Monday, December 2, 2019

November Mini - Modern

Christmas Cosmo
 My Final Monthy Mini (my failed commitment)

I had to step away from my intention of doing one each month because of teaching and traveling but I decided to finish strong with this little cutie.

Here it is looking very flat a dull before the quilting.  I used an obre green fabric to get different shades of that line green.
I decided to do lots of straight line quilting with white thread to calm the pink down a notch.  I mark out 1 inch then I fill in the lines. 
here is the backing - dull, but cute fused label.
I used a lighter pink single binding as I was out of that great bubblegum pink.
 this is my pinkie finger.
 I didn't intend to get out a lot of Decorations.
 But I did manage to pull together a pretty table.  It was me and two boys.
Coco enjoyed her usual special Dinner.
Here is my big Holly quilt that a made a couple of years ago.  It is hard to see the scale.  It is still in NJ, but when I get it back I take of photo of them together.
Miss Nosey Nutmeg has to see what is going on.
See this sad and imploring face on coco?  
 The problem is right there on her dog covered recliner.  I've gotten her a bed so I'm hoping she give coco her chair back.
Can I tell you how much I am loving the Netflix series The Crown?  I am obsessed with all the period details and palace intrigue.  
My perfect Friday is watching TV shows, sewing and having an evening Cosmo before Pizza and a movie with my honey.
You can clearly see why the new mini is Christmas Cosmo.

Yesterday was the very first snow that Nutmeg had ever seen and she was enchanted.


Shirl S said...

I really love both your mini and the original, can't wait to see them together. We binged The Crown, just couldn't stop watching it. Have a Merry Christmas!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Oh I love this little mini! I have loved your holly quilt since I first saw it and it is perfect in miniature and in pink!! I'm hoping to get to watch the Crown sometime this winter too. I have heard lots of good things about it. Thanks for making and sharing your minis - there are NO failed commitments, only happy little quilts when we get a spare minute to make them. I'm going to continue in 2010 just because I have given most of this year's away. Jump in any time! I will link this one in today. Happy winter! Love our new snow and more coming.

CecileD said...

Your mini is gorgeous and I adore this pink fabric !! Very good choice !
The Crown is a very good serie and the actress Olivia Colman is amazing !
Nice to see Coco and Nutmeg as friends !! Give them a big hug please !!

Sandy said...

I love your Modern Mini! So cheery, and your use of the green ombre is brilliant.
We're also hooked on The Crown. Those Brit shows are the best!

Lori said...

I can't believe Coco actually fits in that chair! LOL
Love your sweet Cosmo mini!!

Julierose said...

We are watching The Crown too--and loving it...Your mini came to life with that quilting...I love the holly leaves against that bubblegum pink color...your T-Day table looked lovely...
hugs, Julierose

Diane said...

Adorable mini! Love the pink, it's so festive. The photos of Coco are killing me. she shouldn't let that kitty rule her life like that. Oh dear. hahaha
The snow is so pretty and it makes for perfect quilting weather. Stay warm!

beth s said...

I am also enjoying The Crown as I sew! Love that little pink quilt. :)

Quilting Babcia said...

Love your bubblegum pink mini! I've missed a few months when life just gets in the way of sewing indulgences, i.e., making mini quilts, but Wendy is such a kind forgiving host for the challenge! Love your plaid tablecloth, perfect for Thanksgiving.

Chantal said...

Cosmo mini is a great way to finish your adventure on Monthly mini. You are leaving with your head high just like they do in The Crown. Awesome job! I feel so sad for Coco. Sending Coco a big hug. Could you please pass it along? Thank you. ;^)

The Joyful Quilter said...

Christmas Cosmo? LOVE it!!!

Joyful Quilter said...

Love your new mini - I so want to make something that I can straight line quilt it - I love the look. Did Coco get mashed potatoes? The dog I had growing up could eat all the gravy off of mashed potatoes and never touch the potatoes (haha). I hope she gets her chair back soon.

Janet O. said...

Your mini version of the holly quilt is delightful!
That was a lot of back and forth quilting--don't know that I would have been able to keep the lines so straight. I would have been cross-eyed before I was finished.
Coco definitely does not look pleased about sharing a chair, but Nutmeg looks intense about her new discovery. :)

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh course it's a Christmas Cosmo... nothing better!

Kyle said...

Your quilting on you mini is fabulous. Just right for your modern Christmas Cosmo.

Randy D. said...

Very nice work on your mini... It almost looks like the leaves are stamped on rather than sewn down.
And the quilting?? Holy moly.... VERY nice!
Your table decor looks great. And I love your Friday routine
(but only on Friday?? I know you like a good cosmo!!)

Phyllis said...

I love your mini Xmas quilt! Not only is the pattern wonderful (love the larger version too) , but adore the bubblegum pink! Who said that Xmas is all about green and red?! And the quilting is beautiful.
I am like you, a big The Crown fan, so much so I am waiting to see it until the holidays. They will be quiet days for us, with our daughter still in Taiwan for her studies, so am 'saving up' some great stuff for then!

Pinkadot Quilts said...

I love your Cosmo quilt!!! such a perfect name too! I never would have thought to use pink.
I need to get back to the Crown. Bob lost interest so I will need to watch it myself.
What a lovely Thanksgiving table! Have you started on Christmas yet?

QuiltGranma said...

I LOKE the light pink binding, it helps tone down the WOW of the bubble gum pink. It will be interesting to see the big and small versions together. Love the Ombre for the leaves too.

Barbara said...

What a wonderful holiday mini! Love that pink and your straight line quilting! Oh, poor Coco. That little Nutmeg probably has no idea what she's done to make him so sad. Your Thanksgiving table looks so warm and inviting. Hope you enjoyed the day!