Thursday, February 27, 2020

What's Going On?

I'm all over the place at the moment with multiple projects so here's a quick update.
Whig Rose - Whew 😅 got the HST to fit.
 I used a lot of pins working from the center out .
I want to get the next two borders on so I can mark and start hand quilting soon.

For some upcoming Hand Applique' workshops, I designed a few small patterns. 
Each design used the same leaves, flowers and berries with a different vessel.

Folky Flowers
Modern Flowers
Then I decided to make asymmetrical design for the more traditional quilters.
It is amazing how many different looks you can achieve with the same shape.
Traditional Flowers
I finished this little dolly quilt.  I can count it as a Monthly Mini which is hosted by Wendy at The Constant Quilter Blog.  Wendy is so talented and has such a wonderful blog check it ou
 I had this sweet fabric for many years and the colors match perfectly with the front.
I machine quilted it with my big fan stencil.

So this is a new routine.   Nutmeg loves to get some fresh air in the morning when I sew.  She meows and meows until I open a window for her.
 She also likes to hop out the window....
and see what is going on around the yard.
I made two more Steampunk blocks.   They don't look cohesive yet, but there will be many more so they'll come together (I hope).
 This is my cray cray design wall.  There are like 4 unrelated projects on it right now.
Thanks for stopping by!  And thank you for all the nice comments on my House Quilt.  I so appreciate them!


  1. The skulls were a surprise in the Steampunk blocks.
    Are you planning on using all the vase designs in one class. I like them all and it is interesting how the same shapes can be used in many styles. Suits everyone.

  2. Call me a simple girl, but I absolutely LOVE your 9-Patch quilt!!

  3. I never would have thought to use the large Baptist Fan stencil on a small quilt. Love it! Just finished using it and marked (with the water erasable pen) one of my Quilty Box quilts.

  4. love all these modern fabrics you are using in your applique! cute cat!

  5. Many very nice projects. The HST's look perfect on Whig Rose. Nicely designed quilt blocks. May I suggest you keep designing more blocks. Is Nutmeg satisfied by going only as far as roof? Hope my feline helper does not see this post ;-) IMHO, I see cohesiveness with steam punk. Modern fabrics on light modern backgrounds.

  6. Lot's of pretty projects! Love your Kitty, O how they can get you to open a door or a window if they want to….. They just won't stop until you give in right?

  7. I am floored by your Whig Rose. It is gorgeous!
    Very creative way to design different styles of applique blocks with the same flowers.
    If that isn't the most adorable little mini quilt, I don't know what is. Very sweet.
    Nutmeg on the windowsill made me chuckle.
    Your design wall proves you never get bored. And I am particularly drawn to your 9-patch blocks.
    A very fun post, Barb!

  8. Wow, so many wonderful projects. Your Whig Rose is amazing. I LOVE your applique blocks, all three (but maybe mostly the folky one?).... love the design wall.... and what could be cozier than a kitty at an open window. Being from New England I can just "feel" the crisp air through that window and the sound of wind in the trees.... bare now but filled with leaves before you know it. Your steampunk blocks are FUN!

  9. I saw every step of your Whig Rose !! That's a beautiful quilt !
    Love to see Nutmeg with you ! They are all the same :))
    Your design wall is full of beautiful projects ! You're a busy quilter !
    Happy WE Barb !

  10. awesome sawtooth borders...

    1. Thank you! Wish me luck on the next border!

  11. Hi Barb! Today's post was filled with "fun" for me. I love your Whig Rose. Having only recently found your blog I get to search the archives for all the posts leading up to its completion. Your floral applique blocks are beautiful as well. I think I'm going to have lots of fun looking through those older posts.

  12. Love your appliqué samples—brilliant idea to use the same shapes in a variety of different ways. I would take that class.

  13. I love the variety of your projects! That red backing is very sweet!!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  14. Wow--your Whig Rose is stupendous--love it! The applique class is going to be fun--I think my favorite sample is the traditional one because of the gorgeous fabric used for the vase. That mini is too adorable, especially with the sweet backing fabric!

  15. So much great happenings on this post - a beautiful border that fits perfectly on the Whig Rose, wonderfully sweet flowers to brighten up the wintertime, and a great Monthly Mini! I hope you have a lot of fun at the applique class. I am sure your students will.

  16. Loved your post! I can relate on multiple levels.

  17. Love the monthly mini quilt... the backing is so darn cute!
    I enjoy seeing real design walls and what's going on in your quilty brain! LOL

  18. The Whig Rose continues to be one of faves. Getting the sawtooth border to come out right is no easy task. I love your monthly mini. I might just have to make one too. Hope you wouldn't mind. I've been sewing little 4 patches together as my Leader and Enders project for this year.

  19. Your Whig Rose is fabulous!! I love the zip that a sawtooth border can add. I also love how you've included your initials and the year so beautifully. It would be fun to take your applique workshop I think.

  20. Love the new applique blocks, yes very interesting that you can do so much with the filler. Thank you for sharing. Love that you are still blogging.

  21. Your Whig Rose is gorgeous! And that is a LOT of HSTs!

    Your flowers and baskets blocks are so fun! I see a strong inspiration from Gwen Marston! It is amazing how the same patterns pieces can look so different.

    Your little mini is very charming! And I love the fabric you used on the back.

    Your kitty is so cute! My kitty only looks out the window - he's not allowed outside and he doesn't want to go either.

  22. Light bulb moment ;o) I have two quilts that I've been trying to decide how to quilt...FANS! Perfect! I just ordered you fan template. Question: when you machine quilt the fans do you use a walk foot? or FMQ?

    All of the flower vases are adorable (so is Nutmeg).

  23. I look forward to watching your hand quilting progress on Whig Rose - I need some inspiration to get quilting on my four block eagle quilt! The appliqué projects are wonderful! That's my goal - to start designing my own appliqué projects. Miss Nutmeg on the roof reminds me of my cat, Moxie. Except Moxie would jump from the fence to the roof to survey her kingdom! She's too old for such shenanigans now, but she was a roof-walker for many years.

  24. I love your Whig rose! The background fabric is unusual but perfect for it. And I really like the polka dot fabrics for the flowers and leaves. It looks like one has a black background and the other has green, but I'm not sure. Nutmeg is a smart cat - fresh air is good for the lungs! It sure does help to have a design wall to put things up and let them simmer a little to make sure it is how you want it. My LQS has a steam punk quilt on display - really cute! I also love your appliqué projects - the vases are lovely and the differences the fabrics makes such a difference.

  25. Beautiful job in making those HST's behave! Love the little quilt... I love anything 1800's! You have been having fun!

  26. I just love it all....the whirly gig is awesome (probably didn't spell it right sorry)

  27. So many wonderful things in this post, Barb! I'm in awe of all your projects. Love, love, love your Whig Rose with that hst border. It would be hard to choose an applique workshop--ALL the blocks are appealing :) That's a perfect mini for February. Great backing, too! Your Steam Punk blocks are lookin' good. What fun! Sounds like Nutmeg is in total control, lol!

  28. Love that mini! And, I finally got everyone (I think) linked into the post. You know how I adore that Whig Rose. Delicious! I have been so off my game lately. Need to get back in full swing! I think those Steam Punk blocks are interesting with the 9-patches on the design wall. Hmm...

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  30. So many times I see something on your post that we have in common...this time I am actually using the same setting of your 9 patches with some star blocks. :-)

  31. What a fun and colorful post! How did I miss this one? Your class blocks are beautiful, how would I pick just one for a class? You always have lots of fun projects going on I love all your inspiration. I am thinking about getting some swap blocks out to take on retreat in a couple of weeks....

  32. Ooooh, lots of beautiful, fun projects going on there Barb! I've been thinking about your big fan stencil and machine quilting -- how do you connect the lines? Do you stitch over the tops of previous lines? Is there a method other than stopping and starting each line?


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