces that are finished.
I realized with my dear Mary gone, I hadn't published my blog for 2016.  It used to be an annual Birthday gift for her and she liked it so much more than the computer.
 With her passing, I decided to dedicate the year to her and include our photo on the back and Alice Payne on the front cover.
 Thanks, Wendy for reminding me!  I do love how they lay out all the posts with one click on the computer.  Go here for their website.
My poor coco!  She has been sick since the weekend.  She's been having to sleep in the garage to avoid (more) indoor messes poor thing.  Hopefully this will help.
She feels bad and I feel bad.... Stanley Steemer is coming tomorrow to finish the cleaning job in the basement and that's all I'll say about that.
In summer I love to sleep on white embroidered pillowcases with crochet edges.  They feel cool and like I'm staying in a B&B.  I got 2 pair on ebay this year and this is one of them.
We have Andrew's skinny pig, Timothy, here for the summer again.  He is a cutie!
Here is a great summer dinner idea.  It is fake almost no cook Thanksgiving.  This makes a great sandwich or just a plate of comfort on a weeknight.  Vegetables optional, ha ha.   We actually did have some reheated broccoli ;)  The Bob Evans mashed potatoes are great!
Check up?  Get yours today!
I had not had one in 5 years so off I went.
Hearing - check
EKG - check
Blood work - tomorrow
Pap Smear - check
Breast exam - check
Mamo - coming soon
Please get a medical check up.  As women, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves.

I NEED a Vacation.  That's all I can say.  Hanna and I are off to Vermont for the Quilt Festival so I'm busy packing snacks and maybe a little wine.
Alice Payne will be there too.  If you see my quilt or me say hello!


  1. You are one busy bee! Your one block wonder is just that--WONDERful! Love the centerpieces you are making for AQSG NH. I have one that you made for AQSG Cherry Hill :) Had to smile when I read about your blog book. I posted mine today, too. Sorry to hear about Coco. I hope she's better soon. And a skinny pig?? What fun! Enjoy the VT Quilt Festival. Hope you post some pics :)

  2. Your "one block wonder" is absolutely stunning ! I love the gold color on it...
    Great idea to dedicade your blog book to Mary ! And I'm so sorry for Coco...I hope she is better very soon.... Have a wonderful time in Vermont Quilt festival ! Lucky youuuu ! :))))

  3. At first I thought your One Block Wonder was a patriotic quilt (yes, the colors on my computer aren't too true...), then I remembered the Asian ladies. Thanks for posting a close up of them. The top really takes your eyes on a whirlwind journey.
    Poor Coco. I hope she heals quickly. Nothing worse than being in quarantine.
    Have fun in Vermont!

  4. One Block Wonder is very interesting to look at. Did you plan your cutting so you would get the full head of the ladies or was it just a random happening?
    I have never seen the Bob Evans mashed potatoes. But was not looking for them. In the dairy case at the grocery store?

  5. I absolutely adore your "One Block Wonder" quilt. It is visually stunning. You always have so many great projects. Love your instant Thanksgiving dinner idea. I'm going to try this one. Hugs

  6. The quilt looks great! The ladies loved Maxine's workshop, very popular. Poor Coco, hope she is feeling betters soon. Maybe I will see you at the show!

  7. Fun , fun, fun, you and Hanna enjoy!


  8. You could play endlessly with arranging those blocks. They look great! I love that pumpkin fabric too - I hope you'll show it again once you've quilted it. Have fun at the show!! Wonderful that you're going with Hanna So wish I was coming too - would love to meet you and see Alice "in the cloth" :0)

  9. Poor Coco. Love your supper idea! I like to get roasted chicken when we go to Costco. Having all the fixings on hand is a good idea. I get to tired of cooking and planning meals. Maybe I need a vacation too!

  10. I am working on a One Block Wonder also, I estimate I will have about 120 blocks when finished. How many blocks did you get/use and how big will the quilt be?

  11. One block wonders are so much fun. I have two to Quilt and one to sew and one to cut out. Hard to decide quilting designs.

  12. Your quilt is lovely. Love the vintage pillow cases. I hope Coco gets better and back to normal. I hate seeing a dog sick, just makes me cry. Take care.

  13. Your One Block Wonder is fantastic!

  14. The fabric you used and the shading you did makes your one block wonder the favorite of those I have seen!
    I hope Coco bounces back soon--and the Stanley Steemer guys do a good job. : )
    Love your pillowcases. What a fun idea.
    Cute little Crowned Pig (is that like a crown prince?). Our daughter has a hedgehog.
    Years ago, in Ohio, we ate at a Bob Evans (which is the name of a local anchorman). DH loved it and spent the rest of our trip looking for another one. When our GPS brought one up in New York, our last night before flying home, we set out to find it only to learn it had closed down. We settled for Olive Garden.
    When I turned 45 I started going for annual checks--and whatever other tests the doctor orders.
    A vacation sounds really good right now. You and Hannah enjoy your getaway!

  15. Love the layout of your One Block Wonder! Hope Coco feels better quick with his med school. Your blog book looks fabulous. Wishing you an Awesome time at the VQF.

  16. Your One Block is fascinating! Oh, poor Coco. Apple Cider Vinegar is sometimes a remedy for stomach ailments in dogs. Though it looks as if you have quite the arsenal of remedies. Hope things improve soon. Have fun at VQF- hard to believe it's time for it already!

  17. I'll make it back to VQF one of these days. I have such fond memories when I went the last time. Will you be seeing Sue? If so, please give her a big hug from me.
    Love your one block wonder!

  18. Your One Block Wonder looks terrific - that's some serious fussy-cutting! I love the idea of summer pillowcases. Yours remind me of embroidery projects from my childhood. Hope coco is better soon and you have a great time at VQF!

  19. How wonderful to attend the quilt festival where your quilt will be! LOL there's so much to this post ...I enjoyed it all. That one block wonder is amazing!!

    My ONLY childhood experience with sewing was with my grandma ...embroidering pillowcases! :)

  20. Love the swirling heads and fans in your OBW. Each block is so unique yet they all work together. Skinny Pig looks like he or (she) has settled into a quiet routine away from the classroom. The pillowcases are delightful and are a sweet touch of nostalgia. Have a blast in Vermont! Lots of pics, please.

  21. Your one block is gorgeous. Enjoy your trip.

  22. Enjoy Vermont. Have extra syrup. Hope Coco is better. Xxxx Boo boo

  23. totally amazing your one block wonder

  24. I agree, your OBW is spectacular. I wanted to leave a suggestion for Coco (you probably hate to receive these types of suggestions but I feel so compelled because I know how effective this is.) When my dogs have a digestive upset, at the first sign, I give them Fortiflora. I get it from my vet - it is a probiotic and will stop diarrhea extremely quickly. Instead of a trip to the vet, I give them Fortiflora. What I have found, and what my vet recommends, is that if there is not underlying need for antibiotics, skip them. In fact, the antibiotic (especially metronidazole) will stop the diarrhea but it is likely the diarrhea will return in a short period of time because all the good bacteria in the gut has been killed. Obviously I am not a vet, but if your dog is on an antibiotic, I found that it is important to give something like Fortiflora so that the good flora is not killed. I realize that there may be some underlying things going on with Coco, but my vet always recommends Fortiflora, and withholding food for a meal and then reintroducing food slowly instead of an antibiotic. I have had many small, sick "rescue" dogs and found this to be very effective. For some of my dogs, they received Fortiflora once a day. All paws crossed that she is doing better.

    1. Thanks Denise for all the good information!

  25. Your One Block wonder really is a wonder!! I love the layout you've decided on. It really is a lovely idea to get your blog made into a book. I hope Coco is feeling better soon. I've never heard of a Skinny Pig, it looks rather cute.


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