Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Swap News & Mary Schafer

Will there be a swap this year?  What is the theme?  How can I get in on the fun?  I've had many inquiries and here some answers.

Hint for the next swap:
The timing for the next swap is going to be Jan-March 2018.

My fall schedule includes lectures, trunk shows, workshops, a quilt show and a Seminar this fall so I'll be announcing the swap in January and the blocks will be due in March.

Please participate in the survey on the right sidebar.  It may have an impact on the number of swappers for each group.

Can't find it on a phone or ipad?  if you scroll all the way to the end of my web page, you'll see "View Web  Version".  click the link and you'll see my complete page.
After jumping off the cruise ship, I jumped in the car to visit the Mary Schafer exhibit in PA.

This was my favorite, hands down.
 I also love this one.   Mary added the borders and quilted this lovely pyramid quilt.
 A very quaint sampler quilt.
 Not a Mary Schafer quilt, but part of the PA exhibit and my favorite color combination.
 This was Pauline's favorite.  It was very fun to study it the pattern and placement of fabrics.
Among the quilts, beautiful doll houses were on display.  I love the step stools for small visitors :)

Gwen Marston has lovingly written two books about her friend Mary.
 I may not Bingo in real life, but my friend, Diane, sent me these winning vintage button bingo cards.  I love them!
 yay!  I finished basting my OBW quilt and today will be day 4 of quilting.  My machine is humming along again after it was cleaned.
 I'll leave you with this sweet photo.  When I clean and wash  Timothy's big enclosure, he spends the day in his travel crate.  Mr. Starbuck makes a very good babysitter.
Hope you get a peek at the eclipse next Monday and please take my swap survey.  I'll leave it up for about a month.



  1. I will swap with youuuu and had voted !! :))
    I'm glad you have had lovely holidays ! This Mary Schafer exhibit is soo !Thank you for sharing !
    Love the picture with Mr Starbuck ! So funny :))
    And I can't wait to admire your new quilt ! No doubt it will be gorgeous !
    Big hugs !

  2. Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts. Good job on you OBW progress. As far as Mr. Starbuck being Timothy's sitter, hmmm, he shows great restraint!

  3. Lucky you close enough to see that exhibit! It looks fantastic!
    I'm hoping to participate in the swap this year. :)

  4. Awwww, Mr. Starbuck wants to play LOL! LOVE that beautiful Mary Shafer quilt that is your favorite -- and the clamshells too. How lucky that you were able to go to the exhibit. And, I'm thinking CHURNdash for the swap! ;-D

  5. The swap timing is perfect, and I look forward to it each year! Love the quilt show this morning. Thanks for sharing, Barb!

  6. I always love when people share photos from quilt shows. Mary's quilts are beautiful. I can't wait to see your finished quilt. It is so beautiful. I did the survey. I love doing both modern and traditional. Hugs

  7. Thanks for sharing this wondeful photos of Mary's quilts. Glad you were able to see them in person. Did Mr. Starbucks have a devilish grin on his face? And, yes, on the swap!

  8. What a gorgeous quilt display!
    Love the Bingo button cards. :)
    Nice design chosen for the quilting on your OBW.
    We are heading north to join all the crazy people traveling to see the eclipse--and scaring the locals to hide in their homes. :)

  9. The quilts are lovely and I can't wait to see your OBW quilt finished!! I don't ever remember seeing Timothy before. Is he new??? What is he??? Oh, and Yes, I'm in for the repro exchange!

  10. Oh boy, churndashes are my favorite blocks!!! And I'm wondering if Timothy is experiencing palpitations with his feline sitter...
    Mary's quilts are beautiful.
    And I voted. But having to choose this early in the game, Modern or Reproduction... sniff, sniff, no option for both? I may come back next week and change to Modern. No, no, I'm doing it now.

  11. Thanks for sharing the quilt pics! So many good ones, it would be hard to pick a favorite and stick with it!

  12. Love those colors in the pyramid quilt--tho' I'd be hard-pressed to choose just one favorite. thank you for sharing these--very inspiring...hugs, Julierose

  13. Thank you for waiting until the first of next year for the next swap - I will definitely play along! Love the border on the Rose of Sharon quilt - what a great variation!

  14. I always read your blog and today I realized who Mary Schaefer was...I thought it was YOUR friend Mary but now I know it is Mary S from the Flint, MI area. I read the red book cover to cover and found it so interesting. What a pioneer!! I was able to see many of her quilts at my old guild in Rochester, MI when a friend of Mary's (I think) brought some quilts to show. Every one was stunning! I think the woman's name was Virginia from the Flint area. I would love to see more some day.

  15. I remember reading one of Gwen's books about Mary Schafer. What fun you had seeing this exhibit.

  16. You are a busy the quilts.

  17. I love all those quilts! I am so happy you are doing the swap, many people have expressed an interest to me about my blocks from all of your swaps.

  18. Yes! I voted and will be participating in your swap! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics of Mary Schafer's quilts! So beautiful! Glad to hear you are making progress on your OBW. Love those button bingo cards, too! Mr. Starbucks and Timothy?? So cute!

  19. Oh these quilts are amazing ; thank you for sharing.

    LOL the critters in the last photo / love :)

  20. I voted! And I have a huge smile on my face after reading your last few posts. I was way behind on your posts (because summer and life and everything else!) And it is so good to see all the fun you've been up to! What a busy girl you are, but I have to ask, can you really trust Mr. Starbuck as a babysitter? He is staring pretty intently at Timothy. LOL

  21. Dont know if my comment was included so im repeating it. Count me in for the swap 2018. I dont want to miss it like i did last year. I love everything in your blog and all of your wonderful quilting.

  22. Such beautiful quilts!! I was worried when I saw the last photo that Mr Starbuck is looking as though he wants to eat Timothy. It's good to know he's looking after him.


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