Fan Stencil Tutorial

See this post on how to mark the fans.

Alert:  I used sharpies on the cardboard - use fabric marking tools for your quilt!


Hattie said...

Hi Barb.....I also like to hand quilt and would love if you would post a video showing you doing your hand quilting. Your stitches are so uniform - something I keep working on. DO you use a lap frame? Do you hit your finger which is under the quilt. I was using the spoon method but found that it dulled my needles and I did just as well hitting my finger.

Barb said...

Hi Hattie
I don't know if you'll come to see this reply. Your profile settings are "non-reply" so I couldn't email you.
Thanks for the idea of show how I hand quilt. I do it a little differently. I do use a large round hoop.

Molly said...

Just when I thought I would have to email you to learn how to use the stencil I bought on a whim, I found this tutorial. Looks very clear. Thanks.

ljstemmy said...

I am so excited about this stencil and your tutorial has really helped me. I am big stitch quilting a quilt that I made using Betsy Chutchian’s Hope’s Journey pattern. I am using a Hera marker to mark it so only marking one row at a time. Also I’m left handed and have to work from the left to right so working from the back of the stencil. Thanks for this great tutorial and wonderful stencil. I love love love it!