Friday, December 4, 2020

Figurative Applique - Finally!

I'm very excited to be sharing this group of quilts that were started with our Cupcake Group of four friends in 2006.
My Quilt:  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious:  86"x86"
I used all reproduction fabrics on a soft pink toile.  I made mine in 4 large square sections.
It was for this quilt that I designed and made my own super sized baptist fan stencil.   You can get one in my Etsy Shop along with a set of folk art patterns found in this quilt and others of mine.  Enter BLOG20 for a 20% discount good through the year end.
Our quilted were inspired by this quilt top  in the V&A Museum in London.
Kaffe Fassett created a quilt and pattern for his book Museum Quilts.

Mary Vaughan's Quilt:   63"x77"
Mary chose Red & White because she felt she didn't have a wide variety of reproduction fabrics.   I will admit that was sceptical but her quilt is spectacular!  Note the martini glasses and anchor.
Mary grew up in Ho Ho Kus so included this great Native American motif as well as a self silhouette.  
I love the variety in Mary's shapes like the egg and crown. 
Mary chose a wavy horizontal line for the quilting.   
Mary chose a beautiful Kaffe Fassett for her backing.   The black binding frames this special quilt wonderfully.

Susan's McDermott's Quilt:  Animal, Vegetable or Mineral 70"x75"
What I love about Susan's quilt is it is so unique and the border is just fabulous.    Susan arranged her around a center tree.  

Susan added many wonderful details in the quilting.   Her use of fabrics and colors are just amazing too.
Susan thought it would be fun to use motifs from the natural world.   

Lin McQuinston's Quilt:   Menagerie  51" x 71"
Lin pinned my quilt in 2009 and wrote me in 2018 when she started her quilt.   She used my patterns, Kaffe's and made her own with her grandchildren.
The background and border were gifted to her by a guild member who had passed away making it even more special.

Lin challenged herself to make mitered corners with the striped fabric and it sets the quilt off beautifully.
Lin's is beautifully machine quilted.  Here is the backing and label.

Jill's unfinished quilt.
I am working on Jill's.  She never liked the polkadot background,but I love it!  I plan to put a house in the center.   It was not with her materials, but I think that is what she intended.
Still need to embroider her hot air balloon lines.

Barbara Brackman featured some of our quilts in this post.

If you would like to see antique examples of this style of quilts you can read more on Barbara Brackman's blog post here and again here.

If you have made a quit like these, please share a photo with me at   I'd love to see it.

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh, I just love these quilts! I've only seen yours once but am intrigued with the way you used toile for the background. Great idea! Susan's looks fantastic with the leaf border--a NJ-style design element :) So glad you are working on Jill's. I like the polka dots, too.

  2. I have your pattern and it is next in line (I clip my patterns onto my clip board and stand it up behind my cutting board to remind me what I have to prepare for) --I like the idea of four separate squares to work on..easier to handle. I am going to do the freezer paper and turned seam allowance method as needleturn just makes me so anxious--I know it's silly, but it just does... I am still deciding on the background and fabrics...

    All of these you pictured are just gorgeous-;)))
    So, on yours, you will quilt right over the appliques? (I am such a newbie to any applique).
    Hugs from not so far away (haha) Julierose stay safe :()

  3. This was a delightful show of fascinating quilts. They are so far beyond anything I could ever do, they leave me in awe. Thank you for the display. It was like a trunk show on a blog. :)

  4. I remember when you all started that quilt! I love Jill's polka dot fabric too! I know you'll finish her quilt and you'll both be happy with it!! (sure do miss her!)

  5. I love every one of these! I have always loved the antique but these interpretation are all sensational! I love Jill's outhouse!!

  6. Thank you for sharing these quilts. They are spectacular!
    I’d love to see your progress on Jill’s quilt. She would be so happy you are adding your magic touches to it.
    Have a healthy and happy holiday!

  7. Barb, it is a delight to see the variations on a theme -- kind of like siblings: you can tell they're related but each is itself. Wonderful!

  8. I love what you are doing with Jill's top. I have your pattern, Kaffe's book and I just bought Barbara Brackman's pattern. I guess I need to start working on one of my own. Hugs

  9. These are all so beautiful! Love the statue of liberty. I received some templates with the Quilter magazine, and am thinking of putting them to good use with a quilt like this. I might just start with some fusible and start cutting out some shapes, and figure out the backing and layout later. But first I want to finish my project of the year.

  10. These quilts are magnificent. I love this style and have always thought about making one, some day. I love the polka dots too. I never met one that I didn't like. Have fun finishing this one. Happy holidays to you and a happy 2021 to you and yours.

  11. I love how each of these quilts has a story to tell. It would be fun to make one of my own with my own motifs showcasing my life story and interests. Great quilts!

  12. What great quilts, Barb! I don't think I'd ever have thought of making one like that. Each one is so different.
    They really tell a story. And the backgrounds and borders are even so different!
    I love that you're finishing Jill's...
    I'd call this a great challenge!!!
    hint hint!!

  13. Oh, the hours of hand work that went into these makes my hands ache. I inherited a good dose of arthritis from my Dad's side of the family and it has been giving me a bad time... So glad you are able to do this. What treasures you are creating!

  14. thank you for posting all of these...have certainly whetted my appetite to make one and this very moment am pulling out my kaffe fassett book to peruse patterns....all gorgeous!

  15. Hello Barb!

    I love these quilts... I bought your pattern..It will be a BIG project for me ;-)))
    Each quilt is awesome, I love the soft color, the design of each character , like many stories and memories for the makers..
    Always happy to discover traditions and master pieces in your blog!!!



  16. Wonderful, wonderful quilts. So glad there's an angel on Jill's.

  17. Thank you so much for sharing these. They are all great and I enjoyed looking at each one!

  18. Ohhhhh they are all marvelous. I have a dishtowel of all things, from an exhibit I saw years ago at the V@A that featured the "original." All of yours are originals though with how personal and unique they each are. This type of quilt is definitely on my list of want-to-dos....

  19. One of my fave quilts of yours although I have many.:) Full applique quilts are just so incredibly charming to me! They all have something impressive to say, don't they--the quilts you have shown here. Thanks for sharing!:)

  20. Fun to see all the individual takes on this interesting pattern. Quilters are so creative with making a pattern their own. Great post.

  21. Thank you for reviving my inspiration to make one of these quilts! So many different variations - fantastic! I have your pattern and have been collecting ideas/patterns to add my own personalization. I wondered how you might have split up the background to make the appliqué more manageable - thanks for the tip!

  22. Such beauty - I am in awe of all that needle turn perfection. Glad you have such wonderful memories of your dear friends to share with us. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Fantastic!!! All of your groups quilts capture the flavor of the historic quilts but still make it their own with different additions. I've always loved those V&A quilts all of the motifs make them so interesting, not to mention the cool fabrics! Congrates to your whole group, your quilts are Spectacular! take care!

  24. What a fun little mini quilt show! I love them all and how wonderful that you are working on Jill's quilt. It will be extra special when you finish it.

  25. Wow Barb! These quilts are wonderful! It is so fun to see them all together -- I was scrolling back and forth looking at all the differences -- fun that some are symmetrical and some are not. And wouldn't Jill be SO pleased that you are finishing her quilt -- you are an angel!

  26. What a fabulous post. It's so special to see all of the quilts together and compare the similarities yet each one so unique. Of course, you are a quilting angel to finish your dear friend's quilt.

  27. Barb, this is another of your quilts that inspires me. How fun it is to see the variations together. They make me want to make my own version. Thank you for sharing! Merry Christmas!

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