Friday, January 29, 2021

Me? Art Quilt?

"Rain Bear" - January 2021 Mini.
I was inspired by the linen bear fabric that Cynthia sent me from Japan last January along with her swap blocks.   I just love this bear!

I approached the piece as a collage layering different fabrics and free cutting pieces.  I included indigo fabrics that Gladi sent me from her collection. Thank you Gladi.  She has a beautiful blog here.
I used hand stitching and machine stitching and tried to use Japanese design principles like asymmetry and simplicity.

I machine quilted the linen background, then layered and quited at the same time as I went. 
 After machine stitching, I frayed the edges of the indigos.  I also added mother of pearl buttons that Kelly sent me years ago.   Thank you, Kelly.

I attached the backing and did a pillow turn, which is always awkward halfway through.  I like the simple finished edge and I haven't mastered a flat facing yet.
I fused a simple layered label on the back.
Anyone can join the fun with Wendy's monthly mini.  Thank you, Wendy for keep us inspired and sharing our links.  See her blog here.

I'm also continuing to make these blocks for the Curves Quilt Along with Cecile.
Angie of Quilting on the Crescent, has finished her Flamingo Hexi top and I just love her theme!  What great block designs too.  

I pinned my Ninigret Guild mystery quilt last weekend.   Table basting is the best! 
I started quilting the tea cup design yesterday.  It is continuous walking foot quilting, my favorite kind.
Of all the Bernie memes I've seen, I this is my favorite.  The Wizard of Oz is one of my all time favorite movies.
I hope you are safe, warm and doing well and enjoyed my Rain Bear post.
Happy Friday!


  1. Rain Bear is so lovely--those 3 buttons add so much to its whimsey...beautiful job on this hugs, Julierose

  2. Absolutely fantastic! I am so inspired to use my indigo fabrics. These bears are adorable! Your "curves" blocks are really eye popping! That is going to be one fantastic quilt! I saw Angie's top on her blog and it is so much fun! Thanks for sharing another great mini!!

  3. Oh Barb what a great Rain Bear, looks so great with the indigo and the "flow" you've achieved. It's so specisl how you've incorporated various elements. Thanks for linking to my Bear mini - it's currently with my son at his college apartment;). Your other projects are all looking great. Your curves are so bold. Angie's hexies, so fun! You know your teacup quilting design looks like the Japanese design "Seven Treasures" (shippo) - what a great overall motif for that quilt!

  4. The rain bear mini is wonderful...very outside your regular box! Nice to have all those bits and pieces given to you that you used in this piece. The Bernie memes have been so much fun to see over the last week. I had not seen that one before.
    Take care

  5. Love the bear quilt! So free. For the guild mystery are those 5” square centers? I love this pattern and the larger scale is awesome!

  6. Nicely done- and it's fun to see your process while making Rain Bear. That's my favorite Bernie meme, too. They have been so very entertaining! Second favorite- Bernie sitting in his chair at a quilt shop holding a bolt of fabric.

  7. Thank you for sharing this quilt construction - art and friendship quilt it seems. I am plugging away on some curves but they do have me feeling humble. For all my years of quilting, I just have not done much curved piecing.

  8. Love that you are doing some out of the box quilts! We will never be board with this hobby!

  9. What a fun and vibrant little masterpiece from all the bits and pieces of indigos and those bears! Love it!

  10. I just read Cynthia's post of her monthly mini and was wowed by it. Now I come straight to your blog and find another most excellent mini. Each element has meaning and your layout feels right. What is not to enjoy? It makes me smile from ear to ear.
    Loving those bold, bright circles for the Curves challenge.
    I had not seen that Bernie meme. What a hoot!
    Great post, Barb. Oh, I enjoyed studying the flamingo quilt, too!

  11. This whimsical little quilt really cheered up my day. Your design and craftsmanship is spot on.

  12. Your rain bears are wonderful. Lovely to be able to include all 3 special materials. I never considered that you could quilt that tea cup design with a walking foot. I want to try it out!! It’s going to be wonderful texture for your guild mystery quilt.

  13. I love the Rain Bear! So much texture and whimsy! Looks like it was a lot of fun to make. Hmmmm, have you done another quilt using your walking foot for the tea cup design? I'd love to see more of your quilting in process.

  14. Art quilts? Definelty wonderful. I love seeing your whimsy take on things. You put each of the elements together is such a charming delightful way.

  15. I love your mini!! I thought I recognized some of those indigoes - what a wonderfully creative use for them and the items gifted to you by other friends!! Thanks for the blog link to me. I can see that I'm going to have to try to up my game as a mini participant! :)

  16. I did enjoy your Rain Bear post. What a great piece of art! You made it fun, interesting and so artsy. Congratulations. I love the addition of the three buttons. It's like a little surprise. ;^)

  17. Rain Bear is wonderful. A great collaboration with all of your friend's gifts. I am enjoying he Bernie memes and really like that one too. I hadn't seen it before.

  18. Rain Bear is amazing, I read it as Spirit Bear in the Rain Forest. Here on the west coast of Canada we have some Kermode or Spirit Bears. They are a Black Bear subspecies that occasional have white fur. It’s a recessive gene they are not albino.

    Anna Bates has a good video on faced quilts on her Quilt Roadies YouTube channel you might want to check out.

    I love that Bear print I wish it was still available.

  19. Rain Bear is wonderful - what fun to incorporate treasures from quilting friends!
    Thanks for the shout out to my flamingos - would never have come up with the idea without the Hex Vex inspiration.
    Hadn't seen that particular Bernie meme - love it! Folks here have been incorporating him into their Mardi Gras "house floats" - keeping the Mardi Gras spirit alive despite the parades being canceled.

  20. The close-up of the bear just made me giggle . . . so cute! Love the quilt.
    Kathleen - kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  21. What a fantastic little quilt! Love all the little details that make it extra special.:)

  22. The rainy bear is so inspiring! Love what you did with it.

  23. Love, Love, Love the quilt.
    The bear is neat. Great job
    Thank you for sharing

  24. I just love the little bear quilt. So nice that you incorporated all those treasures from your friends :) Oh my, what fantastic curves! Can't wait to see more. Angie's flamingo hexies are so fun! I know you'll have that guild mystery quilt done in no time at all. That Bernie meme is one for the books!


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