Monday, June 20, 2022

TMI Quilt

 Back to my Three Mile Island Quilt.  

The accident happened in 1979 so I'm using classic 70s colors; avocado green, harvest gold and chocolate.    I'll be adding sashing and borders of course. I found this great chart on line.
I'm using the Jen Kingwell steampunk pattern that I used in my Chernobyl quilt.  There will be three in the series of Nuclear Accidents.

I've been sifting and sorting and purging again.   It is sometimes a little painful, but it all feels better when it is gone.

One of the projects was auditing my sheets.  Ridiculous!  I had so many sets and random singles.
While watching the January 6th hearings I got them organized and folded.

King sets and pillowcases I want to keep
Twin sets - one set going back about 25 years.  The tulip sheets by Laura Ashley and they are still in perfect condition.
Queen sets:
Would I rather be sewing? sure.....but it felt great to get this job done.
Some are going to Goodwill and some are going to my kids.  yay!

Other stuff I'm letting go of to various thrift and charitable outlets:
Don't worry - that Chrome quilt was not included!  ha ha
As Mary Poppins so wisely said: "Well Begun is Half Done". 

I always over plant my containers because I want them to look lush and full.  It becomes survival of the fittest.
The weather has been sublime.  Coco likes to enjoy the fresh air outside without actually being outside, lol.
The labyrinth down at the Sound has expanded a lot since I last saw it.  I would have walked it, but coco wouldn't have understood.... at all.
Happy Juneteenth.  I'm grateful for  this cultural awareness holiday.
Stay well friends!


Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

I remember those 70's colors well from the kitchen of my childhood, and I vaguely remember TMI too. I can guess what your third quilt will be.... what an interesting series Barb!! On the lighter note it's always a good feeling to sort through something like sheets and get them all sorted out. And to have piles of giveaway items to lighten your life up, even with the heaviness of watching the Jan 6 hearings. I'm with Coco, lol. Except that labyrinth at the beach looks amazing.

Julierose said...

Great idea for your new series, Barb==and those colors will be just perfect!!
I need to purge my stash...waiting so that I can bend enough to pull things out..
Hugs for the good work Julierose;)))

rondiquilts said...

I love purging and the space it brings. Although I love the thrill of the hunt and bringing finds in to that space. I need to rein that thrill in. LOL! Bless Coco, is Nutmeg close to make a run for it?

Anonymous said...

I've also been doing some purging. Sometimes I wonder where all this stuff came from !!!! Good to get rid of what we don't need anymore. Also, trying not to bring anything into the house that we don't need. We had those same Laura Ashley tulip sheets--great quality. They lasted forever! I remember the days of orange, gold and avocado green. Great colours and fabrics for your next quilt. Your flowers are gorgeous...ours are still filling in. Have a great week. Gail at the Cozy Quilter.

Anonymous said...

Your new quilt is wonderful. I love your colors!
And your going through sheets and old stuff you don't need is truly therapeutic! I also feel good afterwards but never seem to notice the lack of stuff--VBG
Your flowers are gorgeous! So glad that the weather is finally nice.
You are lucky to live so close to the beach!!

Angie said...

Love the 70s colors in the latest Steampunk quilt! Having grown up with those colors all around, I admit to having a love-hate relationship with them! Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

kupton52 said...

I must have been having a senior moment because I am a little disappointed (not really)....when I read the post title in my email I couldn't wait to see your "Too Much Information" quilt! hahaha.....the 70's were good for me, graduated high school, then college and got married - not in that seeing your 3 Mile Island quilt brought back many memories. I remember the TMI tragedy and how awful it was as reported on the evening news. Avocado green and harvest gold remind me of my mom's "new and modern" kitchen!

gladiquilts said...

I really like your nuclear accident series - great idea! I had a set of those Laura Ashley tulip sheets!! - long gone😊. Having just done significant purging recently, I know how you feel - really good! Keep going! Weather here in NH has also been heavenly and I’m full of gratitude for it. Have a great week!

Kyle said...

Lightening our homey environments are always cause to celebrate. Just getting started is half the battle. The first house we bought in Colorado was a new build in 1976 and I got to pick all the colors. I loved those colors. I still do, but maybe not as countertops and appliances. Love your quilt series. Scary times.

Anonymous said...

Those pillow cases with embroidered lady and dress bring back memories. Did we all have a favorite aunt that gifted them? We lived in CT when three 3 mile occurred. One of the kindest thing in my memory is when my neighbor came over and offered lodging to any of my family living near Middletown. Thought that was most generous and heart warming ever!
Dotti in CT originally from Lancaster, PA area.

Barbara said...

It always feels good to pass along items that others can use. I'm all for taking the time to purge! And just think of all the free space you'll have to fill back up again :) Love your TMI quilt in those 70s colors. Your flowers are so pretty! And Coco looks perfectly happy in her special spot :)

Grams Jean said...

I had an avocado green blender and mixer!

Anonymous said...

I live about a half hour from Three Mile Island! So I remember vividly the day that accident happened.

Janet O. said...

Excellent color choices to commemorate the 1979 happening. I was a new mom (10 days), and I remember TMI very well! Scared me a bit for the future my daughter would face. I had no idea!!
Now I want to go organize my sheets--I just brought home a new set this afternoon!
Dear Coco--what a mournful look you appear to be getting in that photo.

audrey said...

It really does feel good to go through the linens and weed out the older, more used ones. I did that last year and now am keeping an eye out for some good sales in sizes that I would like a few more of. Nice to have plenty when the house fills up with company! Your 70's color scheme is spot on. Looking good with those blocks!

Anonymous said...

oooh drooling over that little jenny lind cradle...

liz said...

Thank you for the post I enjoy see watch you are working on : )