Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful

Well, I'm either really late for last weeks post or I am one day early for this weeks.

Mothers Garden was on display in Houston at the Festival.   It is always an honor to be included in this show.
 I received several photos of it on IG, email and FB and I thank all who took a moment to visit her and send me photos.  I so appreciated it.
She had lovely applique neighbors!
Hanna popped home for a visit before starting her new job in DC (not in politics).  We went to the Town Green for Trunk or Treat.
Here we are in a photo online.  Ever the stage mom....ha ha adjusting coco's ladybug costume.  I have to say kids LOVE seeing a dog in a costume!
Quite a few town businesses give out candy.  How festive were these two gals?  Great decorated trunk. 
More good stuff~
At the CT Fair Banquet 2 of my quilts were awarded Top State Ribbons.  I received a 2nd Place for my Snowflower One Block Wonder Quilt.
 And a First Place for my Jubilee Quilt.  It was a thrill and Mr. Fun was with me at the banquet which was extra special.
Thank you Macomb County Quilters for welcoming me to your talented group!  We had a great time making lollipops in the workshop. 
I am booking into 2020 and would love to visit your guild.  Send me an email if you are interested or want me to provide information to your program chairperson.

Now the Bad.  Sad actually.  We had to say goodbye to our beloved Mr. Starbuck.  He really loved all things quilty.
He had a gentle sweet disposition and was very curious and loving. 
We all miss him too much.
The Beautiful~
Blair M. of the Berry Basket Quilters sent me finished photos of her Yellow Basket quilt.   It is so so wonderful!  Do you think she knows there is a piecing anomaly?  I like it, I always like a little surprise.
She used my Fan Stencil and hand quilted it beautifully.
Blair was in my Liberated House workshop in May and started a beach themed quilt.
 And it turned into Captivating Coastal Cottages.  Love it Blair!
 So many fun beachy themed fabrics and details.  I would love to see this in person someday.  The Crab Shack is a hoot!
Currently on display at our place is a little quilt that Mary B. made me many years ago.  
It is made with Cherrywood Cottons and hand quilted. 
Thanks for catching up with me!  I am looking forward to hearing all the reports from Houston.
Happy November!


  1. I am sorry to hear about Mr. Starbuck--it is difficult losing a family pet...
    Congratulations on all your ribbons...beautiful quilts all...hugs, Julierose

  2. How sad about Mr. Starbuck. I enjoyed all the pictures you included in your posts over the years that featured him.

    The yellow basket quilt is oh so attractive. And I always like a quilt with fan quilting whether it be hand quilted or done by machine.

  3. Ohh this post seems to cover all of life... great times with your daughter... congrats on your ribbon win.... but so sorry about Starbuck. It’s hard to say goodbye to a beloved pet.

  4. I saw your quilt in Houston. Wish I could have met you in person. So sorry about Mr. Starbuck. I lost my 21 yr. old in June. I still expect to see her peeking around a corner. As usual, your quilts are gorgeous- I know it is due to your hard work.

  5. Lots of good in this post! Of course, seeing your lovely quilt was a highlight!!
    So sorry about Starbuck- so hard to lose a pet.

  6. So sorry to hear about your fur baby... big hugs
    How wonderful to see your lovely quilt hanging in Houston for all to enjoy!

  7. Hugs to you as you miss your sweet kitty. I have loved seeing his pictures on your blog and will miss him also. These creatures enrich our lives so much. I pray the sweet memories bring you comfort.

  8. Oh Barb, so sorry for your loss. I've loved Mr. Starbucks appearances on your blog. It was good to see that Coco was able to dress up for Halloween and received much deserved attention for her effort! The quilty goodness in this post is so inspiring.

  9. I am so sorry for your loss. We all enjoyed seeing Mr. Starbuck on display in so many posts. He is now immortalized in our minds and your hearts. I saw Kyle's photo of your super quilt in Houston. I have vowed to go next year! Have a great week!

  10. Congratulations on Houston and on your fair ribbons. (I have stared and stared at the yellow baskets quilt and cannot find the piecing anomaly. Where is it?)

  11. I'm so sorry to hear about Mr. Starbuck. It's hard to loose a sweet member of the family.

  12. So sorry to hear about Mr. Starbuck. Heartbreaking to lose a pet. I had the pleasure of seeing Mother's Garden quilt in Houston. It hung beautifully. Love the trunk or trick decorations. Congratulations on the ribbons. The basket quilt is beautifully too and the fan stencil worked perfectly. Thank you for sharing.

  13. I'm sorry about Mr Starbucks, he has been on your blog many times! I know you will miss him. I too was lucky to see Mother's Garden in person and it is a stunner, and deserving to be hung in Houston. What an honor for you!
    I love the yellow basket quilt, the baptist fan is perfect with it too.
    You and Hanna are too fun! I feel you collected quite a few ribbons this year! Congratulations!

  14. Congratulations on your wins - first and second place! Sorry for your loss. The yellow basket quilt is so pretty.

  15. Your quilt looked amazing in the show. It had such a great spot. I loved studying it for new details. Curious about the GaB quilted on the flower pot - your Mom's initials? That basket quilt has tempted me a few times - each basket with unique applique to stitch. It's lovely quilted by Blair with your Baptist fan stencil. A fun time with Hanna :0) Sorry to hear about Mr Starbuck.

  16. I'm so sorry to hear about Mr. Starbuck. They certainly leave a big hole in our hearts when they depart. That beautiful basket quilt is just so appealing with the yellow background and the fan quilting.

  17. I'm so sorry about Mr. Starbuck. He was loved.
    -Jean ��

  18. Loved seeing your quilt in Houston. I took photos too--looks like you received excellent ones. Such a special quilt.

  19. Mr Starbuck is playing with other cats and mice now... oh I'm very sorry and I understand your sadness. I'm sending you lots of hugs.
    Congratulations for your ribbons ! well deserved once again !
    Your tribute to your mom is awesome with this quilt. How proud to have it in Houston... Congrats again !

  20. Congratulations! Ya done yourself proud!

    Condolences on Mr. Starbuck's passing. Love the close up of his sweet little kitty paws.

  21. Your quilt on display in Houston glows against the backdrop. And I loved reading what you said about it on the card. That is a treasure.
    A hearty congrats on the two CT Fair ribbons! Well deserved.
    So sorry about the passing of your feline family member, Barb.

  22. Such a beautiful little table runner. Love those stitches! And your Mothers Garden quilt is one of my all time faves. Such a fabulous quilt! Congrats on the ribbons.:)

  23. There's so much going on in your world! So glad to hear you received a few more ribbons for your beautiful quilts. Your Mother's Garden is my all-time favorite :) Loved seeing Coco in costume. So cute! And I'm so sorry to hear about Mr. Starbuck. I always enjoyed seeing pictures of him on your blog. It was fun seeing quilts from your workshops, too!

  24. I'm thrilled that your quilts earned the ribbons they deserve! And that coco is such a fashionista. I am sorry to hear about Mr. Starbuck though, saying goodbye is so hard. Hugs to you!


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