Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Something New

On a whim, I decided to start this new applique' quilt.  It is very bright and happy.  I will share more of my intent as I move along.  Numget looks perplexed and concerned.
  I am reprising a quilt I made in 2009.  I will be making a few changes in the design.

I have finished my top for Cecile and Corrine's Quilt Along.  This is my first idea for  machine quilting.  Too fussy and fancy I think.

I decided to do a simple 45 degree cross-hatch.  It is one of my go to straight line quilting designs.  Better.  Don't you think?

I have taken two more trips up to the New England Quilt Museum.
A fun girl trip my sewing buddies from New Jersey.
Here is a visitor to the museum inspecting my quilts.   I love to watch people look at my quilts.  I wish I could read their mind. Sometime I talk with them, sometimes I just leave them to it.
I went up with my husband and son.   It was a special trip.  My family  are my biggest fans and supporters.
It is funny, they live with me working on my quilts, but I don't always tell them everything about them, so they enjoyed reading the placards.
I had the opportunity to teach them about thread painting and other art quilt techniques.
This is one of my favorites.  Sorry!  I didn't get the info card.
I watched the Academy Awards Show and what can I say?   Adults need to act like adults.  There were many inappropriate things done and said.  Why can't they just stick to honoring film making and the movies??
Have a great week!


  1. Your new quilt is going to be very colorful! I am anxious to see it complete. How wonderful that the family was at your quilt exhibit! It must have been amazing to see your quilts displayed all in one place.

  2. Your new eagle rendition reminds me of Sarah Fielke's Eagle quilt. It was my favorite at the Sisters Show one year.
    Even though you've made a couple of extra trips to the museum we will be there bright and early on April 10th. I hope I'll see you as well as your quilts!

  3. The new quilt is going to be awesome! I've always wanted to do a traditional appliqué quilt in bright, modern colors, so I'll be studying yours for inspiration!

  4. Love your bright, new Eagle piece--the colors are magnificent!!
    I think the crosshatching is just right for the "C and C" quilt, too;))
    Nice works Hugs, Julierose

  5. I thought I recognized your eagle applique from your other quilt. This one will certainly be a tad brighter. Nutmeg does look concerned. I'm glad you have been able to view your quilts again especially with your favorite guys. It is such an honor.

  6. As you saw on my blog, I finally made it to the exhibit and it was wonderful! I loved all your quilts, but I was especially happy to finally see Song of the Sparrow and Chrome Sweet Chrome in person. They exceeded expectations! The use of color, the designs, and the hand quilting on each were top notch. I love that even though you are an excellent and dedicated traditional quilter, you are exploring modern designs and techniques- and succeeding with those too!😊

  7. I love seeing the beginning of your bright and happy eagle quilt! The heart in the eagle's mouth...flowers in the background...it shows the best our country, and already makes me smile.

  8. That is one happy eagle! I love it and can't wait to see more. Nutmeg doesn't know what's going on! I like the cross-hatch quilting, too. It's one of my favorites. So glad you made a couple more visits to see your quilts. There's nothing like going with best friends and family :) Those bird quilts look amazing.

  9. I think Nutmeg approves your fabrics choice !! That will be a fabulous eagle !
    Oh, how I would have liked to visit your exhibition..thank you for sharing your pictures !
    Rich and Andrew (and Hannah !) must be very proud !
    PS : i realise that I no longer receive newsletters from American blogs ! Do you think there is a particular reason ? I just can see them on Facebook !

  10. I've thought about making an Eagle quilt. I heard Gwen Marston say once 'every quilter needs to make an Eagle quilt' or words to that effect. I think your bright colors for the eagles is very whimsical and will make it very interesting. Congratulations on your show at the Quilt Museum! It looks like a lot of fun I wish I could see it in person!

  11. Your. new eagle quilt looks like fun! I didn’t watch the Oscar’s, but someone sent me a video of the “incident”. Good grief.

  12. Looks like a fun new project, injecting so much color and energy into one of your classic designs! I love the photos from the NEQM show. It's so wonderful that you could share it with your "boys" too! I think the gal looking at your house quilt must be thinking wow this is fabulous!

  13. Your new eagle quilt is such a fun blend of old style and new fabrics. Really eye-catching!
    Your decision to quilt with the grid lines is a good choice, IMO. I love cable quilting, but it doesn't work well on everything.
    I enjoyed seeing you, your friends, and family with your quilts at the museum. I'll bet it would be fun to be a fly on the wall and watch people view your quilts on display.
    I didn't watch the awards, but I have definitely seen all about it on the news. I agree--that there were poor choices made and bad behavior from more than one person. Very disappointing.

  14. I am in love with that new eagle quilt color scheme. Can't wait to see more. Also can't wait to see all your quilts in person!!!! As you likely know I rarely watch the Academy Awards as I never get to see the films until years later (if at all). I do agree that we all need to start acting more like the adults we are. Why can't we all just get along. We don't have to love each other, just be respectful. Sheesh, it's not rocket science.

  15. love the top block.....
    thankyou for sharing all the quilt pics and parts of the display........

  16. Looks like you have gotten a lot of the prep work in place for the Eagle quilt. Whoop! For me the prep part is the part I drag my feet on, the getting started, after that it moves at a faster pace. You must love the memories you are creating with seeing your quilts hanging at the museum and the trips with family and friends to go see it. We never tire of folk art creations, guess that is why it has been around forever. Kentucky has many folk art artists, even a museum for it. I made a Eagle quilt once as a gift many years ago. I need to see if I can visit it and get a photo of it.


  17. Stretching your color and fabric choices! Love your quilts. Wish that museum was closer. Would love to see these in person.

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