Thursday, June 7, 2018

Happy June

Back from a little blog break with a new finished quilt top~

Friendship Medallion -  40" square

It has a little twist - can you find it?
Why the name?

Three churn dashes were gifts from the 2018 swap.
The two blue dutch floral borders are a gift from Doreen.
The red broken dishes blocks are from the 2016 swap.

Thank you Everyone Who contributed!
This is another sample for my new workshop: "Magic Medallions".  These are not my typical colors but I really like them together in this quilt.

I ordered this beautiful little self published book from Gwen Marston.  She told me she had been wanting to make this book for many years.
each page has a Tree quilt and a poem or proverb.
It is delightful in every way!!  One of the things I've been busy with is planting my summer pots.  I've planted 10 this year.
I think you might be able to get yourself a copy of it here.

I received this hilarious oven mitt as a Birthday Gift.
 see anything weird about her cooking utensils?
Check out the funny details on the  Thanks, Sheila!
I leave you with a photo of the Watercolor that Kelly sent me.  Isn't it sweet?
Happy June - See you Soon


  1. Happy June! Love your friendship medallion!! Gifts from friends make them extra special.
    I saw the cute little GM book when Sujata shared it. Great photos.

  2. Glad you had a great birthday! Love your medallion quilt. Unusual tools are great in the kitchen. In a recent baking class, we used a tiling trowel to make beautiful designs in a baked cake!

  3. I love your Friendship medalion. Those are my colors :0) I also love the addition of the Dutch chintz and the one little pinwheel. I look forward to seeing how you quilt it. What a fun oven mitt! Gwen's book looks lovely as well.

  4. Great use of all your swap pieces. I'll need to check out that book, looks wonderful. Happy June!

  5. A super combo of blocks and fabrics on your medallion. You can't go wrong with the addition of the Dutch Chintz and that one little extra spinning pinwheel. The quilt has a relaxed happy feeling.

  6. Your quilt turned out great! I see that one little pinwheel out of order, I love it! Of course I had to check out the book and of course I ordered it! I am so happy you like my humble little painting....

  7. Oh what a sweet Friendship Medallion quilt! Love how you incorporated a little bit of everything :) Quilting friends are the absolute Best! Gwen's book looks so appealing. Very cute bird painting, too!

  8. I too love your Friendship Medallion. Great job on incorporating different blocks of different size. I bet you will hand quilt this one. ;^)

  9. Happy June ! Great use of your friendship swap XXX

  10. Great friendship medallion quilt Barb ! In red, blue and white... is it the 4th of July ?
    You received precious gifts from friends for your birthday !!
    Happy Friday xoxo

  11. Why are these comments not being email to me?? argh.
    Does anyone know the solution to this problem?

  12. I am having the same blogger problem. Lovely medallion for sure!!

  13. Blogger is supposedly working on this problem, but well, you know! I love your new medallion and especially those Dutch fabrics. So delicious! And, although I do love the oven mitt, I don't see anything peculiar about her utensils - wait are you supposed to have utensils while cooking?

  14. I'm not usually a fan of pink, but I love this medallion quilt so much! Maybe it is the touch of red? I'm getting a bit fed up with Blogger--I hope it gets back to normal soon! Your plants are lovely too!

  15. Oh my, I like the apple tree quilt you show in the second picture from Gwen's little book. How fun and not your every day kind of apple tree block.

  16. So pretty, and the “mistake” on the top row speaks to my love of asymmetry. The fat robin is a treasure! Hope your back is mending. Back pain really hinders even daily tasks, doesn’t it?

  17. I love your pretty medallion quilt and it's a perfect way to use some of the blocks from the block swaps!!

  18. You always have such a fun assortment of things to share and I like them all! The book by Gwen is one I will have to get my hands on. I'm so sorry I missed the sneak peek because now I am super curious!

  19. Lovely medallion quilt!
    And I adore the oven mitts!
    I sent you a little treat this week... couldn't resist getting it for you!

  20. Wow, look at that amazing book! Thanks for the tip. And your medallion is just right too. Great post!

  21. I am a huge fan of medallion quilts and this one is very sweet. Love the fact that friends are involved in the original block making!

  22. Love the quilt, the book, oven mitt and the water color. A belated happy birthday!


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